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I was a Monero Maxi

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It's over. The feds cracked monero

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Monero has a purpose unlike 99% of the trash on this board, it just happens that that purpose is not making money but exchanging it privately.

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Check out ROSE, anon. If you like privacy, that is your coin.

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Monero is basically at the price Bitcoin would be if Bitcoin was constantly delisted from exchanges

Moneros price is really what Bitcoins price would be today if Bitcoin was actually used as a currency and actually hated by governments

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Monero maxis like mental outlaw are two intelligent for their own good. Don't overthink it, Monero may have superior privacy, but Bitcoin has greater adoption and can become almost as private using coinjoins. Normies will never buy monero because there is no usecase for normies. Privacy is important, but protecting your assets from inflation and increasing your purchasing power will always be seen as a valuable use case by normies.

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>didn't double his stack KNOWING there's at least a $30 upside coming

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>almost as private using coinjoins
Or better with Lightning Network, where there is not even a chain that's broadcast to everyone that can be broken not only today but anytime in the future, kek.
Or Cashu, perfect Chaumian e-cash built on top of Lightning (an L3), the actual full fulfillment of the Cypher Punk dream.

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Checking these digits
To have. Heh..HehehehehehahahahhaAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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>I was a Monero Maxi
I'm thinking about becoming a monero maxi
maybe after this run

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Still am a monero maxi till the very end! Monero is the King of Privacy

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but there is no reason to hold it

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Monero is a Mexican shitcoin

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You will
Be correct eventually, just probably not this year

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I own some specifically so I'm never without the option of using the black market.

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Wait, oh shit what happened? didn't realize lmao that drop