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This has never happened. What would it mean?

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already got above .618 pre-halving which hasnt been seen before. golden bullrun is what it all means.

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>What would it mean?
Means that Bitcoin growth is exponential and we're going over $500,000 this cycle believe it or not.

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Left-translated cycle (top around EOY 2024) or normal cycle (top around Q4 2025) but with very large gains (so more like 2017 than 2021).

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It means bitcoin is going to 1 mil eoy.

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It means cycles are lengthening
69k was not the top of this cycle
The coming rub up will be the true blow off top before the real crypto winter

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It means btc is a hedge against inflation, money has been devalued by at least 30% in real terms in 4 years.

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>He thinks ATH before halving
Is this peak Mumu delusion?

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We had so much inflation the ATH would be like ~82k or something now in todays dollars. That's just using CPI figures actual inflation is probably much higher.
Thank the fed for making the ATH so attainable.

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post your liquidations

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people are more aware of the cycles so they are front running it.

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We hit 100k and retrace to 50k and purge all unwanted participants before the real run starts. Makets always seek max pain from redditors.

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>This has never happened
Shit that's never happened before happens every fucking day of the week. Saying something's never happened before means fuck all.

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It means you fucking retards can't do math. BTC is currently at 74% of its all-time high. It was also at 74% of its all-time-high in 2020 before the last halving, when it was about 13-14k out 19k. BTC will probably stay in this range for the next 5-6 weeks, probably even dipping hard into the 40k or even 30k range, and that will be that.

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Sorry buddy too many side liners are waiting for this therefore it's not happening. Thanks for playing

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>It was also at 74% of its all-time-high in 2020 before the last halving, when it was about 13-14k out 19k
It was exactly $10,312 on this day in 2020 you lying jewish snake.

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>BTC will probably stay in this range for the next 5-6 weeks, probably even dipping hard into the 40k or even 30k range,
This is literally the midwit take on the market. You will get sidelined.

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means that the wale mindgames will manipulate me into thinking 'this time it is different'

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The last cycle was arguably left-translated, as almost the entirety of the move was gone by April 2021.

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450k, a million is next year.

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We will revisit what the previous blow off top should have been without FTX shenanigans. We will then dip just before the halving to shoot through after the halving.
Note that 'the dip' might actually exceed 69k.

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If it isn't BtcFi it's not worth investing

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I hope Gox distributes all the coins before we go any higher. Then we can trade sideways for a few weeks while the ETF inflows absorbs all the Gox sellers.

I don't want those Gox cunts being able to sell any higher than 50k

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unironically it really is just cycles legthening
obviously short attention span retards will do what they did before, watch BTC correct during/after halving, freak out and sell their stack at 20k, and then buy back at 100k
they don't call us dumb money for nothing

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See you at 500 000 - 1 000 000 in 2025 or 2030 it will happen. The printing will continue and real estate is not good asset to invest money anymore with the change of demographic and letting people with iq around 80 in.. while the native population does not breed and aging rapidily

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It means they printed too much fiat around the world

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You don't get it. Literally no one is selling - BTC is unironically the new financial paradigm.

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Thanks Bob

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only sane reply
it will go faster, and thus crash faster, a lot faster
there will be no time to dump on your price target
>"I will sell at X"
>crashes at X-1
>keep waiting for X
>baghold all the way down

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How is people buying if no one is selling?