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From the future here.

Everyone is wrong, top of the bull market will be $666k in Q4 2025.

It will crash in 2026 to 120k then next bull run post WWIII will take it to 5 million in Q1 of 2030. Bitcoin never becomes a real currency, governments issue paper backed by bitcoin though.

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>paper backed bitcoin
As if. If bitcoin hits anyhwere above 100k it's full on cbdc. cash will be as scarce as the 21 million club. Cash will unironically quadruple in value within 10 years outperforming inflation because of cbdcs. you ain't seen nothing yet.

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200 k is 4trillion dollarinos.
For 2025 was right.
666k in 2030 or 2034...is 12 trillion....cap of gold mate

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what else happens in the future

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the s&p 500 is at 42 trillion, btc getting to 1/10th of that is totally doable as it proves consistency across cycles and resilience against a recession

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Nukes are fake news. 1 km blast radius, the radiation is evaporated so you don't get cancer. Whatever.

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>governments issue paper backed by bitcoin
name 1 (one) incentive any government would have to back its currency when people already accept currency backed by nothing

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NVDA 1.6 T