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How do I actually become a NEET? I don't care to do anything else in life but sleep and exercise.

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What do I do with the protein powder sitting on my kitchen?

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Use it or lose it.

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Here you go - 21 step plan

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Just pretend you're mentally ill.

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serious questions because i never waged: do part time jobs that are not 'teen jobs' exist?

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Yes they're called temp agency jobs

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Psychiatrists will happily give a doctors decleration(?) for being mentally ill. They're only really interested in the revenue you as a patient brings in. And the more dependent you are the bigger the cheque. Just be sure to never actually take any of their pills because they'll fuck you up and have good insurance so you don't pay out of pocket cause then you might as well wage.

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How are you going to pay for insurance?

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live in a country where it's free

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Insurance can never be free, you're probably just paying it in another form of taxation.

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from the gibs you get

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Look up the numbers. Burgers pay more taxes (per capita) on Healthcare than any European country. That's before counting insurance costs. The American Healthcare system is by far the most inefficient and expensive system in the world

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yeah, wagies pay for the healthcare of neets.

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move to scandinavia. dont even need citizenship and u can get free housing and 2k+ dollars a month in welfare if u are above age 25

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Because the US is subsidizing medical research for the whole world, just like they're subsidizing defense for the whole world. Face it when USA collapses your countries are going to get it worse.

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Just do it, I'll become 29 in about 4 months and have seriously not worked a single day in my life. Granted, I'm mentally scarred for life but sitting at home making chainmail while high on copium searching restlessly for the next big MMORPG while staking LINKies in my stinkies is pretty kino ngl.