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I smell altcoin season, but dumpers think BTC will hit $12K. How can we change your mind and start making good money?

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I wouldn't mind 3-4M running into linu
Eth is going to correct, so you know alts will get flooded the remaining of the week probably.

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Im linumaxxing atm. CEXs confirmed.

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It's bulltrap anon

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>so what now?

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Keep the good vibes

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Indeed anon

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Haahahaha shitcoins

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What's your take?

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No altseason this year. See you next year

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If you check the big sales from last night then put those together you'll see a main wallet sent out 10 eth to 3 accounts(each) and about 20 eth spread out between 50-60 wallets. They ALL were selling last night, huge sales. Track them down on etherscan. This is a scam. Also their marketing is fully pushed by a company they paid called globe newswire.
The wallet in question is
if you want to find it. Won't be hard, just sort by biggest sales.
GL if you're trying to ride the scam though

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Don't say that. Bears are not welcome

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>Rate my bags for bullrun


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Ok as you say so

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Obviously it is alts season, we are facing a stagnant bitcoin, not even people on beoble or twitter want you to buy ATM

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Diamond hand

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Pump my only bag >ETH

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wtf 4chan is so lame with all their rules and crap all my homies hate 4chan 4chan is only good for porn because they got all the best hentai i love hentai bro and i know you do too bro let's not beat around the bush and i'll just tell you that i have a massive cock and always get bitches i bet you would like some bitches too

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>tell me what to buy?

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Are you drunk?

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Hahah it's over

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Time to accumulate fag

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Final step in being able to fund the liquidity pool for the lucky flip game.

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Buy DePIN coins moron

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Very nice except for Jup. Dump it for more INJ

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Watch till you cry later . I don't want you to make false alarm

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Why the cry?

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Is that even real? I don't know how to make it

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Looks good, but you missed adding low-cap altcoins in the list. You know low caps can bring in more money than big market caps. Why's that anon?

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Not all low caps will moon

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That's why I prefer low-cap altcoins with a working product for long-term investment. Never invest without doing your research kek.

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Not familiar of the crap
Good decision

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Tell me what to buy

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Hard to say, as I don't give financial advice, but you might want to DYOR on Primal, XTP, BLXM, and INJ.

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Goodluck anon

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What's the best to add?

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I don't know, but if you're into DePIN, crypto payment solutions, and Socialfi, then these altcoins are for you. Why stress when you can diversify?

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What do we think?

and some small bags in shit like

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That's rite, as altseason is starting im getting my fat chunk of $LRDS as soon as they drop, my toddler will love having more heroes for his campaign and we'll hopefully get some revenue of it.
its funny how this gamefi spectrum will actually replace old markets

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Crypto payment solution
>But some tokens didn't react maybe for the product

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Good bags.dont know for xna tho

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Once people see a good service, the token will follow. It might not reflect immediately, but fintech services are usually long-term, so no need to worry unless you're chasing instant pumps.

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What shit campaign are you talking

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Who the hell doesn't like x10 pumps?

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Altseason may only be for alts with a strong narrative and utility.
As authoritarian censorship increases, the next narrative may be SocialFi or decentralized social medias.
Plebbit could potentially x100 as plebbit is a decentralized p2p social media protocol that is opensource, free to use and scalable.
Plebbit has 2 working demos (web client and downloable client) with a reddit and 4chan styled front end but this can be adapted to any other style like discourse.
As plebbit has no https endpoints and instead used ENS for sub or board/usernames, it is more decentralized than federated alternatives which are more complicated.
The plebbit token will only be for tipping and voting on a DAO on development issues so the protocol itself will be 100% free to use.
100% of the token was airdropped on avax in 2022. the mid 2023 it chainswapped to eth where its been in accumulation since june last year.
3.4m mcap
You wont listen though nor will many of this board. See you in 2026 when plebbit gets mass adopted.

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Of course, we all want both the token and the fintech service to perform well. The important aspect is having a fully regulated platform with the license to operate globally anon. Think of it.

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Is this to replace for reddit?

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Memecoin investors won't understand that. All memecoins will die with the ongoing SEC scrutiny. People are too dumb to understand the situation now.

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>you really think I'm going to read this?

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Why doge is still alive?
Wtf ignore if you don't want

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It's easy to dyor shit

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This is an exception because it's supported by Elon. I'm referring to all newly made memecoins that don't even have utility. Don't fall for tricks; look for ones with solid fundamentals.

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Shut up poor boy

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My networth has been lagging for a couple months an altseason would be very nice about now

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Don't worry for better things are coming anon

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I prefer buying low mcap promising tokens that are still discounted. I'm not a BTC Marxist, Anon.

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BTC would be $55k by now if inflation hadn't come in too high

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why do you say this?

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I'll only buy the token that I can stake on payment fintech to upgrade to Titanium plan.

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That's the advantage of upgrading to that plan. Looking forward to UK users being able to start earning soon.

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I'm only thinking about the one that recently partnered with Zero Hash for their upcoming US launch. Anon, this shit's gonna be epic.

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Heard it comes with features like free exchange, deposit, withdrawal, and more. Haven't done my research yet, though.

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Plenty more to expect, especially if they can expand token utilities to increase demand within the ecosystem. Thoughts?

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US launch is b

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What's the plan? You drunk? That's the big hope everyone's waiting for. Progress on the platform will make everyone happy. Let the team do their thing.

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It's gonna underpin their damn global growth and expansion. No doubt, Anon.

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What's b? You drunk? That's the big hope everyone's waiting for. Progress on the platform will make everyone happy. Let the team do their thing.

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300k users, and the token is yet to correlate. What makes you think the US launch would be a big catalyst for this move?

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Yeah. I doubt if they would cut the rate at this point. Let's just hope institutions keep flowing in liquidity.

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It's not coming this early yet until we have an even distribution of liquidity flowing across the board.

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It's bullshit

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Having 300k users is a substantial user base, though the US market dynamics might genuinely impact the token's performance before assuming a significant positive shift.

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If they can pull this off, it's gonna be an epic win for them and holders.

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You're wrong anon. The idea that an even distribution of liquidity is a prerequisite may overlook the potential momentum generated by a broader market. The approval of ETFs and the upcoming Bitcoin halving are substantial market events that historically have had cascading effects on the entire crypto space. Invest just in the gateway for payment solutions. You'll stay on course.

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It's a big move if executed effectively, especially considering the vast market potential.
You're talking non-sense.

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Fuck anon, what if execution falls short, particularly given the uncertainties and potential challenges in the market despite its vast potential.

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US is the beast of the crypto jungle, set to devour 48% of the global market growth from 2022 to 2027.

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Regardless of what's up, this app is clutch for me. I can send, receive, and handle both fiat and crypto like a boss, all in one spot.

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You're a newbie anon. Various factors, including regulatory developments, technological advancements, and global adoption, contribute to the overall market growth

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Utility is the name of the game, newfag. Hoping for some serious utility boost for the token. I'm dead certain the team's cooking up something epic.

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current stack, started in october. Took some ETH profits along the way

> TAO (+700 %)
> ALPH (+350%)
> KNS (+30%)
>ETH (+20%)

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I understand how convenient the app is. Some apps may provide unique experiences in particular areas. In addition to Gemini, Revolut is useful for free stock trading.

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Always have a backup plan. Why settle for just one scenario? They're not dumb; they'll consider B if A fails. There's still room for improvement with plan C, D, and beyond.

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Forgot to mention this bad boy comes stacked with a variety of products: payment, exchange, wallet, and card services. It's like a one-stop crypto/Fiat shop

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I can tell that altcoin season has started. Noticed how my bags of eth, manta, xtp, cro and bnb pumps so freaking hard

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Forget about it if its onramp service sucks.

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Plan B is always important.

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Upcoming DEX such as AlphaX and the likes of FXDX are already having the stock trading option and perps as well. So what are you telling us.

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If you're moving towards full decentralization, there's nothing developing about regulation.

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They offer me a convenient blend of minimal fees, advantageous exchange rates, and ease of use compared to Gemini and Revolut

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The company's always got big plans. Guess we'll get more about their next move soon.

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Regulation is important to checkmate bad actors in this space. I'm a regs Marxist and only store my assets on regulated platforms.

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>It's a big move if executed effectively, especially considering the vast market potential
Yeah, but why the delay? This was proposed last year. I'd suggest they also consider listing in a top-tier CEX.

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Are you blind? All these are dumping except manta

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I think so. This is the heart of the crypto market and fintech companies as well. It's a smart move, I must say. They need to work on making that a reality.

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I ain't saying otherwise. I use the debit card often as well in most of my expeditions in Europe..

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I literally have 0 BTC, 80 percent ADA 15 percent SOL. I don't doubt ADA will see a new all time high this run, easy 4x plus whatever people decide is the intrinsic value after the halving

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They recently partnered with with Notabene to implement innovative solutions ensuring compliance with the Crypto Travel Rule.

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Poor choice and distribution. What has Charles said that has made you believe him so much that he will revive Ada? You must be an a$$ hole to believe Ada will do just that.

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Patience is key. Don't worry, anon. If altcoin season starts, all your solid bags will pump. Just make sure there's a reason behind it. Don't buy just because it's a dip; buy for its long-term potential.

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I know that they are very smart with their decision, but let's fix the token. I'm still holding because I believe in the team's ability to do just that.

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>Patience is key. Don't worry, anon. If altcoin season starts

when are we having this?

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I'm still buying from paperhands. This has prospects for long-term growth. Hopefully, the team drops some bullish news soon

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This year is bullrun. Hold and hold your bags

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I bought defrogs erc 404 at 1500 an it dumped hard right after. Os this shit gonna pump or did i just lose all my money?

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Do you think this is possible anytime soon? What I'm counting on is a simple reflection of the general market outlook on it.

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yeah yeah.
100k by eoy seems quite certain.

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You just lost everything. kek

>> No.57603420

They'll operate under Zero Hash's existing regulatory coverage in the US. Let's see how things unfold.

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This is just a temporary hiccup that the team can easily turn around. I'm focusing on increasing my bags at different intervals.

>> No.57603472

If history repeats itself, then we can expect 2024-2025 to be the most profitable year for all of us. I don't have a crystal ball, but we're almost there.

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its definitely a bull trap, probably will pump to 55k then dump right back down to 46k for a while and crab, bleed.

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I know of this pleb. finger crossed

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okay. suite yourself. I don't think I will do that now because I have no funds to spare on the token, but I'm definitely going to hold my position.

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Telegram: DBUYbotcommunity
It’s cozy in here

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Big caps moon first. The mid and low caps

>> No.57603826

Hopefully, that should be the case.

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Let's see

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Accumulated lots of SUPRA during the crowdsale last year. I'm ready for the bullrun.

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look at the btc/alt pairs.

pump incoming. infact dont be surprised daddy bitcoin keeps pumping and we have to wait longer

but the longer we bleed the higher we pump

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>Wake up today
>Buddy sends me a dm
>Check my wallet
>NOVA DAO pumped me into a 5x
>Some large holders sold but chart is steady somehow
This is it, isn't it...

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Honestly this is worst case scenario. I'd even rather it dump more than that than crab at some mid value

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see you at the top faggots

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Wish me luck anons

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yes but you dont want to read the whitepaper then just try the reddit styled demo
mcap 3m

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nothing will replace reddit and 4chan. however, this doesnt mean that there can't be decentralized alternatives built on IPFS, which are more scalable and resistant, in an age of increasing mass censorship.

>> No.57612536

yes like plebbit. i explained its utility in the post above.

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>Sold my Kaspa bags at $0.02
>Didn't listen to Algod to buy $TAO at $70
The only thing I've ever done well is buy and sell $AVAX.
How do you guys like to find and sort alts? Everytime I scroll through CMC or Coingecko there is so much garbage, I don't know where to start.

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Not just DePIN; It's a powerful trio made of Data/AI/DePIN. Extra points to projects that have solid roots in mofe than one of these narratives.

>> No.57614479

You need all the luck you can get because that bag is DOA

>> No.57614507

I have a 1B just in case stack of PEPE

>> No.57614695

How can one project have roots in 2 distinct narratives?

>> No.57614705

Such as?

>> No.57614741

Any good lowish cap coins that holders are rewarded with a % from buys and sells

>> No.57614839

goodluck boi

>> No.57615025

Ocean has deep roots in both Data and AI
Nuklai is coming up strong and has roots in Data, AI and DePIN.
Truth is that decentralized Data platforms have the propensity to fit into a wide variety of narratives.

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PEPE is dead and gone. Get used to that. Lol

>> No.57615372

>Nuklai is coming up strong and has roots in Data, AI and DePIN.
This is really new right? Haven't heard about it before now

>> No.57615463

Two anons with iota. Are you optimistic about the project or are your bags as heavy as mine?

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That shit is going no where

>> No.57615987

Still in its infancy stage. TGE is coming up soon and the beta version of its product is live on Avalanche

>> No.57616637

Why not?

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