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>Wake up
>Check AGRS price
>still pumped
>Go to work
>Check AGRS price during break
>still pumped
>Go back home
>Check AGRS price
>Still pumped
$6 resistance is officially accepted, it's only up from here bros

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I wouldn't go as far as to calling the pump a "resistance", it's more of a biproduct of BTC pumping

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Im still at work frogbros

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can't we go back a couple of dollars in price so i can buy it? six dollars is a bit too much for me

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extremely common ai W

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The $6 pump was much much earlier tho

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Shh shhh don't make this harder than it needs to be, soon link will pump and it will take down all of these shitty ai coins that nobody needs with them.

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go back linkie, go fucking back

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What's with all the recent AGRS fudd by linkies? both projects are not even related, who the fuck cares about your token pumping, im glad for you mate, keep going at it we're discussing something else here

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pathetic dude, pathetic

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you can't seriously be a bobo during a bullrun

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Bait used to be believable

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altcoin bros shouldn't harm eachother during a bullrun my guy

we can all make money the ones you should hate are the fed they are the real problem

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lmao sure, come back again when your decade-old project actually does something useful for once, who knows maybe in 20 years they finally launch KEK

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what the fuck are you even talking about, do you even understand the level of scientific research that its needed for a project of this magnitude to be close to full release? Even then the devs keep going at it full throttle, just last year they completed the NSO language which is huge, seriously you're just a joke pal

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who hurt you