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Rate my portfolio please. Been slowly going from the sidelines to entering in

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>66% cash
>already missing phase 1 of the bullrun

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you'd make more money swapping 100% of that for a 2x btc etf

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op is a complete fool for having so much cash left over how is he going to lose it all it's like he doesn't even know how to gamble to be honest i am going to bet that he doesn't even have a massive cock unlike me who has a 20' penis made of pure honey badger flesh

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I agree but I rather just get a relatively safe 5-10x. Obviously can’t put much liquidity in micro caps but I think I might have enough to go heavier on something like FI

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if btc does a 3x from here, you get 6x -> 600k portfolio. Not a chance you would be able to diamond hand those shitcoins like that.

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Jesus Christ, learn to made decisions instead of dicking around between a dozen different shitcoins. You should probably consolidate them all into Kujira or a couple others. Then put all the stables in Bitcoin.

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But btc and it’ll instantly dump to 35k

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2/10. You have over 65% of your money in USD when the party started a while ago. You need to get in and pick your winners.
What I am doing is spreading 80% of my crypto portfolio into big and mid caps, then 20% in shitcoins. Working pretty well so far.

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Do you think it makes sense to turn all the stables to btc or just consolidate into mid caps like INJ. Maybe FI? Ideally I want to hit 7 figures or at least mid 6 figs

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Is there anything you can do with btc besides let it sit in a cold wallet? At least ETH gets money from staking and possible airdrops

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BTC is up from $42,500 to almost $50k right now. I think you screwed up by being in the sidelines but going all-in now isn't the best move. I'd definitely consolidate into mid caps.
As for Fideum it looks kinda scammy but that hasn't stopped some shitcoins. It's a low cap and could explode. Are you OP? If not post portfolio.

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I am OP, just phone posting and thank you. Would you consolidate with the stables or reduce the alts in general? I’m just staking them for airdrops since cosmos ecosystem looks fairly bullish. Besides that I’d only consider AI coins like TAO, FET, ocean. Idk if you have any opinion whether those are scammy or not

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Don't ask /biz/ for advice, they're going to tell you to put it all in link or some bullshit dog coins. Go through all the coins you've bought so far, pick your 3 favs, then consolidate all the alts into those. Then use the stables to be at least 50% BTC/ETH.

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Staking is a meme. 4% annual returns is negligible on an asset with higher daily volatility. Justin Drake, one of the lead eth researchers, doesn't even stake because he thinks it's too much risk.

BTC has one use case it is the best at. Doesn't need anything else.

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Thanks dude. I’ll do that. I think I’ve just been mind fucked by anons saying never to touch btc until a certain level of net worth. Its true it wont make me rich but at least it beats staying in cash or most ETFs

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>no btc
>random shitcoins

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wtf dude btc is retarded go all in on catgirlcoin - it's going to moon and the devs have a plan for a catgirl game that will be like gta and you can drive around in a lambo except it looks like a catgirl and they all look like big tiddy anime ladies and they like to dress in maid outfits but they aren't sluts they're just girls in maid outfits and sometimes they have cat ears but not because they're furries they just like to act like cute little kitties and maybe they purr in my lap but that's it

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I hope none of those portfolio threads are the person entire wealth, you all invest on index funds and bonds...right?

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yeah man let me lock up my capital during a once in a lifetime opportunity for generational wealth so I can earn 5% over a year

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Got 53K in VTI and a paid off car but that’s about it. I’m also not married no kids late 20s so I can risk a lot. Also a stem degree and 5 years exp so I can easily find a job anywhere relatively quickly

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I'd usually agree with you, but my advice is based on what I know of their choices. Won't recommend him any coin because I don't know the future and clearly this space isn't based on logic anyways. If he asks for my portfolio then I can shill lel.

Both. Ideally I would have around 25-10% in stables with your net worth, but was in before the pump.
If you gave me your whole portfolio right now my move would be to consolidate all of your coins into my top 3-4 coins, use around 10% of the stables to move into 1-3 unpumped midcaps you like and another 5% in ETH to be ready to buy a shitcoin I like (Aviator before the pump would be a clear example).
In your case that'd look something like:

Big caps (1-25) + USD:
USDC 50%
Inj 5%
Cosmos 5%
ETH 5% (To use in shitcoins later on)

Mid caps:
Dymension 10%
Osmosis 5%
Sei 5%

low caps:
Fideum 5%

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Forgot to note that there's 10% left for you to use at will. I removed Celestia but you could love it, so put that spare in it. You get the idea

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How do you buy a 2x BTC ETF?

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you are legit losing brain cells as we speak"

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Most brokerages offer BITX. An underappreciated benefit of using tradfi for crypto exposure is that tax documents are infinitely easier.

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>Got 53K in VTI
Are you not trying to reach the 100k goal? At that point you will be able to fully focus on your active investing since the coumpounding will already make the passive portfolio work by itself.

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i don't even know what 4chan is bro that place is a neckbeard den and is full of degenerates there are so many better communities and i'd never stoop as low as going to 4chan also what's this tax thing you're talking about is that some kind of bullshit government thing i only take my finance advice from /biz/ and all the cool dudes on there also i have a humungous cock

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Thank you for the detailed breakdown. Makes a lot of sense. Would you eventually use that 50% usdc to buy mid caps within good entries or would you stay at 50% indefinitely? I would think if we crab or dump before the halving it might be a good opportunity to get in a decent position

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>The fund does not invest directly in bitcoin. Instead, the Fund seeks to benefit from increases in the price of Bitcoin Futures Contracts for a single day.

Will this shit actually outperform real Bitcoin?

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What’s the $100k goal? My ultimate goal is 3-5M. Probably wouldn’t quit working since it’s already chill enough from home but obviously not even worth it if I’m worth $3M+

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I am hoping to become a millionaire this cycle so I can't really avoid thinking about taxes

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There is decay during crab markets, like with all leveraged etfs. It outperforms during bull markets but not a perfect 2x of course. Should be good for the next year or so at least.

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It's Charlie Munger theory on how everybody should get 100k dollars as soon as they can no matter what and put it in safe but profitable investments(in this case index funds)

The logic is that after that you will already be 100% sure you will retire as a wealthy man after 30-40 years no matter what happens as long as you don't use leverage and end up full of debts, even if you fuck up in everything else you will still be a sucess story in the end.

It's 100k rather than 1million because is an advice to middle class and poor people, if you got a good job or business and can reach 1 million or even 10 million you absolutely should as fast as you can.

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95% of my net worth outside of my house is on crypto, so yes, I'd ideally have most of it invested. Just pick the ones you like and ride the wave, taking profits or setting up failsafes along the way if you are risk adverse. You seem to have your picks, it should be easy to pick one from then.
What worked for me last bullrun is to have limit sell orders on coins that I didn't really believe in at 10-15% below their current value, once I was up significantly. I bought Origin Protocol because someone shilled it and it hadn't pump yet and made +50% profit in less than a week because I wasn't greedy. Good luck!

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>BTC has one use case it is the best at. Doesn't need anything else.
buy high, sell low?

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More like self-custody in a neutral, globally accessible asset with billions in liquidity. BTC is arguably the only financial schelling point in the world.

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sidelines ass nigga lmao

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>that much cash
lmao retard