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what is the normie perception of the current economy in ur area?

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Normies will be like "everything is so expensive, I'm up to my eyeballs in debt" but then blame some nebulous boogeyman like "greedy corporations" or "people are charging too much money for things" without ever thinking about "WHY are corporations charging more" etc.

it's literally impossible for them to reason or comprehend why inflation is occurring, or that there could be several reasons behind it. They just think it's something that happens, rather than something that is done to our money supply/economy

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not good

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My normie colleagues think everything's great and their real estate bags will moon in 2 more weeks

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>they used the pandemic to replace the natives
haha very crafty

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"shit's fucked, fucking librulz"
and they have a point, financial economy is totally divorced from ground level economy

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They just think it's something that happens, rather than something that is done to our money supply/economy

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they sure do have a point about the financial economy i mean hell even i buy honey badger tokens to get laid but that's the real economy that matters
you can't build a strong economy without a strong foundation of 10-15ft cocks and honey badgers
they think they understand but they can't even see the writing on the wall the honey badger era is upon us and they shall pay oh they shall pay

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Joe Biden is fixing the inflation.

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If they're a Conservative = Inflation is terrible and it's Bidens fault.

If they're a Democrat = Inflation is terrible, but thanks to Biden it's getting better. Also, still have TDS and seethe about Trump daily.

As a side note, neither of them even understand basic economics and if you ask them for statistical proofs they either shut-down or go into a temper-tantrum.

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honey badger has one mission

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Don't touch my crops.

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the lefties I know are start to have trouble not blaming biden.

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They don't know what a recession is but they do complain about the high prices of everything

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Everybody i know has multiple pets and travels on a credit card. The economy is fine the average person in a knuckle dragging retard trying to impress people or theyre just robots

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a third of the monetary supply was printed in 2020, monetray ploicy takes two years to have a tangiblle effect, republicans ruined this country and sent in on a permannet down spiral, they let biden take it since they knew what the condequnces were going to lead to.

America has been hikacked by terrorist,, its over

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The economy in my town is actually doing very well. Tons of defense contracting jobs. An ever increasing private sector presence with more tech companies coming into the area. Mostly right wing area. It's pretty comfy.

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I have no idea whats happening. Feels like everything is expensive and everyone is just getting by, no jobs, people barely paying rent... and yet... nothing. Market is hitting new ATHs and I feel dumb for being positioned so conservatively.

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honestly i think the guy in the booth was in the wrong here. this is similar to that scene in band of brothers where the guy from friends at first refuses to salute his commanding officer but is reminded 'we salute the rank, not the man'. in this case, our brother made a mistake by not standing, greeting, and shaking his hand. im no biden fan because he molests everyone frankly i feel sorry he is being dragged around as a manchurian candidate, (the guy can barely speak. let him go retire and look after his grand kids and tend to a garden or something this is just silly), but he is still commander in chief of the largest military on earth.

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ive accepted that the majority of people (85% roughly) are absolute cattle and deserve, nay, desire slavery.

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how, when you consider this concept through the lens of females, a world of opportunity opens up. you truly can view them as the children that they are, just waiting for you to father them.

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Everything is fucked. Their perspective is based on the following:
Rent or property tax
Gas prices
Full time job availability
The jew media have been putting out articles over the last 12 months along the lines of 'no you don't understand, the economy is actually doing great!'. Everything that matters is rapidly increasing in price and the governments/ are insisting it's fine and don't worry, they'll build more affordable housing (and fill the units with immigrants both legal and illegal)

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>normie perception of the current economy in ur area
That we are fucked, zero point in saving for retirement. General sentiment.

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I can tell you this Anon. Most normies are starting to feel the pain. They know something is f up but still refuse to try to learn why or how. The next recession that is about to hit, will create more poverty and more government control.

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Same, I'd at least stand up. Booth guy looks like a mantoddler, and whatever statement he thought he was making just reflected more poorly on himself than anything.

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I've been visiting my boomer parents the last month and it's
>So and so's son is doing so well. I don't know how much he makes, but he's got a big truck and just bought a house in the suburbs.
>Thanks to Biden the economy is doing better than ever
>If you want a good job just go to college. I saw a job opening for nurses that pays $45 an hour. It's crazy how much opportunity there is out there
>It's so cool we've got all these Salvadorans moving into town. There's so many jobs that the locals are just too lazy to do, so they're helping bridge the gap, and bringing in some fun cultural flair to the community
>I read a news article about how electricians are making six figures starting. Why don't you become an electrician Anon? It's time you grew up and got a real career
>etc. etc. etc.
They're completely detached from reality. You can't have any kind of intelligent conversation with them because deep down they believe that visible wealth is just a measure of how "good" somebody is, so poor people are lazy and undeserving, rich people are hardworking and good, economic macro trends don't exist, and we live in the best country in the history of the world. Even talking about basic economic concepts like exploiting economic bottle-necks, economies of scale, or labor market saturation with devolve into them screaming at me that I'm a lazy piece of shit. Anything other than going to college, taking out a car and house loan, working thirty years to pay it off, and slotting yourself perfectly into the dwindling middle class is taken as a moral failure on my part. This is the last time I visit them before I cut them out of my life completely.

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that sucks to hear, sorry your parents are like that. Sometimes parents don't know how to show their love, or show it in strange ways

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Get a job you bum

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People here (Little Rock, AR), even leftists, acknowledge that things were better/easier when Trump was in office.

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The Boomers I work with are just brainwashed rubes. There's no other way to explain it. They are "vote blue no matter who" democrats, even though they claim to hate far-leftism, they still think the democrat party is the same it was from the 80s and 90s.

They're ironically more racist then the Conservatives I know. They hate the migrant problem on the border. They bitch about taxes being too high and want to lower them. They bitch about welfare going to unproductive losers. They bitch about faggots and trannys. They bitch about the corruption and fraud in politics. They bitch about sending money and weapons to foreign countries. And they bitch about the shitty infrastructure and education system.

Then they immediately turn around and blame ALL of it on Trump and claim Republicans want to lock women in the kitchen, force them to be pregnant and force the Bible onto children in schools, so they vote Democrat down the line.

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Thanks bro. It's been rough.

I have a job though. They're just mad because I won't go into debt to fund a lifestyle they can brag to their friends about, took a pay cut to apprentice in a skilled trade, and am more concerned about getting my own business off the ground than being a wagie. These people do not want me to succeed, they want me financially crippled because they saw some paid programming on TV and live in a bubble.

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so why not be a based electrician then? they make 6 figures :^)

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I was doing a paid apprenticeship as a bench jeweler. It was like pulling teeth just for them to let me live in a storage locker they own while I did the apprenticeship, then they finally did kick me out after I'd bought the tools to set up my own bench because "we don't want you starting a fire in our garage." I don't know how they expect me to pull the money out of my ass to pay for an electrician program, and they don't either, it's just a way to shit on me.

It's not like I lack skills either, I was earning $30/hour on the side giving private language classes, I'm just not delusional about the state of the economy or willing to go into debt to live above my means, so this makes me lazy and entitled apparently.

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its probably a meme just like the self taught cooders making six figure starting and the job is probably miserable

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biden's not fixing shit but nor did he create the problem. who do you think was president when money printer started to go "brrrrrrrrrrr"?

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keep in touch. my mother was the same. she died of cancer couple of years ago, don't miss her at all, happy I secured my inheritance for my kids.

family is everything, even if only as an example of how not to live

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I love my mom. My dad's a piece of shit though. Really wish I could have a healthy family situation.