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Recommend me shit that still hasn’t pumped yet. This is the only thing I can find

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lol limp dick coin

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old news vaporcoin
look harder, and look for things that are new this cycle, new narratives, developments, etc
ondo and dydx are my top picks
mantle if you want to be safe
Im also looking out for a good erc404 project

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the only thing this shit has going for it is the tiny af supply

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There is a reason why coins haven't pumped yet. If something shows no potential now, it'll underperform during the real bull

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QNT always pumps at an outside the norm time.
I've started stacking. When it pumps, it pumps HARD

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If it hasn't 'pumped' by now it's not going to do well retard

Always teh same with you morons looking to scoop up a worthless -80% because it gives you psychological insurance

Buy high sell higher isthe mantra for late entries

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listen up limp dick vaporc0iners when the bull market starts we're heading for the moon and you'll have your weak limp d0ng$ shoved so far up your asses it'll come out the tops of your soft heads cause you have no idea what's really going on qnt and $hoba are the only bags worth holding i'm talking about my bags cause i got in early unlike all of you idiots thinking you can make a quick buck on coins that already 1000x'd

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I wish more faggots understood this. The top 50 needs to be cleansed

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that's not always true. I sat in NKN for a long time and it had never pumped. Finally i became a millionaire when it pumped.

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So true, retards expecting a 10x on coins that already did a 1000x. I just bought some $hoba too, tiny mcap with a hardcore team of based biz jeets

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so true and $hoba is so based i love how it will 10x once the bull market starts like seriously how do these vaporc0iners not understand that qnt and $hoba are all that matter when the bull market starts the only thing going up will be my 18ft cock and nothing else will matter $hoba is everything you need to make money off of stupid normies that don't understand how it works you should buy every dip while there's still a dip cause soon $hoba will be worth 1000 usd per coin

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this isnt necessarily true, especially with tokens that are new this cycle

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Like what?

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the ones I like are ondo, mantle, dydx
granted mantle is fairly large cap so its not going to melt faces but a 4-5x from here is quite possible
ondo Im most bullish on
dydx Im bullish because I think people will get more and more sick of cexes

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>that still hasn’t pumped yet.

This is how you get shilled complete shit.
The ones that have pumped already are the strong projects that are the most likely to pump more

You want to invest in things that have already 3xed (or much more) in the last 2 months or are totally new launches

Expecting old coins to return to their all time highs when they’re only up like 30% from 6 months ago is stupid.

You should mainly invest in coins that have seen better returns than Bitcoin the last several months

Maybe you can worry about if things have “already pumped” in 6 months from now

/biz/ is honestly the worse source of info/alpha of any major social media site.
All social media crypto is dominated by shills but at least YouTube/Twitter you find stuff being shilled that will perform well whereas here it’s much more disproportionally loser projects being shilled

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>10 billion supply
>1 bill circulating
Why are you bullish on this?
While a lot of the early alpha is gone, you can't be serious with YT/CT. They get their info from biz and you never know which shit is sponsored or not (most of it is)

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It will be soon. Anything that actually does something will be a digital asset, the remaining useless ponzis will be left as the crypto market.

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>>10 billion supply
>>1 bill circulating
yeah this was a little concerning, but in a bull run once the hype gets going, tokenomics hardly matter unless theyre realllyyy bad, hype will always outstrip inflation in the middle of a cycle, its in the interim between cycles where inflation can kill a token

anyway, Im super long term bullish on RWA, particularly tokenised equity, and I think were finally at a point where tokenised assets are starting to become viable
in the long run, I dont think crypto survives unless we get real on chain equity

anyway, Ondo is the most promising RWA platform and has the best institutional backing and regulatory compliance
its super easy to use, although currently they only have on chain bonds
I think theyll be the first to do on chain equity, probably starting with an index like SPY

just imagine all the crypto degens suddenly having access to equity
you just buy it on a dex
you can buy options of defi options exchanges
you can trade perps and futures on defi exchanges
it will be huge

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Qnt is different though. It's a bet on cbdcs

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>21 replies
>0 answers to OP's question
Bros, this is why we're ngmi.

Anyway, my suggestions: QANX, SCLP, JASMY, RAIL, COR, SYLO.

And no, I'm not even hodling all of these.

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it already pumped years ago. this scam hasn't pumped anymore and it won't.

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Out of the ones you mentioned the only one I have is Sylo, but I don't think it's going anywhere.

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Get your bags ready for the SUPRA, just a matter of time, bags will get filled

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Sell off this shit for SUPRA, the TGE is happening soon.

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>hasn’t pumped yet

>2500x run last cycle
>still up 600x
>"hasn't pumped"

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for when 2030?