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MtGox payout is coming close. Expect a medium sized dump of BTC and a gigadump of BCH. This will be the last chance to buy low this cycle.

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>medium sized dump
Yeah, it will probably bottom out somewhere between 10k and 8k. I don't think it will go to 3.5k, despite the CME gap there.

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>gigadump of BCH
You wish

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can somebody finally explain the CME gap meme to me

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That's Bitcoin Cash to you buster

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basically, keep buy orders cascading from 45k down to 30k and hope they trigger

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It's gap on the CME and such gaps nearly always get filled later. For instance a CME gap appeared at 18k in 2020 (as the price rose) and 500 days later that gap got filled - when BTC dumped below 20k in 2022. By the way a lot of bulls who were saying the price couldn't possibly dump sub 20k (because "it can't go below a previous ATH, blah blah") also said that 18k gap would never get filled. But it did. Now they are saying the gaps at 20k (there's a big one there) and the one at 9.7k won't get filled. There is also one at 3.5k but even most bears are saying it won't get filled because it's a very small one.

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I'm getting 60 BTC and 60 BCH back, should I market buy BCH with it bros?

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All the japs who held bitcoin in Mt Gox are now plastered to the rails of a high speed bullet train. There will be no selling off.

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cme is some degenerate gambling exchange, they close on weekends so if there are big btc movements during the weekend there will be a "gap" on that exchange
now just like ta, gamblers like to find reason behind pumps and dumps, so they use these gaps to justify movements up and down

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there is literally a "gap" every weekend since they close trading like boomer stock exchanges, stop believing in astrology

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When exactly?

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>t. retard and future shiteater

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Holy shit, that is the CME gap? you fuckers are retarded kek

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you can trade Bitcoin during the weekend you moron, there is no gap except what's between your ears