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its over guys, sell everything and come back next year

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what happened to 12k and 30k?

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Why do you follow someone who's wrong all the time? Is this guy like Cramer for the zoomer crowd?

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in a just society this guy would be beat within an inch of his life and thrown in jail to rot. there are people actually losing money off his predictions, and he is wrong, not 50 % of the time, but 100 % of the time.

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55k confirmed today!

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he's a paid shill

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have to hit 45k to hit 30k and 12k, duh just keep drawing down arrows

idk its fun? he has 800k twitter followers and he's been 100% wrong for like a year now, pretty impressive conviction. i used to think he might be right around 30k, but every day his prediction gets a little more unfathomable.

the person that presses the button has 100% responsibility. think he's genuinely giving his opinion but got destroyed by BIG BLACKROCK COCK

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How is it his fault that some idiots continue to listen to him despite his terrible track record?

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stop mocking him!!

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