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How do I profit off bitcoin as a poorfag?
I mean a real poorfag, not "I only have 400k I'm such a poorfag", I'm talking spending 200 on BTC is a large investment poorfag.

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>French cats

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>How do I profit off bitcoin as a poorfag?
sell handmade bitcoin paraphernalia to moms that will inevitably end up buying the top

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Here op

As a fellow poorfag my advice is this. Risk it to get the biscuit.

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I mean....not a bad idea. Very niche and plenty of zoomershits would buy some BTC couch pillows or some other tacky shit

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Work on increasing your income

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The same as everyone else just on a much smaller scale. A x3 is a x3 regardless if you have .001 btc or 1000. If $200 is a large sum of money to you then $600 will be like a kings ransom. Just buy and hold until you need the money. Just know that it will dump to possibly below your entry point ao if you don't want to hold for years until it's up again then sell during the upcoming bull

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>apply everywhere
>call everywhere
>even walk in
>get some interviews
>no one hires
>don't even get feedback on why

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did you look them in the eye?
firm handshake?

$100-200 is plenty to start buying bitcoin if you buy the real coins and self custody.

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autists have a hard time making eye contact. they get too nervous, I heard.

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What skills do you have that someone else would pay you to do?

I'll go first. I know Javascript. A company pays me every two weeks to write Javascript for them. Now you

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Was applying for jobs in areas I already have experience in
Went to an interview for a warehouse position yesterday, interview went well and...nothing
No phone call back, not even a rejection email

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>I'm talking spending 200 on BTC is a large investment poorfag
$200 is totally fine. Just be sure to spend that $200 on BTC once a week for the next 4-5 years. This is the watered-down version of the method I used to become a millionaire several years ago. I put $500 into BTC and $300 into ETH.

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You'll get a 2x max if you buy bitcoin spot right now lol

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I'm also here for the secret, I think it must be something more than just putting money in my BIGMIKE bag and becoming a millionaire
if that's the case everyone would be rich

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Every poorfag starts out with a few dollars. Make a good investment, triple it, repeat. Do that 10 times in a row and you're a richfag. It's that easy.