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Do you live a blockchain lifestyle?

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So yes kind of

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Fast spreading adoption of Bitcoin from 2009 to 2015 was only derailed by the suspicious imposition of massive censorship during the Blocksize War. The censorship was overall incredibly effective & has led to many BTC believers having strong opinions (including a lot of misconceptions & propaganda) about Bitcoin because they have never seen or explored an open discussion of alternative arguments.

Along with explicit censorship, there is also implicit self-censorship of many BTC adopters. Many current or curious Bitcoin adopters - who very reasonably are interested in experimenting with, investing in or discussing alternative cryptocurrencies - feel anxious about voicing their opinions in BTC dominated spaces for fear of lashback.

For BTC adopters, this ingrained culture of censorship is one of many significant issues with their project. This echo chamber of false narratives is not merely a historical relic of the past, something the BTC community needed at the time of the Blocksize War but has "grown out of". Persistent censorship still occurs in the ecosystem today.

In tragically comedic fashion, many of the BTC-favouring individuals who cheered censorship & suppression of dissenting voices such as the BCH community are then bamboozled & outraged once their own ideas are the ones being forcibly ejected from the BTC conversation.

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Building a lifestyle app that is fully secured by the blockchain with offline storage of all your memories keepsakes and other heirlooms secured by ecdsa on an erc20 style token platform. We ICO in three months