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Are we still early?

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yes, that move gonna get gigantic

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Chart is skewed. None of you factor in the great mass gasing of bizraelis in 2022. This place will never be the same

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Yes. We're early. BTC is early too. And noone is allowed to notice. We won't be early once media covers crypto nonstop for months on end again. This silence currently is by design.
Normalfaggots think BTC was done last time and are surprised when you tell them the current price. Their heads are full of everything else. Crypto will begin to interest them again in the euphoric/parabolic phase. As it should be.

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Someone at my work brought up Bitcoin being up. I'm pretty sure this is the local top

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what happened?

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After 2021 crypto Isent some obscure technology anymore people will bring it up especially if the market is doing good. But casual normie conversation is a far cry from them actually buying.

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we is yo