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BTC is above 50k. Oldfags knows where the money goes next. Which alts will pump heavily after this?

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This is a fake out jeet. You still gonna get rekt

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I think ETH/Base stuff will pump hard, especially with new ETF announcement. I'm currently balls deep in AVI and making a lot

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250k next

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Not link

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Qanx is the alpha

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i think Base will pump hard too, im just TYBG tho, even tho mochi and toshi for sure gonna pump

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we are so fuckingg back, once $LRD drops this shit is gonna be huge

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the fact that alts are keeping pace only means the etf inflows haven't even started, and positions are still unwinding.

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i love the retarded little gifs they have on the website. they're so entrancing to my zoomer eyes

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Post quantum cryptography and Modular blockchains will be leading this bullrun

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Zksync will outclass all of them

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Yeah. Talk more of its real life utilities as a developer friendly blockchain

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Yeah. Talk more of its several partnerships and utilities

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Hopium not gonna take you anywhere

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the current pump is driven only by the etfs and they cant switch their money in alts. alts wont pumpt before the normies starts to buy end of the year...

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50k is NOT holding strong
we're dipping!!!
should I sell? I was going to sell a bit later...

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KNS and TET, both charts are primed to pump

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Still undervalued despite having burnt one third of its supply not long ago.

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Pre-halving pump and halving dump will follow.
Going along like absolute clockwork.

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Inj and qanx hopium will definitely get me somewhere

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WTF is this?

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It gotta be because it has partnership with MBK Holdings

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QRL is also the alpha because it is also quantum resistant

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Layer zero raised more capital

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Lol you bobos are like Muhammad Ali talking shit while getting boxed up late in his career. It starts to lose any meaning.

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this thread is a huge sell signal

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The main net which is around the corner will make it get to its rightful place.

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Alts not gonna pump? I am at a literal x10 on Superverse right now in just 4 months…

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Buy high and sell low

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yeah it always crashes when people on the mongolian basket weaving forum are happy about a pump. oh wait...no it doesnt lol.

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Ether probably, we have dencun upgrade coming soon and ETF.

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qanplatform gonna also drop to its zealy task participants

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Poorfag. Others are making 1000x

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It also has partnership with Hacken and alpine eSports too

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When Ethereum ETF?

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Librescan, a decentralized blockchain explorer was what piqued my interest

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We are so early

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I'm literally up from my qanx bag too

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I think it'll be a while, companies are just starting to apply for them

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May 23

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I heard it switched from PoR to PoS in its updated roadmap

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Top signal. Kek

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But it doesn't have multi programming language feature pajeet

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Another upgrade from vitalik?

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PoR is still an option but it depends on the community. But for now PoS comes first.

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Closer to the halving

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it will drop the gas fees on L2s by an order of magnitude or two, which will enable a wider variety of use cases to be economical viable...right now gas fees on arbitrum/optimism rollups are somewhere around 7-15 cents.

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This. Layer zero is gonna be a game changer

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Devs gonna love it more because its hyperpolyglot feature

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my bets are on icp ltc doge lcx and qnt
those 5 are only 30% of my folio tho, there is no 2nd best

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In the bull, everything will pump

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Unfortunately, they did that. But the plan is to switch to PoR next year. At least there will be some juicy staking

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After every pump correction coming

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That's actually dope thing for devs

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By approving ETF for ETH it doesn't mean that corporation will ape in Uniswap shitcoins

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I am quite an L1 junky. I expect a lot from Azero, Qanx and Tara

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Pick any past cycle shitcoin focusing on web3 infrastructure and listed on coinbase. Examples: IOTX NKN FIL STORJ BLZ.

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Modular blockchains are doing well even now. I keep my eyes on it for airdrops

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good point. since awareness of the quantum threat rises, and all those big players want to be safu they will look into the qrl and qan

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1860: industrialists vs land owners
1990s: internet companies vs retail companies
2010s: coiners vs nocoiners

which side are you incels on?

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in this cycle RWA and AI will be more hyped

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Fuck you bobo. ATH is around the corner

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I feel my kenis pumping.

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azero and qanx bruh. You are missing glmr there

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Why do you think those alts which are listed on coinbase will pamp more? Usually, alts get pamped before they get listed there.

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I get it, you are a fan of those types of projects, but you must know QRL does not have shit on their chain and they will never get back to old ath. QAN has a use case on its enterprise blockchain. Take a look at Algo too.

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there are many great projects and the whole DeFi infrastructure on ethereum. don't be stupid. do you really think blackrock will not stake stables and ETH? kek

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>alt i'm in doesnt pump at all during this run
>dumps the nanosecond BTC shows any weakness
i make this mistake every single time dude

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Um... Anon?

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INJ has left 5-10x QANX 50-100x
it's a weird comparison

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They are last cycle alts. They will pump again.
Inj can give much more from airdrops.

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Qrl tech is good

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Right here *unzips*

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Yes! STBU and RIO are gonna bring huge gains

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I don't have deep knowledge about it. However, its ATH is from 6 years ago, and in the last bullrun, it didn't move at all. When the whole sector starts with the pump, it will go up for sure, but all the oldfags from there will dump their bags on new buyers. In terms of tech, I still think QAN is better, since they have a few good products and it is more developer-friendly.

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All my money is on quantum resistant blockchains

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I heard it partnered with MBK holdings too and raised $15M from that

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dont give away the scripted twist

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It looks like the next 100X

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I see AI and DePIN being the next big narratives, and that's why I'm considering the likes of Peaqnetwork and Nuklai

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coding in any programming language will sure be a blessing

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Fuck this top thread I'm so rekt

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I dumped LINK for QANX

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I made around 20% this week, my target is 2x for now

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you are all retarded.
there is always liquid ready to move markets - alt markets.
diversify and wait for news

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My attention is also on Nuklai seeing what it's doing with data management

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When should we expect full blown QCT

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I love taking risk, it either 100x or nothing

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Hopefully AI Alphakek since I own some

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Fucked that up completely

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POS is still good, way better than PoW

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So many alts will pick up as we see liquidity flowing into alts. I think xtp would be among them. currently down, but it will bounce back.

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Only the rich go for BTC, degens go for altcoins with good potential

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I think DOGE will break .10 soon and climb over time. DOGE is considered old school and is an entry point for poorfags to get into crypto.

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XRP will lead the next bull run

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IBM already introduced the condor, IMO QCT might happen sooner than expected

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QVM is a game changer, imagine how huge it will be when it on board 20M devs

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That's a wise decision

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I bought some this week, I hope I make it

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Do you think she has gingivitis

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My honest take is that we'll definitely see a dip, from what I gather we had dips after the initial rally in previous cycles. That being said, I don't think I'll be selling any of my portfolio, just waiting it out. I'm hyper optimizing everything in my life, and this doesn't work in finance.
I upped my portfolio by 10k a couple days ago, will do so again in 2-3 weeks, and 2-3 weeks after that. Should hit the bottom at least once with this strategy.
I just want to buy a house after this bullrun. Pray for me anons.

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oof this didn't age well

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Based strategy, godspeed anon

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godspeed anon

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Biggest buy signal right here.

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Altseason may only be for alts with a strong narrative and utility.
As authoritarian censorship increases, the next narrative may be SocialFi or decentralized social medias.
Plebbit could potentially x100 as plebbit is a decentralized p2p social media protocol that is opensource, free to use and scalable.
PLEBBIT has 2 working demos (web client and downloable client) with a reddit and 4chan styled front end but this can be adapted to any other style like discourse.
As plebbit has no https endpoints and instead used ENS for sub or board/usernames, it is more decentralized than federated alternatives which are more complicated.
The plebbit token will only be for tipping and voting on a DAO on development issues so the protocol itself will be 100% free to use.
100% of the token was airdropped on avax in 2022. the mid 2023 it chainswapped to eth where its been in accumulation since june last year.
3.4m mcap
You wont listen though nor will many of this board. See you in 2026 when plebbit gets mass adopted.

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Unironically doge

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This cycle, you won't see any bullshit pumping 100x. Best bet is to find proper coins with relatively low cap like QNT and ALGO

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Too many bag holders waiting to break even and then dump their bags

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ETH is going to $3k in a matter of days

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bless you anon, you will get your house.

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ether has good narrative going on right now, dencun upgrade will lower gas fees by an order of magnitude or two and then we have the etf deadline in may, i don't expect it to dump till then.

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38k top in november

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I'm investing heavily in QANX