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What was the worst trade you've ever made?

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My freedom for security

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Back when I was into shitcoins?


I’m sure there was a few others. This was back in 2017 when you could throw money into anything and it would grow.

Since then all I hold is Bitcoin and the mining stocks. 0 alt and 0 shitcoins

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>$300 for a happy ending
Being drunk and horny is a terrible combo

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3 years of my life, energy, commitment and thousands of dollars for semi regular access to a few warm holes attached to an intolerable drama queen i ended up dumping

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bought one of those shitcoin "Seignorage" algorithmic stablecoins that used to be a thing during and after the defi summer for a while for insane APY.
even worse i was retardedly new to crypto and didn't even know it was a stablecoin and so bought it for $2.5 kek so obviously it went down and shortly after it lost its peg.
lost a grand and a half but atleast i had the good sense to sell once i realised it fucked kek

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Sold Frencoin at a 15% profit back in october, and it went x100 in november last year

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Selling my entire 2018 LINK stack when we mooned to $1.50

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I longed during the crash in november and lost 5 figs from that

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Every time I buy xrp is the new worst trade I have ever made