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Mumus are getting REKT.

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you are gay and black and will never get into heaven

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I sometimes like to imagine what this board would be like without jeets and people posting 50 smug cartoon bear threads at a time.

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everyone is longing the top, let's see how this goes

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How's that 12k limit order? Getting a bit lonely down there?

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Shorts are getting desperate so they resort to spam the board (with absolutely inconsequential results). Soon the spam will fade away as we break ATH

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biz the last 2 years:

>heh, 25k rejected, bulls rekt
>heh, 30k rejected, bulls rekt
>heh, 35k rejected, bulls rekt
>heh, 40k rejected, bulls rekt
>heh, 45k rejected, bulls rekt
>heh, 50k rejected, bulls rekt

Do you ever just get tired of perma-fumbling the bag?

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Bitcoin is literally pumping now. Touched 50k and rejected. I want to see about the other alt coins reaction like Super, INJ, Manta etc.

They supposed to follow the bitcoin moveoment tho.

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I know how it's going to end manta

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bitcoin is going to 100k

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>BTC pumps
>alts dumps


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They probably gonna dump, why