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Then we pumped lmaoo

Shorted 15k more link and added usd based collateral lmao

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so this leech will just be a leech forever?

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>now that this coin dumped 85% and went sideways for 18 months and finally broke out with nothing but good news I'll be shorting

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I did explain.
He removed eth collateral and replaced with with USD collateral then borrowed 15k more link and shorted.

His liquidation is now $27, a 35% pump away.

A few days ago he shat himself and turned an entierly btc based collateral to mostly eth, as he thought link would dump against eth.
Now he reversed and turned it into a large usd based position because hes scared. He is also confident of btc crashing hard and taking link down on usd.

Guy is absolutely fucked no matter what. Hes fot a mix of collateral now but he increased the short. This is desperate behaviour. There really is little chance of link hitting a price that he breaks even(I believe it was $9, but he has mixed collateral around so much it probable he cant break even there either now

Only 3-4 weeks ago he could have closed at $12.59, with minimal loss the but the nigger is greedy

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did he?

Tonight might be the night boys

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so sad honestly. were seeing some random texan lawyer destroy his life thanks to link fudders. it didnt have to be this way. he could have long a few ten thousand link instead of adding on to his position. silly...

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hes accumulating. He will have to buy that link at higher price, but will get link in bulk. We have been over this many times... Probably the same person or group of people who bought 80m worth of link from exchanges. This is just extra. They know the price will go up

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He JUST shorted 5k more LINK.
Degenerate to the end

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probably not the only address that is shorting link.

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Retard. You can buy 95k link with a market order on binance right now with minimal slippage. With limit orders no slippage purchase without moving the price within an hour.

His position is nowhere near that level. You dont understand what are talking about.

He’s just a degenerate gambler who found infonite money glitch shorting link at $8-9 in the 1.5 year range and got btfo when it broke out.

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It is possible that we could be dealing with a retarded person

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>Buying for 30% over spot by liquidating yourself

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oh, ok. That has happend in the past though.

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Yes I am agreeing with you.
It's hard to believe that someone with this amount of money wouldn't know how to use aave
But we cannot discount this possibility
I just can't fathom the last 5k he just did right now

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token not needed

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>were seeing some random texan lawyer

Where are you getting that from? How would anyone know who this person is?

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He’s shorting BTC indirectly. He is thinking BTC is gonna correct at any second, bringing Link usd value down with it, and also hoping the sat value will go down which will drop the usd value even more.

Hes so desperate atm.

What keeps happening is he does this, and a couple days or so later he ends up right, market moves a little in his direction. Then link pumps a few days later and puts him back in the same spot again, and then he does the same shit again rinse and repeat. Closer to liquidation every time, and the activity brings his liquidation closer each time.

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He tagged his wallets on some gay website

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Health factor was 1.04. He shat his pants and just added $150k of dai collateral.
This man is throwing every cent he has at this position lol.

Hes working overtime to unwind all his other positions it seems and send anything he can scrape together to this position

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So some guy publicly tagged his wallets that are doing this on Twitter etc?

Why is the real question?

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He's one of us with the "BTC DUMP ANY MINUTE BOYS" trades

While I have to laugh, I do think $48k is unsustainable. He will probably get a chance to break free within a couple weeks

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>break free
do you really think that's what he's going to do?
When the price crashes and he narrowly avoids liquidation this degenrate retard is going to say "s-see? I was right haha...", and repeat the same mistake next time LINK breaks out for real.

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oh fuck nevermind, it's crossed $20. oh my stars what was this retard thinking

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BTC is printing a megaphone pattern.

This means the top is likely 52k or so.
Then it could crash to 36k or so, the other boundary.
It could also break out, as another possibility. This would bring us to ATH levels over the next months imo, before a quite extraordinary crash down to 35-40k, and a slow pump back to ATH and beyond.

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It's something to do with an investing program to teach Blockchain to the students

I have no idea how shorting link fits into the mission statement

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Lets hope he wasn't posting trades to his following or whatever and getting them rekt.

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different guy from the investing program.

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>It could also break out, as another possibility.
With the ETFs bringing capital into crypto, I would think this is possible.

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I'm curious why this guy didn't long instead when we broke out of the accumulation range, he made good money I assume during that time and now we has lost some during this run up, baka my head.

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Im not forecasting. Just the possibilities i see.
It doesn’t need to go back down to 35k and touch the megaphone boundary even if it corrects at 52k. It might though.

ATH is a big resistance this time. It failed to break it twice. 40% or more corrections are very normal in bull trends too and we’ve get to have one. I was not expecting on yet, but from now on i think its time to be ready for one. If the megaphone breaks to ath over next months i do think ath will be a strong candidate for a strong correction

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1.03 health rate

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You can feel his panic. He just sold 2.5btc, bought eth with it, and provided more ETH collateral instead.

This guy is acting really irrationally now, changing his collateral around every couple hours, essentially changing what he is shorting link against ever so slightly.

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hes gonna get fugged

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He’s consolidated the position back to mostly short against Eth and btc again, instead of USD.

What the hell is going on. He’s totally flippant. He’s gone from confidence in BTC crashing to scared its going t rip up again all in a few hours

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He is running out of money and is staring down the barrel of a shotgun. Time is almost up.

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What is this retards endgame?

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nevermind found it.

Kek he took the link fud to heart. He will be wiped out very soon.

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I refuse to believe people like this actually exist, let alone someone with actual money

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>hold the line marines! we are headed to battle with le epic link shorter who will surely get btfo!
yeah not falling for this shit again

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So from what I gathered:

- "TexasBlockchain" was founded by a group of students, who are actually still studying https://www.texasblockchain.org/
- Among others, they run an "investment fund", where they https://www.texasblockchain.org/investment-fund
- This fund was funded by VC with 25 ETH (Assuming ETH at $2k this was about $500k) by those guys https://ww.collabcurrency.com/#team
- The investment fund of Texas Blockchain for the last years made money by shorting LINK relative to BTC, which was very successful while it went now
- Now trade is starting to wind up

Seems that they're still at about break-even, with a net position of ~$650k. Once breakout happens and they start going into actual losses (at net worth around ~$400k-500k for sure), things will get interesting.

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I don't get it. How do you know he's shorting? All I see is that he collateralized other assets to borrow link. How to confirm he shorted this link rather than holding it?

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> This fund was funded by VC with 25 ETH (Assuming ETH at $2k this was about $500k)

mea culpa - their seed investment was only $50k. They're still massively up at $600k. LINK shorting made them rich lmao

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>about to get liquidated
Pick one

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it's not them apparently.

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if he was longing he would have posted collateral and used it to borrow usdt to BUY link. you can't long by borrowing link. if you borrow and asset you are shorting it. borrowing usdt and using it to buy link is essentially shorting usdt against link. get it?

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Yeah I joined the discord and there's Zero indication it's same group.

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It's not them. In the original threads further digging was done it was found to be some lawyer in Texas.

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I still don't get it. Thar just means usdt is transaction middleman. What's the difference between posting collateral to borrow link, link value goes up, then you sell the link and pay interest with your profits vs borrow usdt to buy link, link goes up, sell link then pay interest on your usdt borrowed with your link profits...?

Isn't 99% of options posting collateral to borrow the asset you want. Then that asset goes up, you sell it, and use part of profits to pay back interest on your borrowing?

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>there are still retarded newfags like this around
is this really the bullrun frens? This redditard is making me doubt

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This. But it was funnier when it was assumed to be that jeet Savindu.

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Heard of startups?

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I'm well aware I'm a retard. Its why I never touched options in my history. You know what's the funniest thing? I'm 2 mil networth 16k link holder bought 10k link at 30 cents. Really makes you wonder..

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>lent 100k usdt
>borrow $90k link at 1.111 health ratio
>sell those link to get 90k usdt
>lent 90k usdt
>borrow $81k link at 1.111 health ratio
>sell those link to get 81k usdt
>lent 81k usdt
>borrow $72.9k link at 1.111 health ratio
>sell those link to get 72.9k usdt
and you would arrive at lending 200k usdt and borrow 200k link at your debank portfolio

Now if link went up 11% you lost it all


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kek based
to break it down, to short on Aave, you borrow an asset and instantly sell it (since you think price will go down, that way when the price has crashed you can rebuy for cheaper, pay off the loan and keep the extra cash you still have)

conversely to long you just borrow usdt, buy the asset on the market, then sell at a higher price and pay off the loan in usdt, pocketing the profit


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lol you wrote a big paragraph that basically just says I’m a dumbass. KYS.
Even mouth breathers found themselves in the right place at the right time sometimes. Life is a bitch.

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someone doesn't borrow an asset to long it, they borrow or use other assets and sell them for the asset they want to long

when you borrow 10 LINK, you're on the hook to pay back 10 LINK. it doesnt matter what the price of LINK is, you owe 10 LINK. with that in mind, if he was borrowing LINK to hold it, and link then went up in price, what would happen to his loan? he would still owe 10 LINK, the exact same amount he originally borrowed, and so he wouldn't actually make any profit.

the way this works and how someone makes profit from borrowing is: someone borrows LINK, then immediately sells it for another asset (aka USD). what they are expecting or hoping to happen is that the price of LINK will go down, so that when they eventually pay back the LINK they're on the hook for, they won't have to spend all of the USD they originally sold their LINK for. and so they make a profit from LINK falling in price.

if someone was borrowing to long LINK, youd see the user borrow USD or another asset, trade it for the asset they expect to rise in price (LINK), and then use that new asset as collateral for their loan.

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Care to explain why you would lie on the internet?

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perfect example of the link holder iq graph, you are on the left of it.

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Got it thank you!

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Theyre actually in profit preemptively because.. LINK will go to $10 sorry Anon

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Yes this helps ty. I learned shorting as you basically sell the asset at that moment, with a promise to buy it at a latter date plus interest. It was hard for my brain to connect this long winded way of explaining it to the term "borrow" but you connected the two nicely here ty

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so it was that indian guy all along? he's false flagging that it's a texan lawyer

>> No.57570689

I wouldn't be surprised desu
someone was being very persistent about it not being him and I see no reason why

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He is definitely trading more like a panicking indian than a white man.

>> No.57570721

nah I just checked the archives it's the lawyer

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we should do a 1 post per word email thread to the lawyer after he's liquidated to cheer him up

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Oh no no no, Ramesh you really gone done it now

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lol typical retard fuddie. Chris Baron owns you forever

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so this explains why link's price is going up right now. MM are chasing his money

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how does he still have capital to add for fucks sake

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losing on this short is pennies compared to how much money they already made. they won and you didnt, sorry retard

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I'm long until he gets liquidated since that'll he the top and then back to the 8 dollar range for a few more years

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He’s probably doing the equivalent of looking down the side of a couch for change with his various wallets and exchange accounts to save this.

He’s liquidated if link pumps another 10%. No idea how he is so confident it will suddenly stop when it is in mid break out. Just throwing good money at a doomed position.

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I wish it was that easy to find a top. His 95k link is fuck all. Will barely make the price move when Hes liquidated

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Nah, nobody is manipulating LINK's price by this much to chase a few million dollars in shorts. The volume and liquidity is way too high to do something like that. This guy is just a fucking idiot that doesn't recognize a breakout when he sees one.

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This thread is a great summation of how big of losers/incels most of biz is

Even after being shown concrete evidence its not a group of college kids, you still have faggots doubling down because huhhhh huhhhhh le heckin pajeet r right guys??

Youve been praying for this guys liquidation for some time now. Doing all of the cringe cultholder cryptic warnings. And then per usual it just doesnt happen. In some way it mirrors youre delsusional fantasy with Link.

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>pumping your own bags preemptively
Wow genius

>> No.57571955

t. Savindu

>> No.57572011

Here’s a real question-
Why would you want to long via shorting by borrowing a stable, selling it for the asset you are longing?
Aren’t the loans over collateralized? So you can’t borrow more than you put down.. AND you have to pay interest? Isn’t it better to just buy the asset straight up?
I understand if you could borrow more than you put down then it could end up making sense, OR if you borrow a non stable you expect to go down while the one you buy goes up.

>> No.57572031

Love how you shizos care if some rando gets liquidated, your own bags are still underwater.

>> No.57572061

You can stack loans, at greater risk of liquidation. After buying the asset you want to long, you can put it down as more collateral to borrow more stables and repeat. See the info here, you can leverage trade at 4-5x effectively: https://github.com/LeverEdge-Labs/aave-leverage

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>your own bags are still underwater
this is my buy in Ranjath

>> No.57572112

>TA in a bull run

>> No.57572155

There’s a guy on xitter that posts TA every morning that’s been pretty spot on.
AVE or something like that.

>> No.57572255

who izzit?

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Shut the fuck up faggot

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We really need some keywords and a thread series name for TexasBlockchain


check on warosu with either of these keywords to find some anon lambasting other anons for going for the wrong kid, the indian kid.

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In the arena

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there's still no evidence it is a texas lawyer. the pajeet is the one posting in these threads desperately trying to false flag that it's some white guy. but meanwhile, this guy is trading wildly just like a pajeet who is in over his head.

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In the arena

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wow so this is the intellect of nubiz

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hitting the short button on binance doesnt just magically create a position where money out of the skies descends on you when the price goes down
all shorting behind the screens involve collateral to borrow something
learn how a market function before ever coming back
your post is on the level of the guy not realizing that if you sell penny stocks there has to be a buyer or no transaction

anyways to the topic at hand, we all grew up in the fud we fully breath it now, at most losing a 4 figure number on babies first short way back in the day
but stuff like this is what happens when normies enter with their boomer monies right now, they are gonna get ripped apart for actually believing the fud
so everyone here always asks but why does adem does it the pool filled in hours and no one on biz sells
we arent the target retard boomers like the lawyer are, and the fudders are highly successful at their craft here as demonstrated

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top jej

>> No.57572935

sloppy job savindu

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The butcher of /biz/ (pic related) successfully shorted link from the top and made millions, he took money directly out of linkcels pockets and even when nexo went down he scored a clean getaway. He made somewhere $3m-10m
Say something nice about him.

>> No.57573204

???? did you miss the part where he's down $2m dollars on his position

>> No.57573298

>except apparently he got away with it
>it’s an abstract feel
Ari when are those contracts going live

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I'm calling it now. CCIP GA drops this week and the pump terminates this goon with extreme prejudice.

>> No.57573834

crime pays
I expect to see him in a cushy position in Bulgarian politics soon kek

>> No.57573842

How do You know

>> No.57573851

it's called wish fulfilment


>> No.57573889

WAGMI 81K EOY okay

>> No.57574010

Chainlink never ever pumps on announcements. Sometimes it pumps based on insider info of those announcements. CCIP GA could be dropping this week but that will mark the local top.

>> No.57574077


because some larp said so on kazachstanian basket veawing forum?

>> No.57574084

>how do you know
Who said I knew? I said it could be releasing this week based on the fact that we are abnormally pumping.

>> No.57574098

This, but actually. Staking 0.1 and 0.2 didn't pump, CCIP early mainnet didn't pump, Automation and Functions didn't pump. It was shit like Google blog, Coinbase listing, SmartCon 1 hype

>> No.57574104

You are 100% right, it's not typically product releases. You also missed whitepaper 2.0, we saw a really good pump in the days leading up to that.

>> No.57574165

he keeps track of a handful of things and link is one of them.
I've only been following him for a couple months, but he seems pretty smart

>> No.57574257

Go back to twitter, faggot

>> No.57574276

Twitter is actually way better

>> No.57574450

that date, that psyoped propaganda
lookonchain was 100% guaranteed to run that story at that exact date to trick as many retards as possible into shorting or swinging the very moment the previous year and a half trend broke
there is just no way cohencidences like this happen by accident

>> No.57574481

Google/Coinbase pump was actually part of mainnet pump, an actual product release. Google/Coinbase pushed it to 5 dollars but it maintained the mainnet pump which took it from 60 cents to over a dollar, previous cycle high. If something similar happened with CCIP GA, you could see it maintain a pump over 50 dollars, the previous cycle high.

>> No.57575219

I’m on the left too I let all you big brains do the thinking for me god bless you.

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you are so right i should trust you completely 4chan has clearly proven to be a place where people can think critically and for themselves if you say buying shib is a good bet that means i should mortgage my house and go all in on this token i mean why would a community that spends all of its time calling each other racial slurs and making misogynistic jokes ever steer me wrong my huge cock thanks you

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Remember the 2020 link short squeeze? That was epic.

How do we know this guy isn't just staking this link though? The interest is lower than the staking APR.

>> No.57575272

because you can look on chain and see that he sold it newfag

>> No.57575273

okay this is degenerate gambler behavior
a couple threads ago I thought "eh maybe hes hedging" but usually when someone hedges a net long position theyve already calculated the payoff beforehand and they dont fret about the short position
it ultimately doesnt have any impact because its a relatively small position in the grand scheme of things, but its funny to watch

>> No.57575285 [DELETED] 

If you are out there reading this, close it NOW, you idiot.

>> No.57575297 [DELETED] 

I predict we hit ATH within 1-2 weeks. That's how fast we're about to move.

>> No.57575325

OP should have posted the address then. I'm not reading 120 comments because some baby dolphin is getting his small short liquidated. Anyone who has been here since 2019 has larger positions than this.

>> No.57575337

this has been going on for some time, there have been threads every week about this guy. MOMMY OP DIDNT SPOONFEED ME.
heres his address you fucking faggot

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im tempted to go on long leverage using 450k total net worth to help fuck this guy over

>> No.57575551

its buying spot which moves the price, not perps
perps just track spot
just buy spot

>> No.57575602

>that screencap
top kek

>> No.57575963

We are getting to 27 dollars then crashing back down to 15 and crabbing a round 14 - 19dollars for the year

Then late 2024 or early 2024 a nice 10x

Link to 140 at best this cycle. Thanks becusse we all know Sergey will dump enough to get through the next bear market where link will see lows of 15 dollars

>> No.57576052

maybe its short hedge

>> No.57576230

Yo dis nigga about to lose all his money!!!

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sir 1 hr 32 mins ago he borrowed 5k more linked, swapped it for eth, and deposited back as collateral. he must be smart to do something like that

>> No.57576270

>link is pumping again!
>quick! short more link!
This is too entertaining.

>> No.57576369

he is probably the one desperately supressing the price too but its gonna blow past his indian ass

>> No.57576435

I won't ever do another wallet analysis of Chainlink shorters in my life to help Sirgay.
Next time I will short together with them.

>> No.57576442

This Stinky Linky bout to get his ass torn

>> No.57576699

His liquidation point is $22.5 now.
All that does is ensure rapid liquidation before that if eth dumps against btc while link pumps or holds…

>> No.57576741

Zero creativity there making the obvious npc reddit zero thought comeback. Classic modern day biz. Id say you’re better than that, but you aint

>> No.57576808

Are you retarded…we went over this last week buddy. Can you read? Do you know what waruso is?

Nubiz reminds me of liberals at this point. Sad to see it go down the gutter like this

>> No.57576839


Its the same mindset as link fudfags.
They attach to some idea or narrative and then become basically retarded. They create all kinds of conspiracy to keep themselves attached to it in the face of evidence against it or whatever.

>> No.57576844

Are you Indian? My condolences

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File: 1.37 MB, 1200x675, 1707460531500358.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what if its an indian that immigrated to texas for law school but instead of going back he settled down?

>> No.57577116

He wants to end this quickly!
He can't sleep anymore because of the stress and hopes one quick liquidation will finally free him from his suffering.

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>> No.57577363


Thanks for making these threads.

How much $ do you estimate he’s made over the years and now lost given price action?

>> No.57577547

Its hard to say without really digging back his transactions. We can say for sure at least $1mm was made from him shorting $8 repeatedly in that 2 year range.

If he closed now probably his profits would be 0 or 4 figs at most

>> No.57577909

I hope we don't local top before Autumn, but that's probably wishful

>> No.57577923

Making that much over and over from shorting LINK must really condition the mind to not believe the alternative is possible

>> No.57577941

dieser zug endet dort

>> No.57578376

He will give back all his profits in the end in one trade like the gambler he is.

>> No.57578408

sounds too good to be true for me. i tihnk he'll survive and end up doing ok.

>> No.57578429


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>tfw longed Link all the way from $5
>2.4 health factor
Feeling good, man

>> No.57578568

>nobody mentions jeets
>jeet comes in to cope and seethe over the fact he was born a dravidian

>> No.57578802

>AND you have to pay interest
Aave isnt a bank retard

>> No.57579169
File: 3 KB, 125x124, 1703640602080760s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sold that crap and went all in on XTP, ETH, and Metis. Big brain play, Anon, expecting some sick long-term gains.

>> No.57579183

Anon, it's a dumb move to spill my stash on X. All my goodies are snugly tucked away with Tap Fintech for that sweet peace of mind.

>> No.57579397

Typical /biz/tard.

>> No.57579410

this is how its still possible savindu is the shorter

>> No.57579428

>5am in texas
perfect time for a pump

>> No.57579546


>> No.57579559

Based, cuck baggies are seething

>> No.57579729

This dude needs to learn to never bet against me again

>> No.57579747

Anon please read some investopedia about leverage

>> No.57579858

Damn not bad marine

>> No.57580137

For the last time, CCIP General Access isn't going to move the needle. It's Xapps USING CCIP that will drive the price up. Wait for the successor of DeFi Summer 2020. That or if the bank's equivalent of CCIP takes off and it drives the token usage up.

>> No.57580242

He just borrowed another 250 linkies to make it an even 100,000 LINK

>> No.57580285

kill yourself you subhuman wage slave

>> No.57580294

go back to the warosu archives and read up on the address. We went over this, we thought it was an indian kid but it turned out it was the texas lawyer. We found both of their twitter accounts from the exploration.

>> No.57580307

t. Savindu

>> No.57580369 [DELETED] 
File: 119 KB, 1161x824, cox.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

reminder this is the guy behind the address

>> No.57580393

hate to break it to you buddy, but not everyone that disagrees with retarded biz conspiracies is Indian. You need better material

we don't have upvotes here faggot

ok retards for the 15th time now, here is the link for you: >>/biz/thread/56612956

Yes apparently I have to do your homework for you now. Now it's your turn, show me any shred of evidence it's a group of University kids that someone just randomly gave $500k to start a fund.

Let me guess, your research consisted of typing "Texas Blockchain" in google and going to the school's website. Look at you making a connection like that, good boy!

>> No.57580400

finally someone else with a brain

>> No.57580408

You are awfully desperate to prove it's not you, Savindu, but yet you are here on this very forum, the one who fed you FUD which caused you to short Link in the first place. This Texan guy meanwhile barely knows how to operate a computer.

>> No.57580416

t. Savindu on his cell phone samefagging

>> No.57580447
File: 180 KB, 1161x824, link shorter censored.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.57580484

Funny that both Savindu is here desperately trying to clear his name, and the lawyer shorter, desperately reporting the DOX.

>> No.57580514

Very possible it's linked. The lawyer is who funded savindu to do his trades. its why theyre both here

>> No.57580533

is there a possiblity he's doing it on behalf of a client?

>> No.57580580

I think the Indian guy is doing his trades. Fits the demographic more of someone who browses /biz/

>> No.57580680

this guy could just make tons of money longing link lmao

>> No.57580828

cash out, nice work.>>57580484
was simeon ever arrested btw?

>> No.57580938


>> No.57581424

>There is really little chance

I hold Link and even I want to see it go to $9 because I'm tired of retards giving their two cents on probabilities related to this irrational market.

There is just as much of a chance that it goes to $9 as it going to $25. Honestly more I would say as the team starts dumping tokens to fund another couple of years while there is absolutely no demand for this token as a utility.

>> No.57581469

Are we sure he is actually swapping the link?

>> No.57581544

t. Savindu

>> No.57581667

was it really that hard to just keep buying and just keep holding
this anon is done for because I'm literally about to market buy about $200k worth of LINK and I could not be bothered to check if the order book can supply it

>> No.57582046

out of a thousand crapto cocksucker shitcoins the guy decides to short LINK.
go figure.

>> No.57582196

Why are you guys obsessively cyberstalking this guy? 100k link is a drop in the ocean

>> No.57582346
File: 46 KB, 766x560, fell0w0g.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I hold Link
sure u do

>> No.57582351

He's shorting my asset, with his name attached to it. Direct competition until he closes out

>> No.57582383

free entertainment

>> No.57582465

because it's fun when low iq brown people lose money

>> No.57582579


>> No.57582608
File: 66 KB, 900x876, IMG_2830.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>calls brown people low IQ
>doesn’t realize the short is not from the college pajeet but a white lawyer from a Texas law firm
lol I hate pajeets too but let’s get the facts straight before calling other people retards

>> No.57582619


>> No.57582627

t. Savindu

>> No.57584270

there's a killer on the road
his brain is squirmin' like a toad

>> No.57584306
File: 20 KB, 1080x1080, P14pg2M1eq.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

bro you are so right i am literally the most retarded guy on 4chan i don't even know how to spell i have such a huge cock though like you won't believe how big this bad boy is this thing is like the largest piece of meat on the planet i literally spend all my money buying big trucks because i am insecure about the size of my penis

>> No.57585988

wonder how tight his asshole is right now, he added more collateral.

>> No.57586066

Dude is a chad fuck stinker linkers

>> No.57586288

>Why are you guys obsessively cyberstalking this guy?

>> No.57586309

So currently what we know is that savindu and texas blockchain have actively been communicating in their discord to stir up controversy on biz.

how do we know this doesnt lead back to sergey?

>> No.57586390

>dude this guy is so toast if this this and this happen

None of it happens

>yeah but he almost got wrecked dude!

But he didnt

>y yerrrrrr a pajeet!!!!

>> No.57586858
File: 1.20 MB, 1023x2252, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.57587189

We know they're watching these threads like a hawk and taunting people who (rightly) are wanting justice served.

STFU you are down two million dollars.

>> No.57587291


>> No.57587302


>> No.57587522

meanwhile he is two dollars away from liquidation and we are sitting at a 2 year high

>> No.57587548

Your going to get fucked, Savindu

>> No.57587722
File: 447 KB, 1125x1388, IMG_9465.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He sold a lot of his eth and BTC collateral, repaid some LINK and then boight Stables and used that as collateral instead.

His liquidation point has gone from $22.3 to $24.

He must have done this painstakingly over hours because he was only 8% away from liquidation, and to sell 10 btc and 200 eth from his collateral would have liquidated him unless he dod this a little at a time for hours.

Man this guy is so desperate and so scared you can feel his fear

>> No.57587746

Keep doing gods work anon

>> No.57587805

I told him he's a great lawyer, but should close his LINK short.
Dude started listening?

>> No.57587849

I wish this weren't a larp. Those threads are fun while they last

>> No.57587868

Are you a functional degenerate? Because I simply don't understand how you can use these platforms and/or have this knowledge of them without also being a degenerate.

I mean, no shade if you are, my sister held down a job for years drinking a fifth of vodka a day. I'm loving the commentary, I'm just starting to worry about you

>> No.57587905

It says more about you than me mate.
I dont short anything ever. I rarely long things with like 2x leverage at absolute most and hold positions for months.

Why is it a surprise of I actually understand tue technology and financial products im investing in and my investment like LINK enable?

If you invest in LINK but dont understand this, that is the strange part to me. It is not even hard to work out. I’m literally just looking at his collateral types and loan amount and how it changes. Its the most simple maths out there

>> No.57587944

I didn't mean to offend, I was responding to your understanding if the nuance to such an extent that you could envision the timing it must have taken to execute without liquidating yourself. Admittedly, I do not use defi and invest almost exclusively on a 12-18mo time horizon, and never leveraged. Definitely wish I had sometimes, but very glad I didn't others.

I got into LINK when I thought it was just about bringing real-world data on-chain and nobody else was doing fucking anything that maintained the security guarantees that DLT pioneered in the first place. Then they come along with that paper about how oracles can be so much more than that, and I realized blockchain connectivity is an equal slice of the pie.

Keep up the good work, I hope he gets rekt

>> No.57588170

mega checked

>> No.57588192

Ok, I think the fun is actually over this time. BTC overheated to $50,500, we'll be under $45k if CPI comes in hot tomorrow morning.

This guy is a gambler so I assume he's going to short more soon, LINK is headed for $17 where there's support. Only thing that would fuck him is CCIP release which looks unlikely

>> No.57588237


>His liquidation point has gone from $22.3 to $24.

What is his plan here? He's definitely going to get liquidated.

Its most definitely going to hit $24 before it would go back to $9 if it ever goes back to $9 as other mentioned that is when he took out the short.

I've never seen a chart so ridiculous as the LINK/BTC accumulation formation that has been painted over the last 2 years that is now reversing.


>> No.57588257
File: 248 KB, 2008x3792, FG0L2ZLX0Ak1Oe5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine how much you'd have to despise LINK to do this to yourself. There's so many of these guys out there, and from what I understand, none of them are White? It's fucked up.

>> No.57588323

So is this basically the link general?

>> No.57588328
File: 244 KB, 2436x1125, IMG_9466.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He still has a high chance of liquidation in the next days.
$52-54k would be a boundary of the broadening triangle patter BTC has formed, from which a correction down to potential $36k is possible.

However it is also a possibility that the pattern fails, and BTC goes to ATH levels in the coming weeks/months before it then gets the inevitable correction. In this scenario i’d say a 40% minimum from $60k-70k.

Now i think it is more likely BTC corrects at $52k region anyway, but that doesn’t really mean LINK will dump too much, as it’s equally likely to break out against BTC/ETH quite significantly.

This guy is toast as far as im concerned. If his liquidation point was above $30 he’d stand a chance. At $24 not very likely.

>> No.57588558

I doubt he's brown or low iq, he's just a degenerate gambler

>> No.57588568

He’s smart. He knows CCIP is a huge failure and link is going to crash hard from its failure

>> No.57588576

Link is gonna retest $10 and this guy is gonna close his short safely.
BTC is almost at its previous ath while link is struggling at $20

>> No.57588594

He's short LINK. Obviously not very smart. (retard)

>> No.57588614

Imagine thinking it's this deep. Lmao
he was probably shorting it for years since it dumped and crabbed nonstop, it worked until it didn't and he got caught with his pants down.
>muh conspiracy about the BROWN PEOPLE targeting link
Yeah just add that to the very long list of imaginary opponents and villains that linkfags came up with in order to cope about bad price action.

>> No.57588709

this is all very very sloppy

>> No.57588741

He’s a noob that got access to a lot of money.

I wanna watch him burn.

>> No.57588749

No one on biz can read. Again, scroll up to my above comments where I gave you the link to the thread w proof its a white attorney…

>> No.57588808

Hi Savindu

it's going to keep stable at these levels. this is because way too many retards who got left behind at 38-48k are looking for any edge they can to buy back in

>> No.57588864

Why is increasing the short a desperate maneuver?

>> No.57588911

If you read this in Jeet voice you can almost see the poop nigger who typed it.

>> No.57589029

because he could have closed out for minimal losses
if he gets liquidated now, he's lost a lot of excess collateral
>swingies get the rope

>> No.57589409

Because increasing the short there was a win loss back mindset move. Essentially, hoping by upping the leverage he could win back more faster if it went down. It is just piling on more risk instead of closing out or reducing leverage and finding a new trade.

He had a chance to close when it dumped to $12.5 a few weeks ago. It would have been much smaller loss(and up since he started shorting years ago), but he is greedy and probably wanted to to go below his entry at $10.

Now he’s basically lost all his profits and is, at best if he closes now at break even but probably a loss over all.

Instead he’s chasing the loss back on same trade with erratic degenerate behaviour and is about 15% pump away from losing everything, even what he initially started the trades with in 2022, if not more judging by how he kept sending funds to short more or increase collateral till recently when he seemed to run out. Basically looks like he’s putting everything he has to rescue this shit trade

>> No.57589652

do you suffer from retardation? autism?

>> No.57589718

Don't let the meanies get you down. Thank you for asking questions.

>> No.57589758

You guys are always sperging out about this gay shit and these fucking leverage trading kikes always win.

>> No.57589822

>You guys are always sperging out about this gay shit and these fucking leverage trading kikes always win.
you're right up in here with us watching the horse race too. how about shut the fuck up and take a seat partner?

>> No.57589825

What price can we expect this bullrun?

>> No.57589828
File: 178 KB, 1000x1000, 1706617756372825.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Link will go back to $1.50 it is programmed.

>> No.57589838

I just tuned into this fag shit, kys faggot. All of you are faggots, the shorters, and the people hoping they lose.

>> No.57589877

Also don't forget that Saturn is moving into capricorn, which is very bullish for any coin that starts with a letter from the first half of the alphabet (unless the name is longer than 12 letters).

>> No.57589887

Thank you my brother. I can talk shit to them but I'll keep it at this.

>> No.57589903





>> No.57589905

holy shit you're one of those telegram losers that follows and comments on everyone's ethscan transactions lmao

>> No.57589919

Mate for one, i have never used telegram. Its for jeets and third world and poors.

Secondly, have not had to look at a single transaction. Im just comparing the changes in the debt and collateral types. Its basic fucking maths, holy shit you people are fucking morons. How are you even investing in crypto if you think what i am doing is that complex? You must not understand fucking anything at all

>> No.57589949

Oracles are going to boom.

>> No.57590438





>> No.57590501

if you understood the technology then you would know that the link tokens aren't required to read price feeds, which are currently like 95% of chainlink's utility

looking forward to your analysis in the light of this fact

>> No.57590583

He's shitposting, anon.
Once /biz/ finds something out with sufficient certainty, it immediately starts spreading misinformation on the subject out of mere boredom

>> No.57590611

... what about ... LPL?

>> No.57590620

I've heard the pool's closed.

>> No.57590735

Did you miss out ...?

>> No.57590786

Ari’s new book The Oracle reveals what 7 means.

>> No.57590868

At least you link fags are happy. It got old hearing the link whining all the time. Congrats. I hope you are all in the money so you can quit crying.

>> No.57590905

>Link will go back to $1.50 it is programmed.
I'd buy 500k link if it did, doubt they'll let me do that.

>> No.57590946
File: 420 KB, 1200x1032, 4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>event rescheduled to the 27th due to "snow"
he was going to have books available at this event, did he really cancel the event because of a couple inches of snow or does the book contain information he isnt yet ready to share with us?

>> No.57591186

Link is the only red coin in the top 20. Maybe this guy knew something

>> No.57591198

Because swing link tards selling atm trying to time a nice round number top like $20