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Is this trend the next big thing in crypto?
What are some RWA coins that will 100x this bullrun?

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First for not chainlink

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Did you buyed mobius yet sir?

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AVAX takes RWAs, there are negotiations already taking place

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Nervos Network will be the next 100x

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Whatever dude. Vechain partnered with McDonald’s once, you think your negotiations are special?

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>Real World Assets RWA
The fuck do these do? Wouldn't those just be commodity ETFs?

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chainlink (not a 100x tho) + whatever chain ends up being tradfi's chosen. rwa season will be boring

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This, Avax will tokenize all RWA

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In Stobox you are still early and it's the best 100x candidate there is
Ticker: STBU
RWA premium market leader and first-mover advantage.
Mcap 6MM USD.
This hidden gem was first found by /biz/ a few months ago. All you need to know about the project is found in this thread:
and here;

If hurry up, you will get a great 50% discount as some in community got angry that we didn't get centralized top 1 tier exchange in January, but must wait longer as the team is working on it, and they dumped their bags. You can't get a better bargain than this.

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File: 1.21 MB, 2024x3200, Isabella and the Pot of Basil - William Holman Hunt, O.M., R.W.S. (1827-1910).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

From your (?) previous thread:

>-Custodian. Who would be holding these assets? Would an external company hold them? Who would be in charge?
In the future it would most likely be something like this; let's say you really like this painting of William Holman Hunt, O.M., R.W.S. (1827-1910)
>Isabella and the Pot of Basil
>Estimate GBP 5,000,000 – GBP 8,000,000

and you believe it will go up price in the future. Luckily for you, Christie's have tokenized all their paintings for sale, meaning, if you want to buy the painting, take it home and be the sole owner, you buy all the tokens. If not, you just buy some part of it, i.e. tokens. Christie's will then be the custodian and most likely open a gallery of tokenized paintings, open to the public and generating income given to token holders.

Christie's will have their paintings tokenized by, say, Stobox - the premium market leader with first-mover advantage. They will provide all the necessary legal forms, documentation, compliance etc and set up a tokenization platform for them. Christie's will then be part of the Stobox ecosystem where STBU will be the native token.

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Something like this, but for paintings.

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STBU has been doing this for like 5 years and only like 7m mcap

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pic related is the only project that can scale to the level to host all RWA's 100% on chain

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ONDO is the blackrock-anointed rwa+tokenization coin that will eat all others.

>b-b-but my token has better tech!
nobody cares. it's all fake and guy, but my coin has larry fink going on bloomberg and shadow shilling for it. what the fuck does your coin have?

>b-but the FDV! it'll never pump! it's a VC cashout scheme!
All the pumpiest coins are vc scams. Circ is like 2% and you'll exit this coin long before the other 98% comes online.

>it's vaporware!
chainlink is vapor and it seems to be working just fine for them.

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I couldn’t have fudded ONDO better than what you just posted

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what happens when someone steals the painting and all you have is a worthless token saying you own it


all of this shit is retarded. Oh wow I can invest in a commercial rental building wow... I can already do that.

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1. The painting is of course insured.
2. What happens if you have a painting at home and somebody steals it?

>he fuck do these do? Wouldn't those just be commodity ETFs?
>all of this shit is retarded. Oh wow I can invest in a commercial rental building wow... I can already do that.
You have no clue what you are talking about, see pic.

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Stobox and RIO are my holds, RIO has paid off well so far, up 12k on my 4k investment.

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This is just part of tokenization. STO versus IPO, pic.

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Welcome back Boris.

I would like to order a Stobox pizza with extra peperoni.

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everest ID is the chosen one

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File: 552 KB, 1920x923, 1049 Brighton Beach Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235, USA STBU Stobox.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You and the rest of your tranny pump and dump team have been debunked again and again.

Here, the corporate structure of Stobox:

Here is the same fud you paid scammers and spammers have used again and again:

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Explain pic.

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I hold Swarm Markets (SMT), it's a licensed defi platform for securities, crypto, RWA etc.

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Isn't the point of RWAs that they don't fluctuate that much in value and act as a kind of hedge against volatility? Why would they 100x?

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Explain why your corporate HQ office is a Luigi Pizza.

You fucking hohol scammer.

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1. Learn the difference between corporate HQ office and registered address. For years, Ethereum Foundation had nothing but a postbox in Zug, Switzerland.
2. " Luigi Pizza.". Not that is an office building, you can even see the door, clown.
3. I am not Ukrainian, ugly tranny.

Is pic you, faggot?

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No, they have Ukrainian and Russian expats. Here is the corporate structure.

The same paid scammer group is here again, posting hysterical and false information again and again, only because Stobox CEO will not bow down to WEF and totalitarian globohomos from dinosaur finance.

More information about RWA, Stobox here,

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Here we have the pump and dump group, just a day ago. Pic.

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lol, BRIGHTON fucking BEACH

every new yorker knows this is slav scam city

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ONDO will be huge
People don’t get it yet

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t. samefagging pajeet. Go back rakesh.

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This is why this paid scammers are here to fud Stobox. The same thing happened with BTC and ETH.

BTC revolutionized money/cross-border payments. Tokenization is the new blockchain-based paradigm shift, opening up and democratizing a global $16T+ asset market/management, and Stobox (STBU) is by far the market leader with working products here. This will be bigger than BTC.

>Tokenization is a 16+ trillion dollar market
>Stobox is the premium market leader
>First-mover advantage
>Working products
>Assets for close to 1 Billion dollars tokenized
>60+ customers
>5 continents
>90% of max supply is in circulation
>Deflationary token model (token burn)
>Centralized primary market (primary issuing)
>Decentralized secondary market, both KYC and non-KYC
>Fully compliant with SEC Regulations, registered in the State of Wyoming
>55,000 man-hours used for creating an internationally approved legal framework of global tokenization
>Extremely low market cap, 7 million USD

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Stobox CEO was years ahead of the rest. While crypto market was finally waking up to the need to have privacy coins, Monero, he was talking about global tokenization of assets.

Stobox, STBU are years ahead of any competitor with working products, legal framework in order and are developing a platform for tokenization with a secondary market. No one is close to them.

Don't mind the Ukrainian flag. They are Ukrainian expats in the US, but have Russian math experts, crypto experts etc on their team.

Farmland and Landshare are among their tokenization customers.

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Fuck is going on in this thread
Should I buy Stobox? 7m marketcap is literally nothing

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Its a bunch of jeets shilling scams and telling people not to buy the only RWA coin that matters.

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Which is?

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STBU, by far. The low market cap is insane. It's like with Monero, for years they had a mcap fluctuating around 2-3 millions and people were told that there is a market for privacy coin, yet nobody listened and way too many believed BTC was private, due to no name directly connected to a wallet, and then it all exploded with a multi-billion dollar market cap.

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the blackrock coin is all you need

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Later, another one from the same paid spammer and scammer group will come and claim that there is something nefarious coding Stobox's smart contract. He will claim that he is a Solidity dev and will post something like this:

function mint(uint256 amount) onlyManager public returns(bool) {
require(managers[msg.sender].mint.max >= managers[msg.sender].mint.actual.add(amount), "Limit exceeded");
uint256 supply = totalSupply();
require(_maxSupply >= supply.add(amount), "Supply exceeded cap");
managers[msg.sender].mint.actual = managers[msg.sender].mint.actual.add(amount);
_mint(treasury, amount);
return true;
for function mint(uint256 amount) onlyManager public returns(bool) {
require(managers[msg.sender].mint.max >= managers[msg.sender].mint.actual.add(amount), "Limit exceeded");
uint256 supply = totalSupply();
require(_maxSupply >= supply.add(amount), "Supply exceeded cap");
managers[msg.sender].mint.actual = managers[msg.sender].mint.actual.add(amount);
_mint(treasury, amount);
return true;

But, he was exposed as a fake dev and scammer

Somebody with money and resources are very, very afraid of Stobox (STBU). They tried to destroy Bitcoin (BTC) in very much the same manner, but they failed, and they will fail with STBU as well. They are years ahead of their competitors and the premium market leader in tokenization (RWA), with only 7 million dollars in market cap.

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Their layer 2 eco project Tusima has already processed over 200 billion Yen worth of transactions from real world transactions on their testnet. They also own the Yen stablecoin license.


TRIAS' mainnet is launching this quarter. The CEO also announced a deal where they're adding the entire supply chain data of China to Trias


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I'm surprised that someone took the time to discuss something that actually has value in crypto. I won't be chiming in on this, however, since this thread is full of retards. E.g. >>57607380

I guess I would say that you should be checking out what MakerDAO is doing. Ondo as well.

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Link you fucking idiot

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I wish black death upon your mother

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Checked, who ate they partnered with? I've heard their name a few times before.

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t. scammer tourist protending to be an oldfag.

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t. scammer tourist pretending to be an oldfag.

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Wait so you think youre going to get equity in a small business because of blockchain???
Hahahahahahahahahahahahaah who comes up with this shit. Seriously explain that

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Also on your art example. I can have a certificate of ownership and also have insurance right now. Neither requires blockchain nor buying a scam altcoin.

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>what happens when someone steals the painting
What a retarded argument.
"Cars? So you just buy them for tens of thousands of dollars?? What happens when somebody steals them?? That can never work."
"Phones? So you think billions of people will buy them with actual money? What happens when soomebody steals them? That can never work."

This is the sort of "argument" that only very stupid people who think they're smart come up with.

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That's gonna be a VERY big one. Amazon's favorite RWA project, apparently.

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If you can invest in high quality art that costs, like in my example, GBP 8,000,000, without tokenization, then go for it, tranny faggot.

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will not elaborate

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1/3 of my portfolio is Ondo bc I unironically think that tokenised equity is the only way crypto will survive long term
Ondo is the most developed and fleshed out RWA platform at the moment and they have good institutional backing/compliance

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>Ondo is the most developed and fleshed out RWA platform at the moment
1. STBU has tokenized multiple projects, Landshare is one of them. What have Ondo tokenized (documented)?
2. Finance is the easiest asset class to tokenize
3. Ondo has 100x the mcap of STBU
4. When I researched tokenization years ago, Ondo was nowhere to be seen
5. BlackRock involvement etc will only lead to what we already see in dinosaur finance, where you will get requirement to have a black lesbian CEO in a project before you are allowed to tokenize, you must hire HIV infested trannies as waitresses before you can tokenize, your tokenization account will be frozen/confiscated if you tweet something BlackRock does not like
6. Ondo is the very opposite of foundation of crypto. Just read the BTC whitepaper.
7. Dinosaur finance is too slow, and too totalitarian to survive in crypto, they tried to compete with BTC and failed, and they will fail in tokenization as well. People don't trust them. At all.

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Pic is why you have paid globohomo trannies from an organized pump and dump group, pathetically trying to trash STBU every single day. Totalitarian globohomos tried the same strategy with BTC and they failed, as they will fail with STBU as well. STBU is the clearest 100x project in crypto.

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>Finance is the easiest asset class to tokenize
please tell me more about this asset class you call "Finance", Rajesh

>> No.57612619

Go clutch your pearls, globohomo faggot. Do you like financial products, better? Weird that you low-IQ scammer couldn't answer a single one of my numbered questions. Go back to BlackRock and let Jewy Finkelstein take it up your ass.

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Hey, Wall Street prostitute, tell me about the first futures contract in the Hebrew Bible.

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Seems like Avalanche will be the new hub for RWAs fr. Recently came across a Data/AI/DePIN platform with their beta product currently running on Avalanche network.

>> No.57614456

I never seen an amazon post about it though. One sided love?

>> No.57614680

Which one is that? Seen a number of DePIN projects around lately

>> No.57614992

What's your issue with Chainlink?


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It's Nuklai; a sister project of AllianceBlock. Quite new but coming up really fast. Anyone topping them rn should watch their backs because they'll be at the top in no time.

>> No.57615361

Already breaking charts and filled with green dildos

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Great idea.
I m from Italy.
Italy has 45% artistic heritage in the world.
Lets talk about

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RIO seems scammy based on my research, STBU seems good but the Luigi pizza shit kinda disuaded me, its low mcap so couldnt hurt to put a bit in and see how it fares.
I think Polytrade will perform well, seems like the most legit RWA project that hasn't breached 100m mc yet.

>> No.57615579

This dumb fuck stbu shiller has 21 posts, claims he's an oldfag but can only afford microcap dogshit lmfao
Avax if you have 6 fig folio, otherwise Trade is good. Rio is looking like it's primed to pump to $3 even if it's scammy.

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>but the Luigi pizza shit kinda disuaded me
The thinking of a midwit. Then you would not have invested in $8 ETH.
>I think Polytrade will perform well, seems like the most legit RWA project that hasn't breached 100m mc yet.
Show me a single tokenization project by Polytrade, documented.

Aaand of course the samefagging paid fudder moron could not help himself. Fuck off tourist, are you deranged and evil psychopath really so stupid that you believe to invest $100Ks USD in a small cap is cheaper than in a large cap? Go back to plebbit, fucking tourist.

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Yeah I agree RIO will pump regardless

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Cuio CGT / Nexxera NXRA / Centrifuge CFG

thank me later

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>Farmland and Landshare

These don't seem to be doing to well.

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t. same samefagging tranny faggot. Inept and delusional tourist with no clue about crypto. Paid fudder and scammer .

Pic, Stobox is everywhere.

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>0 results
/biz/ ngmi

>> No.57615875

What's the basic utility of this one?

>> No.57615995

Just some faggot narratives to take money from you dumb fags. You'll learn. Lol

>> No.57616009

CGT. CurioInvest is based in Switzerland and fully regulated.

>> No.57616031

>>0 results
>/biz/ ngmi
Only because that >>57615765 nigger is too dumb to spell it lmao.
But good to see that there are some people with brains on this board

>> No.57616273

It's a decentralized data marketplace which will give data Enthusiasts fair value for their efforts both as contributors and end users.

>> No.57617513

Chainlink is dead and gone. Best bet is a 2x

Twas about time. Has been looking too quiet

>> No.57618040

How's the compensation plan here? Better than Ocean?

>> No.57618087

Dusk is the only serious RWA play as far as something that will get real world adoption

>> No.57618507

It should be since it's more decentralized; so the contributors will have more influence over how their datasets are tokenized.

>> No.57618578

LINK thread, LINK board

>> No.57618641

Dusk it is, imagine giving sound advice to jeets on a garbage rummaging enthusiast board. Most people here couldn't tell your hand from your ass.

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>> No.57619400

Anyone looked into PROPC? Seen some Ct accounts shill it.

>> No.57619722

>Chainlink is dead and gone.
Focus on SUPRA, the top-notch oracle.

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Well Truflation's platform as a whole is pretty much made for RWA purposes and nothing else, it's made to be implemented in businesses and such. It's not out for now though but the platform (which is a big index that updates on a daily basis to monitor inflation and market trends etc) is, and that's good to me, could perform well once it releases it and I'll be there.

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>RWA thread
>Only 3 avax mentions
Holy fuck biz is healing?!

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Based. Thanks for these fellas.

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Ondo was great for like a month or so. It's not even worth mentioning now.

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>> No.57621696

kys Boris, hohol scammer

two words:

>> No.57623189

you cant be serious

>> No.57623604

Chainlink and Fideum and checked

>> No.57623619

bell curve confirmed

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Faster than QANX?
STBU pulled 7x for me, while RIO pulled 4x for me too. Just hodl.

>> No.57623685


I hold 1k worth. Hasn't done much while most other things rallied though. Not selling I can see it randomly going apeshit one day.

>> No.57624221

see you at the top king

>> No.57625344

Thread is still alive, nice.
So here’s some contendera that were shilled
Which one do I buy? I have 4k to spend and want at least a 10x return.

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File: 2.94 MB, 4032x3024, 6216AE85-57C0-4045-B8B6-FF38DE42E925.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I’m about to drop $70k on one of the coins mentioned in this thread, but I’m not going to mention which one until my bags are filled. Thank you biz.

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File: 179 KB, 1393x675, 1049 Brighton Beach Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235, USA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's an office building, you utter retard.

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File: 476 KB, 1918x938, Goldman Sachs Global Headquarters, 200 West St, New York, NY 10282.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Oh, look, Goldman Sachs Global Headquarters is in reality a Korean street food shop
>Why yes, I am double digit IQ tranny and paid scammer/spammer that came from plebbit, how did you know?

>> No.57627577
File: 70 KB, 1028x432, Screenshot 2024-02-16 134642.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Learn the difference between registered office address vs business address, braindead scammer.

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AVAX already won, why are you even arguing here

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File: 160 KB, 1652x739, mentally ill KDA tranny.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Again, the corporate structure of Stobox:

How much longer are you going to plague /biz/ with your deranged samefagging and fud, mentally ill tranny?

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hell yeah i can't wait to cross-chain swap to RWA coins in rango
t. unemployed

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Show me a single project Avax ($15 Billion market cap) has tokenized. Compare that to STBU ($7 Million market cap). Stobox (STBU) is the premium market leader with a first-mover advantage in tokenization (RWA), years ahead of any competitor. Just take a look at their YouTube channel.

Data in pic is old, from May, last year. Current data is even more impressive.

>> No.57627690

based ICP bro. Verification not required.

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File: 158 KB, 1652x739, mentally ill KDA tranny c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Again, the corporate structure of Stobox:

How much longer are you going to plague /biz/ with your deranged samefagging and fud, mentally ill tranny?

>> No.57627699

10 hrivna was deposited to your account

>> No.57627709


It's not rwa but research SCRT and tell me it won't just about exactly 10x in the run.

>> No.57627712

I have some spare eth to spend and I’m still trying to figure it out as well.

>> No.57627740

Go back, newfag.

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what's it like being mentally ill, Volodya? shouldnt you be at the warfront?

>> No.57627781

It's absurd to claim that you must have all the world's global asserts on L1, there is no need for that, and it is also absurd to claim that ICP is capable of doing it.

Unlike Stobox, I am very concerned regarding ICP. Investors include backing from the world's 13 most powerful banking dynasties.

Bettina Warburg (Warburg-Serres)

>The Great Reset
Fact #1 First public blockchain project ever to be invited to World Economic Forum.

Last year, Klaus Schwab invited Dominic Williams (chief scientist at dfinity) to give presentation @ World Economic Forum in Davos.

Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum and author of the book ''the fourth industrial revolution''

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File: 29 KB, 1090x284, E0z_dw4WEAMMA9V.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's hard to name a more globohomo project than Dfinity, however, their tech is good.

They started to block people on twatter from day one. Not a great sign for their "free and controlled" new Jewish globohomo internet

Pic, "Head of Audience Development"

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File: 131 KB, 1611x728, Dead Animal Rape KDA Troons Kadena Trannies.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Go back to discord, mentally ill tranny. Time for you to rape some poor dying animals again.

>> No.57627848

quattro formaggi please. avax won

>> No.57627927

ok and how does being tokenized help with any of this?

>> No.57627949

lmao so your use case is rich people investing in paintings? HAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAAH

Why the fuck does a drawing need investors...we truly are in clownworld

I love how this thread just went straight into pajeets all shilling their shitcoin. No substance or discussion of the underlying use. Crypto is so lame at this point

>> No.57627959

No Pussy No Work

>> No.57628007

It's just ethereum.

>> No.57628039

Not to tokenize the asset but to provide the data to all RWA projects. No limits

>> No.57628379


>> No.57628489

Not live yet

>> No.57629334

bet on the nodes that provide the data for RWAs. I'm all in SDL anon.

>> No.57629718

AVAX - Sounds good but expensive
LINK - Shitcoin Oracle and not Needed
STBU, ONDO, RIO, SCLP - All Jeet Shitcoins
DUSK - RWA, Privacy and Regulated all in one. For the Kings only.

>> No.57631065

LUNAM looks to be the game changer. The allocation strategy and It's unique Engage-To-Earn features also gives an edge against whales