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good job team

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Imagine not buying BIDEN at 70k mcap

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This little stunt earned my vote

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I'm voting for him this year

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ridin with biden

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Elections in usa is rigged.
2020 have demonstred this.
Your vote doesn't utile.

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>elections is rigged
>doesn't utile
ok ranjesh

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What did he mean by this?

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I think he meant to say that it's useless

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That dude can't even remember what day it is let alone know what a bitcoin is. This was done by one of the people that run his account. You suckers fall for anything and are about to get dumped on.

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Yeah, hate to admit it but I’m voting four more years sniffing ice cream and licking kids.

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>Crypto laser eyes
>Talk shits neranyahu

I'm officially with BASED BIDEN. fuck yamaka drumpf

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>second largest donor to biden's campaign is sbf
>biggest scammer in crypto funded biden with stolen funds
>appoints gensler as head of sec
>persecutes crypto relentlessly for the majority of his presidency
>posts laser eyes jpeg on x dot com
nubiz is disgusting

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I'm in Europe
Your country is under zog more of EU

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I mean, he’s not wrong for an unarticulated jeet. It’s more so we vote on how we liked to be fucked in America. Do you want it soft and telling you sweat lies or hard and while calling you a faggot.

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Give me sweat lies sweaty

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India and usa two lands of jewscocksucker.
I m european pride

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You Russians really do shill here huh? We know about the kikes, we hate them too. We are also completely powerless here besides making enough money to live in the woods away from other retards. If you invade, take Washington D.C., California, and New York too. Just fuck off back to your frozen swamp afterwards, you can even keep Alaska.

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I know name of my ancestor.
You no

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True. Never vote.

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good CPI tmr and support uncle joe.

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Election rigged.
Trump was right

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>2020 have demonstred this.
No. Please stay in your thirdie shithole, pajeet/sirgay.

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They don't need to do that because sheep are easily manipulated

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Believe it or not, I actually do Vlad.

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It's just glowniggers wasting your tax dollars.

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Bitcoin was part of their plan all along. Anyone who thinks this ISN'T a subtle reference to Bitcoin is retarded.

It became evident that the financial system is on its last legs when SVB bank collapsed a year ago. Everything up until this point has been stalling until institutions have safely migrated to Bitcoin. Then they let it crumble while migrating everything to the new system (slowly, so normies don't riot). If you're not getting in now, I don't know what to tell you. Good luck.

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Based Biden economy. Can’t wait to see the trumpcuck seethe again.

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Im ethnic Europe.
Fuck zion
Fuck Israel
Fuck refugees.
Fuck Russia allied with Us in 1945.
Fuck ukraine.

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the election doesn't need to be rigged, since the process to become a viable candidate is. As long as you do what weapons contractors, bankers, wall street, insurance companies want, they don't care about party affiliation. America is a one-party system, but in typical American excess it has two of them.

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Whit USA.

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But in 2020 Trump more ballottaggio in swing state robbed by counter vote

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You don’t like fucking with them though? We should threaten to post the ayy.

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I think NATO should ban Ukraine from ever joining and see what happens. It could end a war and save thousands of lives or it might not. Isn't it worth it to try? Ask yourself why you might be opposed to doing that. Maybe you're not as righteousness as you think.

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>understood Mr Bog, I won't let you down
Where were you when dark brandon owned the jews by bamboozling them? I hope dark brandon fires a gun on 5th Ave and hits a random running mate

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low IQ
low IQ

Stupid fucking glowies. Either that are limp wristed faggots

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I literally have no power to do so nor care. My country is falling apart and looks like yours did at the collapse of the Soviet Union. I’m gambling on shitcoins in hopes to buy a dream that was promised to my ancestors that now costs a small fortune. I’m over educated, under paid, working three jobs to make ends meet. I don’t care for dying in some frozen swamp for some ideals like fag rights. I wish the best of luck Comrade, I just don’t want any part of it as a normal American citizen. Sorry my government and its glowies are a bunch of annoying niggers and faggots. We hate the too.

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Nato is controlled by USA..
EU couted zero.
USA have interest of division eu/Russia..
EU + Russia is super Power

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Europoors need to demand better from NATO. I'm American, if it matters. Change will come.

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>autistic retard doesn't know
Yeah I think I'm riden with biden this year, democrats know how to make jokes

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Nah check stocks and everything alsdo we had Momentum but i guess it helped
Btw red really is the colour that gets the blood boiling, it beeing the colour of blood which happens at fights and is our natural food makes it having strong emotions on us

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How many times do I have to say it for you drumpy magatcel chuds get it! BIDENS BUILDING BACK BETTER

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>fuck ukraine

Curious about what part of europe you are from. Would you fuck your own country if russia invaded it?

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Posting redpills makes them have to do through de-raticalization training.

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He's just trolling, fren. He's not really from Europe. It's okay, though. We are at peace with it all.

Trump 2024

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This nigga Joe really pumped my bags the hood behind him no cap

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Can confirm, I'm constantly making jannies earn their check with my redpills and being based

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We pumped because the CPI tomorrow has a good forecast.

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>the soft landing was achieved goy
>meanwhile in reality

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Russia have send oil under cost for 20 year in western country.
20 year.
If Russia Want eastern ukraine, Simply not our problem.
Russia invading west EU. Benvenuti!!!! Lol

Trump is right.
If no send billions to nato is ok for EU.
European industry of army was developing and nato transformer in european army.

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Voi ucraini siete malati
Vi hanno fatto il lavaggio del cervello.
L' holomodor lo hanno fatto gli ebrei non i russi, coglioni.
Smetti di morire x (((zelenski)))

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under biden, politics have become boring again. as they should be, energy is going into debates, not twitter shitposts

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As if he’ll be able to stand for the debates. BIGMIKE will be ushered in by may-june

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If this guy makes me rich before he dies I'll vote for him

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>Stock market absolutely rippin
Looks like I'm ridin with Biden boys

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Trump is a pedophile.

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What did he mean by this?