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70k in 16 days. The charts. They don't lie. But women lie. Okay yeah, most women lie, but, you see, Asuka doesn't.

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that's a child

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No it’s an illustration.

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What do you see in the chart to hit 70K in 16 days?

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Unironically we're reaching the parabolic part, we only accelerate from here, retards will stay in disbelief while the price keeps going up

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does that mean cycle top sooner than most expect? like July/August?

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That's been my main scenario since last year

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you said 70,00 in 2019.

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tradfi assets dont go parabolic

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Explain to me what's happening to the spx then

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all women lie.

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lmao yeah okay i believe you bro but whatever honestly idk why you're being such a little girl about it anyway i don't even care the charts clearly show it's going up but you're too dumb to understand you wouldn't get it because you're a woman i'm rich af and i have a gigantic cock which is why i am always right and i don't talk like some queer pussy

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100k in 315 days! and everythingg will skyrocket to space, beoble predicted is time to follow.

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my cock is biggerer. wanna measure it? like together sometime?

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It's up 20% in a few months? If that's parabolic to you, you should have fucking seen crypto in 2017.

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priced in -+-+-+-+->>>57600911

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ive been saying this since 2021. it will top during the olympics, paris