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When the handle forms and/or BTC corrects?
I got 1750 from airdrop but traded it for Harry Potter Obongo and am currently at a LOSS

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Yes. ARB will outperform every other L2 easily.
Buy some KNS too if you are gonna be in the ARB ecosystem.

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though trying to time the market will probably just rekt you even more, i'd just market buy whenever you can.

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I will buy $8k worth instead to leave some money in fiat.
I will move it to cold wallet, with 2 caveats
1) no leverage trading
2) only allowed to trade with half of the ARB stack for a maximum of 2 other alts if I notice obvious opportunities (new midcaps, no shitcoins)
3) I’ll start selling after global top indicators start flashing or ARB makes an obvious blow off top before that