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How many years did it take before you became a consistently profitable crypto trader?

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i started buying in 2011, so, about thirteen fucking years.

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Hasn't happened yet, bean in crypto since 2017 all in LINK. Haven't traded anything tho, just bean buying link.

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if i'm just starting my empire with BIGMIKE, it will take me a while to get my bags to have a good erection like michelle obama's, I'm in the waiting game now

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>I'm in the waiting game now
im still waiting since 2017, when is a good time to do something?

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>He doesn't know

uhh, keep waiting anon

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I'll have an update for you in 2030

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I started out super profitable (trump stimmy check run) and it's been downhill from there. Still got a decent amount though, covid was a crazy time to be investing and it's not been as interesting since.

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>Took 11 years when BTC is over a thousand of times higher than it was back then


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*13 years

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I never profited. Only in unrealized gains. Next time for sures

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Jus started swinging, 14 days of gains wiped out by fomo. Back in it for a 1.5k profit this week.

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i am nearly all-in on XRP and my mental and physical health has never been worse

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>consistently profitable

Please define?

You can go for years without seriously fucking up and then lose 99% of your stack in one stupid play. Read accounts of stock market chads of years gone by - many such cases.

To make big money here you're meant to go all in on long term high conviction plays and wait for big multipliers - maybe only one or two every four years, even. This makes it hard to consider "consistency".

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checked, i know man, i’m trying. hoping to make it this bull run.

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I started like 8 months ago and somehow I'm even, tho weeks ago I was big on red numbers