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Is your portfolio worth more or less than your 2021 peak?

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less because i hodl rose

probz gonna kys myself soon

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Slightly less, but I bought a house and a yacht since then.... And a range rover.
Feels like we are doing okay, but i still make sandwiches for work, and yes i still worry about money.

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Peaked around 200k in November 2021, now I'm at 280k as of an hour ago. Slurpchads always win.

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went from 300k in nov 2021 to over 1.3m now

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ok tranny

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Of course you worry about money, you bought a yacht like a retard

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Lmao, all no-yachts say this. This is actually my second one.
Yachts are awesome, and not as expensive as people think.
The only real trouble i have had was selling the first one.
Get onboard anon.