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Seems kinda pointless atm...

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Nothing has any point.
There is no meaning
No purpose.
Know that whatever you do and whoever you are, it all goes to dust.
The honest and deceitful. The rich and the poor. The charismatic and the outcast. Oblivion awaits them all.
Trust me when I say this, life is full of horrors and sufferings, any joy you experience is ephemeral and nullified by the void.
Best to kill self. It is only logical.

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Still better outcome than 98% of /biz/.

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Based intellectually honest and logically consistent atheist.

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Why does it seem pointless, anon? We're going to at least 100k this cycle. It's free money.

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You are a retard being validated by another retard, follow his advice at least.

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I mean, what else are you going to buy?

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no cus btc will only do a 2x or 3x, thats pretty cringe

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If I had less than 100k worth of capital I would not be buying BTC at this point but I'm also a retard
Make of that what you will