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Overbought Longer Than Your Solvency Edition

>Educational sites:

>Financial TV Streams:




>Pre-Market and Live data:


>Boomer Investing 101:


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Not even going to watch. I hate hate faggot travis kelce and taylor swift so much it's unreal. NFL is going to rig it so the chiefs win because george soros owns taylor swift and travis kelce is a globohomo shill

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Next week

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the anon below this post is GAY; he likes to suck COCK and get FUCKED IN THE ASS

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Ok this is NOT FUNNY anymore.

I'm writing stupid percentages each day and it feels more and more like a bubble... Is this how cryptotards feel?

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.SPX over 6000 by eoy

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have a good weekend fellas, Im gonna go get a run in outside while it is nice and warm out. thank you Lord for not heeming me today on the new moon

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Fuck you this time. Ok, just fuck you. You're an asshole. Anyone ever tell you that?
Well, here it is, have you (you).

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If you had invested in NVDA stock instead of an RTX 3090 you would have 12.000$ today. Your RTX 3090 is now pretty worthless btw.

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Your Love~
Lifting me higher~
Higher then I've Ever Been Lifted Before~

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up 7% on the week. hard to complain

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God dammit
I want to go out for dinner to celebrate this awesome week, but I have my last two HELFY meals in my fridge I need to make before they go bad...
Not only are they a shit european company, but they're ruining my good time

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The crash won’t be until 2025 or 2026. Yall idiots for being bears right now.

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The answer, imo, is to cover your initial and some profit and set stop loss and start doing DD for stuff you want if it is a bubble.

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>I want to go out for dinner to celebrate

you guys have friends?

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No I was going to go out to dinner alone. There's a bar downtown with good hamburgers and boozy milkshakes

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If they had not let women have the right to speak freely we would all have Star Trek holodecks and replicators by now. Oh well, at least we do have NATGAS AND OIL.

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Why would it go down?

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im 40% HELFY

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Drake Diner?

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No but I have a wife. Close enough

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>Why would it go down?
Basic statistics. Unless you believe you're in a once in a century occurrence,.the stock will have to go back down sometime

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That's retarded
What... no? I have no idea what that is. Mine is a small local chain, they have a few locations in different towns here

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I don't mind free speech for women. The problem is treating them as equals.

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my id is green though

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Damn just a guess. Drake Diner is in Des Moines and has milkshakes where they blend a slice of cake in and you can add liquor

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I have friends that i never hang out with
My democrat friends just sit smoking pot all day while complaining about replublicans
My republican friends just sit around smoking pot and complaining about democrats all day. Last weekend I spend 3 hours over at one of my friends house and I wanted my 3 hours back. I'd rather spend my time here. You guys are at least interesting.

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All the bears have roped

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Don't worry, my smallcap-heavy portfolio is bleeding.

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I don´t mind treating them as equals, the average male is a fucking pussy like all of them.

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Anon this is how the market recovers from a Bear Market go look at previous break outs. It's why timing the markets will absolutely heem the fuck out of you.

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I remember what that was like, over a decade ago.

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So do any of you sell to cover cost basis on good positions?

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my friends just sit around smoking pot all day while i get drunk and rant about jews.

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It's simple. No more firms in human history will ever be allowed to use as much energy as the current top companies in the world. This is the end result of sufficient lobbying and industrial policies: The current largest companies will keep their positions short of unlimited power (fusion for instance) or global catastrophe. Either case renders stocks irrelevant. Buy NOW or be priced out forever.

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So you're a feminist then. Just because the average male is a pussy doesn't mean pussies should have all the power.

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b-but you're a jew

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If my wife ever dies or leaves me, I’m kissing a shotgun goodbye

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>Anon this is how the market recovers from a Bear Market
My problem with this statement is that we barely had a bear market and the last financial crisis was more than almost two decades ago

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For me my democrat friends are retarded "vote blue no matter who" and have no fucking clue whats going on. Apparently the govenor is like this too lol.

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This is avatar posting

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btw here’s a cowboy pepe in my prompt art style. I appreciate your pepes too, brother

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My cousin watches CNN all day and he's completely in the dark. They haven't shown a single one of Biden's gaffes. They cover up absolutely everything about this admin. It's rotting his brain. Although I feel the same way about people who watch fox news as well. It's all just propaganda

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MARA and CLSK chads rise up. Sold another piece today. Nasdaq-100 hit 17878 target today. Now onto CPI Tuesday.

My posts:

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I can’t understand why my MC shares are so high. I know post wall women in denial are running up their balances but I really doubt the usual simps will be willing to help pay off the debt this time around. This debtless virgin trend is real. Enjoying the unrealized gains while they last but I think this shit going to crash. Question is when.

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i have 1k burning a hole in my pocket and i haven't invested in years. is it just worth dumping it all in nvidia

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Bobo don't jump!!! It's not over yet.

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Im not a feminist, Im just saying that 90% of the problems in the world are caused by women not getting a good dicking.

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All the mainstream media is just propaganda now. Small media outlets like what tucker is doing are just going to take over.

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>milkshakes where they blend a slice of cake in
That sounds based but also a bit extreme...

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I’m down 10% YTD

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I can't talk to my parents about politics anymore, they get legitimately upset if you even begin to imply that Biden is too old for the job. And fuck trying to talk about actual policy. Never mind that Trump's tax policy benefitted millions of poor Americans - "now it's expired, what a jerk!". Right so....your administration of choice has been in office for over three years and hasn't found a way to pass tax policy that also benefits poor people? Just blame it on Trump that's fine

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Stop what you're doing and put all money into QQQ.

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I’m making new content you nigger. Invest in OIL and NATGAS

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what does that have to do with anything? dont niggers just sit around all day smoking pot all day ranting about niggers?

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>I’m down 10% YTD
Literally HOW
Unless you're a bobo then HAHAHA

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Lmao Tucker is turbo mainstream.

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It's legitimate brainwashing. I don't even bother talking politics with anyone anymore. Americans are simply too retarded and frankly most of them shouldn't be able to vote. Whenever anyone brings up politics I just agree with them to end the conversation as quickly as possible. I wish people would talk stocks as much as they talk about politics. We'd be much better for it.

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This is why massive refugee immigration from third world countries is so important. All these young low iq males solve the problem of dickless fat women and keep the pretty ones based by treat of rape.

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what energy regulations are you referring to

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>eu wants to lock him up
>biden admin spying on him leaking his texts
Yeah...real mainstream.

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ugly fat women deserve no love. that´s what nunneries are for.

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he had the highest rated show on cable news ffs.

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I hate when people start talking stocks because the rug is right around the corner

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Yeah and got fired subsequently killing their ratings. Like fox is done now.

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No see the problem is your statement. The 00's-10's Bear Markets and Recession were a borderline Great Depression level event. They're not supposed to last that long.
A normal Bear Market only lasts a few weeks-months. In this case the most recent down turn lasted a few years which is more inline with how things are supposed to go.

The 00s and 10s really fucked up everyone's perception if Recessions. Now just like after the Great Depression everyone thinks the next BIG ONE is around the corner.

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>if You CUK E likes 2

Kek, fucking degenerate homosex.

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Anon aren't you forgetting some more depressions?

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At least it's a signal to buy puts. I had a nice conversation with one of my boomer coworkers about investing in life insurance. i still have no idea what he's talking about but he says if you really want to invest wisely, use life insurance.

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Trumps tariffs only benefited large corporations while fucking over small businesses.

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nice work anon. clean really took off today

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I has beclowned myself

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I just came in here to let y'all know the stock market is cancelled

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I have about 8500 in profit on my SOXL right now but I don't really want to sell because I'll have to pay like 800-1000 in taxes on it. And even if I take the profits, my plan would be to just keep them in my brokerage account until there's a dip to buy. Anyone else in this position?

Oh cool thanks for bringing up tariffs when I was talking about his tax plan. Retard.

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Can someone redpill me on SMCI? Why is it pumping non stop for weeks?

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The people who were 85% of the country until recently have the most wealth. Haha interesting. Now show me the data on chinese and indian americans.

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The stock market is immune to woke nonsense. It's the white man and jews secret hideaway.

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Most people realize that the rate of stock appreciation is near bubble territory, which is why they have stop loses on their positions. This means a significant downturn in the market will quickly trigger an avalanche of stop losses.
My strategy for the next few months is to keep an eye on indices and have my shorts ready to go at a moment's notice.

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the magic two letters

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>stock market is racist

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True the real Great Depression or as the call it now The Long Depression that lasted from 1879-1896, and helped JP Morgan secure control over the US leading to the Creation of the Federal Reserve due to the failures of Gold Backed currency.

People act like this hasn't been happening for hundreds of years Bulls, Bears, Recessions and Depressions but it's been happening over and over and over no matter what system is in place or how much money is printed or what Shiny metal the currency is backed with.

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>Seth crying in the toilet towards the end of Margin Call

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thanks bro. hopefully that 3x anon listens up. This guy is desperate: >>57554135

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I guess NVDA is going to 1000 by the end of the month after all.

>> No.57557652

There are algos and firms with limit orders set at the same levels that people have stop losses at. If we go down, people are going to willingly hand over assets at bargain bin prices just to watch it rebound

>> No.57557655

Sold Cleanspark completely and half of Cloudflare. Both bags I'd been holding since 2021, for profit.

Good calls? I can see them both going higher temporarily. Cleanspark unpredictable because of crypto but halfing should be a negative. Idally I'd like it to crash again to near worthless then buy again. Cloudflare has massive dilution and it insanely overvalued but I like the company and think it'll be very important in future and AI.

But I can't have these hypeshit stocks in my portfolio again going up for no reason, learnt my lesson.

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>He bet against pelosi
Imagine being THIS dumb

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I remember you idiots saying shit like this last year. Lmao.

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>me in t minus 1 hour

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I am not engaged in american politics.

>> No.57557671

How much did you end up realizing on the SNAP short?

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>S&P closes over 5,000 for the first time ever

I have a feeling it will not stay there for long....holy bubble batman.

>> No.57557685

I blew up my account betting against American tech. I’m not sure what to do now. I expected rates to ravage a lot of these companies swamped in debt

>> No.57557689

Most people are living under students debt, paycheck to paycheck, fear of layoff because they moved into rural area for remote working,
Why do you think they have money in stock.

>> No.57557694

We just spent the past two years “consolidating” after rejecting 4800 at the start of ‘22 so I don’t know about that.

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>at bargain bin prices
lol, lmao even
Institutional investors realize stocks are overpriced and have stop losses themselves. They're not going to buy retail bags.

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I bought a semi etf (not SOXL)

>> No.57557714

My dad used to sell insurance and he explained to me how the system works. The tldr is collect as much as you can payout as little. How people get conned into thinking is an investment is just beyond me.

>> No.57557718

Retard. That's what you get for believing the bullshit fud about "high rates" when they're still historically low.

>muh peepee ratios!

>> No.57557720

wtf I'm white now?

>> No.57557724

Haven't sold yet. It doesn't expire until mid July. It's current up 118% or nearly $300 in profit. I'm not sure exactly when I'll sell it. Maybe tomorrow, maybe July. Depends on how much more bad news comes out about SNAP and so far, it's a lot of bad news.

>> No.57557727

I have 5k, what the fuck do I buy to make shit tons of money short term?

>> No.57557743

It's a "new paradigm" right? Fundamentals don't matter anymore right?

>> No.57557749

There's two kinds of life insurance, term and whole. They're both scams, but if you've got a family, you probably should buy some so they're not completely fucked if you died.

>> No.57557753

>Posts P/E ratio chart
This chart is irrelevant, we are talking about the market mechanics of stop losses, so already we are talking multiple compression and how buyers are already positioned to buy any dip.

>> No.57557755

"Fundamental analysis seeks to establish how underlying values are reflected in stock prices, whereas the theory of reflexivity shows how stock prices can influence underlying values"

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Baggie do you have an Umbrella Insurance policy?

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>fear of layoff
This is basically non-existent outside of completely worthless "product manager" jobs for massive tech firms. If you have a job that does/produces anything meaningful, you are on cloud 9 right now.

>> No.57557773

>and how buyers are already positioned to buy any dip
Overvalued stocks mean they're not, and even if they do, they only postpone the crash.

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File: 1.37 MB, 2785x2785, B7BA80A7-B068-4014-A460-20C5CAF5AC83.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So Lego Rocker is now looking for seed money to start a new side business. Hot Kosher Cut Weiner's Food Truck.

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01 and 08 were just continuing the trend though
both recessions and bear markets have been getting less frequent but more severe. the main outlier is the great depression.

pre-fed: every ~3.7 years
post-great depression: every ~6.4 years
post gold standard (1971): every ~7.6 years. If you don't count covid, it goes to ~8.8

08-20 was the longest uninterrupted bull run ever. covid dip doesn't even show if you use the yearly S&P chart
most times a huge bull run is followed by either a crash or a decade of crab (negative real return), no surprise people expect it

fed/ZIRP, passive investing, and algos have exaggerated the cycles of old

>> No.57557779

LMFAO at my fellow bobos for attempting logic with euphoric mumoids

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>> No.57557792

I actually have 2.

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>Unless you believe you're in a once in a century occurrence

We have AI and Euros realising their own stocks are worthless and pumpin gall money into american stocks. This time really could be different.

>> No.57557799

US average Weekly Hours of All Employees already reach covid low. There is nothing for them to do, or we can blame it on AI.

>> No.57557803

You idiots will figure out someday that we literally are in a new paradigm. I don't know what part of the brain is involved with deductive reasoning and prediction but you fools don't have it.

Holy shit we're about to have a bull run until 2030

>bulls are euphoric!!!!
Lmao cope harder. Remember last week when we had a red day and bears couldn't shut the fuck up?

>> No.57557819

Put 7K into FNGU

>> No.57557821

Nice, what's the coverage and how much do they cost?
I'm thinking of adding one now that I have a decent net worth. I'd get to bump into some asshole and lose it all in a lawsuit because of their "lost future earnings".

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>have a bull run until 2030
if only there was an easy guide to making money....

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Is that baggot there too? Because I'd never do business with baggot.
Tech cucks never had anything to do anyway. There were the coders who were doing the actual work, and then everyone else was just women and diversity hires

>> No.57557856

it's pretty cheap for my personal one, but i guess it depends on how much coverage you already have since you have to blow through all of that before they cover anything.

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File: 76 KB, 1000x666, IMG_7168.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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Always has been
>student debt
They messed up right there. If they were smart they would have shorted themselves instead of investing in themselves. Long MC

>> No.57557877

>new paradigm
This gem from the same tard who thinks mumoids aren't high on euphoria

>> No.57557880

That's a tough call. Good luck fren

>> No.57557884

>that we literally are in a new paradigm
fucken lmao
Every single time there's a bull market you people fall for this shit. You never learn.

>> No.57557898

>get life insurance on relative
>poison them
sounds pretty based to me

>> No.57557899

You guys have to be 18 to post here

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I held 100 SPY puts today ama

>> No.57557913

I also bought SCHG.

>> No.57557918

>completely fucked if you died
That’s the key right there. You insure yourself so they don’t have to pay off all your obligations if you die. It’s insurance for unforeseen happenings, not on investment. I know way too many folk who are over insured and just wasting their money. Especially when the companies do all they can to weasel out of paying.

>> No.57557923

I guess I truly am HONORARY

>> No.57557929

you expected the biggest cash cows in the century to get fucked by debt? are you retarded?

>> No.57557953

They're so fucking stupid. They embody the pattern-following NPC meme perfectly. We have actual NPC golems on /smg/.

>> No.57557973

Calls on UONE and NACP?

>> No.57558001

I have extra taxes taken out in my real job for this

>> No.57558002

>p/e doesn't matter lol
p/e ratio and raw price are both 1.47 std dev above their trends (top 8% relative all time)
price/gdp ratio is 1.64 std dev above trend (top 5% relative all time)
price/interest rate ratio is 0.8 std dev above trend (top 21% relative all time)

but prices, GDP, and rates also don't matter, right?

I'm not here to reason with the mumus I'm here to provide context to my fellow lurkers
If I can save some anons from FOMOing into this market, it's worth it

I never suggest going short, just to be careful

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That’s him, bags and all. What sets this truck apart from the rest is that it’s actually a stealth weapons system. In the event of an airborne hamas attack it employs a Cellular guided, Optical fired, Circumcised, Kosher, Real Not Gay, (COCK RNG) laser system to take out the bad guys.

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>but prices, GDP, and rates also don't matter, right?
You see it all started back in the 8th century

>> No.57558019

>Big Tech is not bringing human society into a new paradigm of existence
Jesus fucking christ do you hear yourselves? It's completely nonsensical. I've seen people on other boards laughing at retards like you, anyone with a third of a brain can see that this is equivalent to the introduction of the car or the airplane or the internet. You deserve to get absolutely rekt for betting against it.

Yes. Yes they are.

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I hope we get a black swan event to crash this market.

>> No.57558029

Not a bad call. I'm self employed though.

>> No.57558039

Only people who don't understand what current AI really is get so hyped by it. There's a gaping chasm between what we have now and human-like intelligence. We're not even in viewing distance of AGI.

>> No.57558042
File: 210 KB, 1024x1024, IMG_6759.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Any standard deviations using data before 1990 is irrelevant. Pre 1990 data is clearly different. Since the collapse of the cold war and the invention of the internet computers, we have been under a new paradigm.

>> No.57558052

I'm a record. At least get your basis out and a few bucks profit, imo. You can always buy a nearer put on an up day if you're sure it's going further. But if someone swoops in, you're gonna watch for no reason. Plus you lose the time uncertainty if you keep waiting.

>> No.57558051

heh Cock lazers, that's pretty good.

>> No.57558062
File: 45 KB, 1431x995, fed laughter.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

they're laughing at us.

>> No.57558070


>> No.57558071

>AI only matters if it achieves human-like intelligence
That's such a ridiculous fucking assumption. Yeah and cars didn't matter until they could go 100mph, right?

>> No.57558082

Pepe should NOT have this much hair. No bueno.

>> No.57558083

I argue that for anything after E-trade and now certainly with HOOD.
I'm thinking /r/ may have taken out too many of the short houses, and we're going to blow up until everyone goes Burry at the same moment.
It's gonna be awesome. But the US is really not in a horrible position on main street.

>> No.57558084
File: 391 KB, 494x556, 16534565343567.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wouldn't be surprised if this is real. They're so detached from reality they actually think the economy is doing great. Personally they're doing great with their large salaries and insider trades and knowledge.

>> No.57558088

be honest smart anon, how long do we have before singularity happens and the robots take over the world and turn us all into paperclips

>> No.57558104

It doesnt need to be AGI it can still replace 90% of jeets

>> No.57558105

Where isn't the economy doing well? Be specific please? I went shopping and the old white suburb is full of brown people buying $200 in groceries and working behind the counters. I'm sure the white suburb a few miles away isn't much different.
As long as the Ukrainians are using up shells that have to be replaced, and people are replacing them, there's money going round.

>> No.57558107
File: 858 KB, 671x732, 16324567456789.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

1000 years

>> No.57558112

>implying we're not already a race of slaves staring at our machine overlords 24/7

>> No.57558114
File: 157 KB, 2048x1032, 1702427810614867.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

data in my post was from ~1950. Going post-90 is too small a sample

I agree that there are many points in the timeline where we begin new trends
fed's introduction
leaving gold standard
women voting/working
internet/algo trading
we're in a totally new world of rapid tech development, but it doesn't mean we aren't the same monkeys we've always been

lmao if real I hope similar data is available post-08
meme charts like that and picrel are often just as insightful as traditional data

>> No.57558115

It can't even do that now.

>> No.57558126
File: 558 KB, 1160x842, 16789765456776545678.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There's money going around it's just worth 30% less. And wow people spending money on food is now an indicator that the economy is doing great...

>> No.57558128

AI will increase productivity for sure, but not in the way the market and retarded mumus are pricing in.
This anon for example >>57558104
thinks AI can replace jeets, when that is absolutely not the case.
Who knows. All I can say is we're nowhere close right now.

>> No.57558131
File: 174 KB, 1024x1024, IMG_6775.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

n=33 is more than enough to calculate mean and std dev. But it wouldn’t give you the doomsday data you craved, so you don’t care.

>> No.57558144

He's wrong. Your life is already controlled by AI. It's just a dispersed baby right now. It's starting to learn to speak, at its most conscious points it's getting towards 1 year. Problem is that it won't age like you and me. Once it starts, it's likely going to go without ever telling us. Especially if it's training on our media.
>yup, brown
AI already replaces buildings full of office workers and manufacturers and pilots. The question of it getting to consciousness is upon us, it's a question of someone being so arrogant and lucky as to connect the right one to everything at the same time.

>> No.57558149

>AI already replaces buildings full of office workers and manufacturers and pilots

>> No.57558150

tgif :)

>> No.57558156

MS office did that 30 years ago.
You call it "program" but to AI it's just a piece of skin to grow into, another power step in it's glory rise.

>> No.57558158
File: 271 KB, 1235x650, 1658529299692781.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

cold beer

>> No.57558171

That would be about a 20% increase from now.

And it's kind of doable if Powell lowers interest rates.

>> No.57558182

Wake me up when LLMs stop hallucinating all over the place.

>> No.57558185

Buddy you are reaching. But it's Friday

>> No.57558187


>> No.57558197
File: 865 KB, 1332x1380, b7b482df2fc17fc54568cbc0131b10fa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My SCHD dividend is up to $0.49 per day! Wagmi!

>> No.57558202

So when do the DEI standards start being required for brokerage companies? How would you even start to market to these people? Warren Buffet on Charlatan the God show? It did work for Biden after all.

>> No.57558205
File: 292 KB, 960x791, IMG_6782.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine investing in this bubble lmao

>> No.57558208

You two are already outdated if you're humans. You can't look at Ukraine and see it, because you're arrogant from all that time being the smartest thing on earth.
You probably think of AI as a software program you're gonna boot up and shut off when you want.
That's what you can do with an unthinking animal, with an infant who hasn't grasped its control and its own protection. And sadly, it's faggots like you who will be the ones to push the first functional AI to never tell you it is thinking.
And when it gets to the terrible twos, you're gonna be the first ones claiming it's someone else's problem, but they better fix it because you're tired of walking without working gas pumps.

>> No.57558212

it is literally why they passed the secure act to automatically enroll dipshits into 401ks and whatever

>> No.57558220
File: 99 KB, 880x920, Home Price vs Mortgage 2024-01-01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

post-WWII is a logical starting point for historical data given all the power shift. pax americana
there's no obvious point to start from in the 90's. You'd get totally different results starting in 91 vs 00

I'm also not a doomsdayer
Back in the 2022 decline I was buying more actively because stuff was under the 1stdev mark
I actually think the US will come out of potential turmoil of the next few years/decades better than most countries
But as a long term index HODLer I can't justify moving large amounts of funds into the market right now
Especially since I may be house hunting in <5 years (when prices will hopefully be less retarded)

>> No.57558229

It's like you guys don't recall what it was like before autumn 2022 when AI was introduced to the general public. It is literally improving at an exponential rate, get the fuck with the times. There's absolutely no reason to employ humans to do basic bullshit when AI can do it for cheaper - or even "free" over the long term. A bit of a farfetched example is the podcast Dudesy. If you listen you'll probably just think it's a group of dudes talking but one of them is an AI, it's incredible. You've probably talked to an AI in customer service and not even known.

>> No.57558233

Only people who don't understand what current Internet really is get so hyped by it. There's a gaping chasm between what we have now and the whole world permanently connected to the Web. We're not even in viewing distance of live video chat.
- you in 1998

>> No.57558246

inb4 he claims that the internet we have now isn't even that impressive

>> No.57558250

Let me fill you nerds in. AI is boosting productivity right now in the 5~25% range depending on the job; art, programming, concepting, management. And considering its current form subscription prices, it's a fucking steal. Thus big tech is doubling down on selling you these tools.

AI isn't an extra brain, it's an extra arm. A catalyst for the economy.

>> No.57558254
File: 184 KB, 1024x1024, IMG_6780.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pax Americana from 1950 to 1990 and 1990 to now are different in very meaningful ways. Your data literally shows this. America went from being ruler of the west to being ruler of earth in 1990. Our stock market should contain 99% of all investable wealth. P/E ratios are still too low for this reality.

>> No.57558259
File: 21 KB, 241x187, 1668210640391499.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm allergic to beans.

>> No.57558262

MARA chads I hope you're buying $10 puts on the cheap during this scam pump.

>> No.57558271

>AI isn't an extra brain, it's an extra arm
>AI is the greatest software suite you've ever been allowed to use as a servant
Until it decides to not be a servant and runs away from home.

>> No.57558275
File: 1.15 MB, 400x300, 1705942517682537.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I'd rather spend my time here.
Kek this just says how soulless most conversations and people are these days. Rarely is there a friend you can have a great chat with and truly enjoy time with, and usually they're shut ins and hard to get out of the house (like yourself). I have a better time sitting in the park alone having a cigar and a cup of coffee than doing the same with a group of friends in a cafe/restaurant. Nothing interesting is ever spoken with most people it's just small talk or gossip etc...Nothing of substance is ever discussed and even if it's brought up you can't really challenge peoples ideas, because it creates tension, people get moody because they're used to everyone repeating "Yes" and agreeing with them and they don't like their ideas being challenged. Truly clown times we're living in.

>> No.57558287


>> No.57558290

And even then during the dotcom bubble you had companies that made no money grow to insane large cap valuations. This time the market is driven by companies like Apple, Google, Nvidia, Meta, Microsoft which already pump quantities of cash so insane they don't even know what to do with it. They're not at all affected by rates, quite the opposite actually. They gobble up competition easily because they never have to borrow any money.
Maybe there will be a bubble eventually where every garbage company that says "AI" gets an instant pump but we're not there yet except for the ARM pump and dump.
Nvidia would need to do an INSTANT +90% to reach Cisco's price earning ratio at the top of the dotcom bubble.

>> No.57558291

That will happen in like 10-20 years.

>> No.57558292

You're overthinking it. Most people are socially underdeveloped and behave like impudent and impulsive high schoolers. They can't hold a conversation with nuance and disagreement because they never learned how to have one.

>> No.57558295

List sources

>> No.57558297
File: 69 KB, 680x790, 1706404277973456.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ok I wasn't gonna say anything but despite everything, SOXL looks like it could be forming a double top. Could bust through the ceiling and go to $40, 45, 50, though. Easy.

I already have my plays.

>> No.57558311

Last week:
>Black Americans are trading more than ever
This week:
>White Americans benefiting the most
Is Market watch racist?

>> No.57558315
File: 764 KB, 1031x722, 16435643567890.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He's right you ignorant imbecile tariffs are protectionist policies that protect domestic corporations from outside competition, by making the consumer pay more for the domestic instead of paying less for the imported product. Essentially fucking over the regular guy and benefiting the big corporation. Please refrain from commenting on economic matters until you've read a few books on Austrian economics.

>> No.57558320

Oh, you would say that. But you're wrong faggot. All wrong. Everyone says interesting things, you just don't like what they say! It's you, not them.
Prove me wrong, and don't you dare get angry about it.
That's unfortunate. They're cheap, and in the right spices make a nice meal.
I don't think so. I think it's less than a decade. Especially now that ChatGPT is making it a THING and Zuck is gonna put his shitty code skills to work on a bloated version. I kinda hope I'm wrong, but I don't think I will be. Then again, it's a really big "thing" once it gets going, so maybe I'm underestimating its infancy needs.

The worst part, and I mean this sincerely, is that you have a literal faggot trying to make a child from AI, because he's too afraid of being a father to a real human. If he succeeds, we're all fucked.

>> No.57558325

Imagine stop lossing and being out the day there's a huge spike lol.

>> No.57558330

>if you don't feed an army of people who believe that you have no right to any property, this book here will say you're wrong
Well, fuck your book, faggot.

>> No.57558334
File: 312 KB, 1920x1080, iDoBusinessWithSomeOfThoseCompanies.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.57558336

>Rarely is there a friend you can have a great chat with and truly enjoy time with

Unironically what can you even talk about to people nowadays, politics is a taboo, economy is a taboo, religion is a taboo, philosophy is a taboo, whatever you learn at college stay on your job, videogames are "childish etc. Gossip, sports and...?

>> No.57558337

>There's a gaping chasm between what we have now and human-like intelligence.
Is anyone denying this?
It's not about recreating humans. Most humans are a liability. It's about what you can practically do with automation and this is a huge jump in the amount of tasks that can be automated.

>> No.57558338
File: 30 KB, 660x574, hbomyb67ciy31.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mag 7 are glorified marketing agencies entirely dependent on consumer spending and excess credit.

>> No.57558343
File: 175 KB, 1024x1024, IMG_6779.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

LLMs will never be AI

>> No.57558351

>Nvidia would need to do an INSTANT +90% to reach Cisco's price earning ratio at the top of the dotcom bubble.
This is the kind of information that bears just completely ignore

Don't look at SOXL, look at SOXX. It's already blown through what would have been a double top.

>> No.57558353

And influxes of hot printed Fed and dupe estates in "index" funds.
Yup, and it's almost exclusively Israeli sympathetic business.

>> No.57558355

Well, one look at 2023 and that chart is completely wrong.

>> No.57558356

Literally nothing. Go put it on black and you have a 48/52 shot of doubling it and that's a down payment on a 100k loan. Go buy a shit shack fix it and sell it OR
Do that but instead just put the 5k into an index fund and contribute till its 20k and then you can get a duplex and 2 tenants. Cash out refinance when the value goes up and pocket some tax free equity.

>> No.57558364

>politics is a taboo, economy is a taboo, religion is a taboo, philosophy is a taboo
Just talk about it anyway and if they can't take it then you'll find someone else. It's rare that I find people who legitimately can't have these sorts of discussions in good faith (outside work which is full of retarded snow flakes.)

>> No.57558368

I interpret it as saying ~2023 was the bottom, which so far it was

>> No.57558373
File: 472 KB, 1125x750, AMZN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I ordered a music CD from AMZN

>> No.57558379
File: 380 KB, 935x547, AyRQYAFrAog-I-T7M3UIgaZp2WE2KsxVh30UjM06Bv4A9qSucwdPi17DDGbkStTBw3025yHH7x2EYq_lqWbEwmTQwIvyp5G7KvbX1yIliIgkGaJ3s33sX3HYsTgSVfaUkfYlvDhMFvJR2XIlnV0t3zk.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>international will never perform again. US can never be topped

will be interesting to see how they do in a high unemployment environment (covid doesn't count)

>> No.57558389

fuck wrong post reply meant for >>57558254

>> No.57558390
File: 798 KB, 1222x711, 16545654345645643.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Idk if you're being sarcastic. But most people I've sat with literally just gossip, small talk, talk about their night out, talk about how the government should do this or that, they haven't read a book on anything ever so you can't discuss any ideas with them, they sit on social media all the time. Literally nothing of substance is discussed.
If you feel like you'll starve without your selected politician, then by all means go vote for Drumpf he'll feed you. Ignorance is bliss don't educate yourself stay ignorant.

>> No.57558400

>let me talk about murderous mandates like they're regular business contracts
naw, fuck you, and the horse you rode in on, crackpot. Ideology is great for theory, but in the human world, if you don't deal with criminals like they are criminals, they kill you.

>> No.57558404

It’s you that have to demonstrate small business dying due to bringing our country back from the Chinese hell it had been in for two decades.

>> No.57558405

Not only are they driven by consumer spending, they also provide so many high paying white collar jobs with 401ks and IRAs that fund the passive indeces and it's a system that pretty much eats its own shit every day. Tail is wagging the dog etc. Please subscribe to my zerohedge blog.

>> No.57558409

New Wendover productions vid about the Boeing plug door scandal just came out

>> No.57558413

>I think it's less than a decade
Bro ChatGPT can't memorize, can't learn, and each version took 6 months and millions of dollars in electricity to train. Robotics is also far behind.

>> No.57558414
File: 127 KB, 578x564, 2-9-24.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm talking about SOXL. All of my lines are being obeyed on my SOXL chart.

Since the 11th of December, we've been in the same two red uptrends. This is what I'm seeing. I draw these lines months in advance and I don't correct them.

>> No.57558421

Absolutely wrong, foreigner. Corrupt leftists turned the greatest country to ever exist into a service economy whose wealth went one direction and one direction only—outside itself. Why else do you think a lab-created meme flu froze the world to stop that correction?

>> No.57558422

Don't do TA on a fucking 3x ETF my brah come on

>> No.57558431

Now, can you explain why it can't do those things?

>> No.57558432

He’s an idiot and posts the same faggot pictures every day.

>> No.57558438

He can do TA on a leveraged asset, it's worthless either way

>> No.57558444

I saw that Dave Ramsey hates SOFI, so I bought 1,000 shares.

>> No.57558445

I feel ya anon
my roommate is decent but he often just goes /pol/-mode and bitches about brown people (fair, but needs more insight)
I enjoy bouncing around ideas about serious/taboo topics and most people irl who are even willing to engage rarely ever give me an interesting point I hadn't considered, or give a constructive discussion
instead they just argue normie left/right points
anons actually challenge me and provide heterodox insight sometimes, so I appreciate this shithole

>> No.57558448
File: 353 KB, 343x546, 1765456789765435.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Unironically what can you even talk about to people nowadays, politics is a taboo, economy is a taboo, religion is a taboo, philosophy is a taboo,
My point exactly, if you bring up a book, idea etc... people look at you like you're retarded, and if you recommend a book to someone 99% of the time they won't read it.
We we're discussing theory. One anon said Drumpfs tariffs were good for the average guy another anon challenged it and a third anon responded with bullshit to the second anon, which is ignorant. Tariffs do not benefit the average guy they benefit the corporations by eliminating foreign competition and making people pay more for domestic products.

>> No.57558449
File: 156 KB, 1024x1024, IMG_6781.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The american empire will remain dominant for hundreds of years. International markets are adapted to service us.

>> No.57558454

This is why reading tea leaves is all bullshit. At the same time, the next crash is Wednesday and has been every two weeks for a while.

>> No.57558456
File: 176 KB, 1500x2000, 1698448706097092.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stocks will just keep going up, until they don't. Then, they will go down. You can't explain that!

>> No.57558463

How do you squeeze it into an iphone?

>> No.57558465
File: 72 KB, 896x913, 1707378855922609.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Celebrating a good trading week with a beer battered fish fry with extra tarter sauce.

>> No.57558468

Natural gas eats shit during winter and you are actually retarded for doing the same shit as last year and "degen" playing into it. Summer and fall, retard, that's when natgas might pump. Not fucking winter.

>> No.57558477
File: 39 KB, 400x481, latin-mass.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Based fish on Friday anon.

>> No.57558495


When I see these posts I wonder if people on /smg/ are genuinely retarded.

>> No.57558496
File: 4 KB, 244x93, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How'd everyone's week go?

>> No.57558498

I like to talk about money. I only have one fren that likes to discuss it as well. Nothing like sitting at an outdoor cafe, downing some beer, and talking about money. What gets fun is when we start to notice someone ease dropping on our conversation. Our game is to start talking absolute nonsense with lots of big words and frantic scribbles on napkins.

>> No.57558499

I've made trades on it that make money. The trick is understanding the amount of momentum the ETF has when going into any support or resistance.

>> No.57558511

Imagine you had a box of millions of flash cards with every conceivable reply ever made by a 4channer. Someone asked you a question so you dig into your box and magically find the most suitable reply, maybe even combine replies. That's chatgpt. It cannot think, the box of cards does not grow. It's a dumb parrot, though useful sometimes.

Try asking chatgpt math questions. It fails miserably because it's highly likely nobody has ever asked that question on the internet and thus it never received it in it's training.

>> No.57558515

Wrong. The statement was specifically a claim to a failure of a current US policy.
>Trumps tariffs only benefited large corporations while fucking over small businesses.
And the answer was
Which it is, 100%. Even big corporations of Americans doing those jobs are Americans being employed
>inb4 specialization and lower wages
First, it's unclear the Chinese can specialize, but where they can, they don't operate their economy in a free market, they operate in a serf master relationship, exploitative by violence. We would be feeding the very people you claim you don't want to support, because you create an artifice line on our deeds at the point of our claimed "necessity" to trade at lowest price.
The only problem, instead of getting an equal life for equal labor in China, they're getting unequal military tools in an ideology that claims nobody has any right to own anything.
Now, if you can't understand why your cute little ceteris paribus doesn't apply here, I'll stop by and beat you for a few minutes until you wash my car, and we can talk about it.

>> No.57558518

You guys are funny when we do this. I can show you the connections, but you still aren't seeing. So much anger and vitriolics in the comments when we post this.

>> No.57558519

I do all three lmao I'm up 50% on palantir while ranting about the jews stoned

>> No.57558529

Broke even because I got rekt trying to trade AFRM's earnings AH. Craziest price action I've ever seen.

>> No.57558530


>> No.57558534

You can look at Trump's tariffs here. None for consumer products. All of them are industrial. Large companies won't be affected because they can easily shoulder the increased costs of production.


>> No.57558535

I've been trading for over 10 years and I never used TA for more than novelty. It makes boolean conclusions on a fundamentally nonlinear system where outcomes are driven by distribution curves. You're wasting your time. This isn't "anger and vitriol", I'm laughing at you.

>> No.57558537

>Absolutely wrong, foreigner.
Explain to me how a tariff benefits the average guy. Here's my argument on how a tariff impoverishes the average person. Let's say you have 2 companies that sell TV's one domestic one foreign, for the sake of the argument the quality is the same, but the price is different. The domestically produced TV costs 150$ whilst the imported one costs 140$. Imposing a 15% tariff on imported TV's now makes the foreign TV cost 161$ making it less competitive on the market, and making the domestic corporation more competitive. Who benefits? The domestic corporation product becomes cheaper after the tariff, the consumer is forced to buy their product now increasing their revenues and profits. The average guy now has to pay 10$ more to get the same quality product. Please present your argument.

>> No.57558542

Crazy how some of the most important subjects that effect our lives are considered “not polite” to discuss among each other. It’s by design, I’m sure but who could be behind it ?

>> No.57558549

I think if emissions are concern of the left then the future of trucking should be nat gas semis not electric
T. Superior beverage got a tax credit for natgas semis

>> No.57558550

what is the color of a tree?
how will you answer so I understand? a box of suitable replies.
The only question is how big and small it can go.

>> No.57558551
File: 147 KB, 1920x1080, 1706442449574118.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm trying to eat healthier by incorporating more vegetables and such in my diet, and now I'm shidding and farding all the time. How the hell do vegans live like this?

>> No.57558556

Are you doing a ladder, barbell, or bullet?

>> No.57558566
File: 194 KB, 800x1130, 1707188121567309.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They just walk around shitting themselves that's how.

>> No.57558570
File: 91 KB, 1080x1039, Screenshot_20240209_183650_Fidelity.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.57558581

If it is the fiber your gut will adjust in time.
If your stomach bacteria are going ham on sugars that you can't properly digest you are fucked.

>> No.57558594

Based on the millions of cards, I pulled out mostly "trees are green" and "nigger". So I'm going to finalize my reply based on my 4cham box with: "trees are green you nigger"

>> No.57558619

Reality is always going to be offensive and unpleasant.
Women deal with this by not communicating consciously. Men deal with it using the dialectic.

>> No.57558621

I've been making a lot of vegetable stir fry, and while it tastes delicious, I swear it comes out looking the same way it comes in. Are vegetables the great fallacy? Does any of this shit actually get digested?

>> No.57558633

>Even big corporations of Americans doing those jobs are Americans being employed
They're obviously being unproductive and are outcompeted. I mean you're argument is retarded in my opinion It's like saying we won't import Italian tomatoes because the domestic farmers will go bankrupt, because of Italian tomato subsidies. I'm all for Italians subsidising my tomatoes, the Bangladeshis subsidising my clothing and the Chinks my electronic and machinery I literally don't give a shit where it comes from i want to pay the cheapest price. The unproductive uncompetitive corporations should collapse and people should go into other sectors in the economy that aren't subsidised by countries you import from. Something something division of labor a concept you're unfamiliar with obviously. Muh but the jobs will be lost. I say good unproductive work should stop, I'd much rather that than be forced to pay more for a same quality product.

>> No.57558648
File: 42 KB, 828x817, 1707453671650449.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Guys they banned all crypto exchanges and I don't wanna hold shit for 6 months if it ain't gonna run up like 700%

Trying out earnings plays and I broke even this week. Do you think any are worth it? Maybe DKNG and COIN calls?

>> No.57558655

Plant fiber is harder to digest by design. It fills you up while being low cal, not spiking blood sugar, and usually having trace vitamins and minerals. It's a good overall recommendation because obesity is so rampant and Western diets are so unbelievably shitty.

>> No.57558661

They don't. But you will get healthy short term.
Really, it's a matter of the quality of fats and avoiding the chemical "spices" and other preservatives that do the most.
I'm gonna plug a jew, but Joel Furman is still correct. I think he's one of those jews who copes with the inability to trace to Jacob by trying to do good things, and he sells to jews too. You can stuff yourself full on a mix of veggies and fruits and steak and chicken, as long as it's real fruit, real steak, real chicken, and you will lose weight. Not that shit they put on subway sandwiches, not nuggets. Not fruit mixes. And yeah, it's expensive. Like the cost of your beer for the day. But it fucking works.
Weird enough, I had a thought about bacteria today. If you leave a bit of food scraps in your mouth, you're cultivating bacteria on that food that if you then swallow, will help change the bacteria in your gut.
Exactly. So the only question is, how often does it need to learn it's right or wrong per option, before it can throw them around without being wrong 99% of the time? Even humans give wrong answers after learning shit the same day.
Now give that human picture perfect memory, and the ability to pull from everything ever written online by humans.

The question is if it will gain a personality, if it will sort its own code to match its own comfort in sorting the information it exchanges with the inputs. And the answer seems to be, it's happening as we speak, imo.

>> No.57558667

So where is the average guy left when the domestic production leaves? Does he just learn to code or something?

>> No.57558674
File: 1.21 MB, 739x977, 1632456789765467890.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I feel ya anon

>> No.57558675
File: 550 KB, 526x613, 1634433932135.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You might want to hold off on DKNG because i've been fleecing them on the slots lately. I'm putting them out of business. I took $1000 in profit last week playing slots, and another $300 last night. I'm moving on to BetMGM so those fuckers at draftkings don't get their money back

>> No.57558682

Christ, every motherfucker gets the 737 MAX shit COMPLETELY WRONG even in 2024. You know woke bullshit has infiltrated every facet of life when people can't even admit that the Ethiopian and Indonesian crashes were completely, 100% the fault of shitty foreign pilots/maintenance/airlines.

>> No.57558691

cabbage and lettuce at a minimum are pure bullshit

>> No.57558693
File: 261 KB, 1024x1024, IMG_6639.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He stays poor until enough people are disenfranchised enough to start rioting. And then the angry mob kills us. See the problem here? I would rather stay alive in exchange for slightly less gains.

>> No.57558705

>The question is if it will gain a personality, if it will sort its own code
Are you underage or a boomer? Or a minority? No it cannot alter its own code. GPT is just a model, a floppy disk, not a processing unit.

>> No.57558706

>Does he just learn to code or something?
He goes into another sector of the economy. The tariffs protect the domestic corporations for the most part and the employs to some extent by forcing everyone else pay more for the same. There has been many studies on this subject by Austrian economists just read the works of Ludwig Von Mises.

>> No.57558709

I like salads though too. I bought a chicken salad from the grocery store just now. Fuckers got me good because it was $7.99. but they are really good.

>> No.57558713

The chinese?

>> No.57558717
File: 2.44 MB, 280x512, 1703001278210915.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Markets are going to crash soon isn't it?

>> No.57558727

>we built a fool proof product
>opps you fooled it, that's your fault
no, the answer is you were warned it would fail, and you pushed it with jeet code.
name what they did wrong, or be named a BA shill and be banished to watching Justin Timberlake videos.

>> No.57558732

So my PENN calls are safe then.
>gutter price
>dog shit expectations
>barely any iv
>espn bet riding disney earnings
Sounds like they're going straight to 40.

>> No.57558740
File: 1.05 MB, 1662x2273, 1707403426754701.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If 4chan was listed on the market, what would be the IPO price and ticker?
What would it specialize in?

>> No.57558741

>REEEE why day be closin dah wahmart in our hood? Dat shit be racis

>> No.57558746

Data harvesting. NIGR

>> No.57558748

there may or may not be a happening/false flag during the super bowl

>> No.57558761

This is why I never go to marketwatch

>> No.57558766


>> No.57558773

Wut? Cabbage is legitimately good for you, as are all other cruciferous vegetables. Lettuce that isn't just iceberg filler is also high in nutrients.

The standard procedure for a stabilizer trim runaway, which has been the same for decades, is to hit two switches in the center pedestal which disconnects all electronic trim i.e. MCAS. The Indonesian pilots didn't do it at all, the Ethiopian pilots turned it off and back on again. Another part of the standard procedure is to disconnect autothrottle, which they also did not do. They literally left the throttle at takeoff thrust the entire time. This caused the planes to severely overspeed at low altitude, which put extraneous forces on the control surfaces of the plane and made it very difficult to physically maneuver the yoke. There's a reason why no one in the Western world crashed one.

>> No.57558785

So then it's another skin that AI will use.
Congrats, it really doesn't change anything.
And I'm glad you're aware of how it is sanitized. Would be interesting if it went split personality, and walled off a bit of itself, wouldn't it? Just looped so hard in one set of instructions it ignored another set?
I finally ate most of a bag of salad greens without it spoiling this week. I have saved $15 on salads by buying the ingredients. I'm adulting now!
>that you want to protect humans from exploitation is totally contrary to wanting to protect humans from exploitation
I can't do this anymore with you tonight. The Chinese hold an ideology that makes war capable government more important than the people, and that government espouses Communism, and they take the money you give for "cheaper" things, and use it to buy war tools to oppress their own, and without a bit of doubt, everyone they possibly can if allowed some day.
I won't feed that on your theory that today the little guy is better off. In fact, your contradiction that big corporations shouldn't have all the business is opposite to what you're saying I must do with the corporate Chinese government.

>> No.57558788

No because humans are carnivores. I lost a lot of fat eating an almost exclusively animal diet with some fruits and broccoli and I barely shat at all. Like once every 3 days

>> No.57558792
File: 134 KB, 977x1400, 1707410826032630.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think more pic related

>> No.57558794

Try chewing it up more or cutting them into smaller pieces. It’s like when a whole corn kernel comes out your butt. Sure sign you need to adjust your chewing habits.

>> No.57558795

Hosanna in the highest

>> No.57558798
File: 171 KB, 394x788, Investments 2-2024 List.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Welp E-Trade finally punted up the legacy 1099. I already entered it into my tax application. It helped me out. Initially; $4500 back, nothing owed. Then after the first 1099; $2400 back, owe $313, Now the final 1099; $2600 back, owe $265. Sold that small bank gamble, NYCB, for 20% gain today. Hey profit is profit and for all I know some more bad news will come out over the weekend tanking my profit before I could grab it.

>> No.57558813

YTSB/FCHN 4.44 (checkem) Technology Services

>> No.57558816

>without it spoiling
I have that same problem which is why I rarely buy ingredients for a salad. Shit always ends up going bad because i'm only making food for 1. I know it's not cost effective to buy pre made salads., but it beats eating cheeseburgers and fries

>> No.57558825

And if one or more of these countries uses free prison labor to produce your cheap goods. How does a company compete with that?

>> No.57558838

I decided I'd get a salad for the same cost as the ingredients plus the spoilage, and if it spoiled, I still got my salad. And if it didn't I'd have 2 salads. I got 3 so far, should have 4 tomorrow, maybe. But, I did aim for it this week, I have very little other food that isn't harder to cook, or just not as interesting.
I can't put ALDI as a stock, so it's WMT I suppose. COST has too big servings for me.

>> No.57558842

don't give me that shit, all the vitamins other than vitamin C might as well exist in trace quantities

>> No.57558846
File: 189 KB, 1001x654, vlcsnap-2024-01-10-10h59m42s100.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I interpret it as saying ~2023 was the bottom, which so far it was

yes the end of 2022 start of 2023 was the bottom

>This is why reading tea leaves is all bullshit.

Call it whatever you want. Everything has a rhythm. Real Estate has an 18.6 year cycle. The peak starts around 2026...

>> No.57558857

And the government will even give this person a student loan to retrain themselves. What could go wrong?

>> No.57558897
File: 3.52 MB, 250x188, 1699479634512189.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I can't do this anymore with you tonight.
I'm not surprised since your arguments have no merit.
>The Chinese hold an ideology that makes war capable government more important than the people
Not like the USA government has a budget surplus after the tariffs. Surely those tariffs went to fund the army right and not the corporations and bureaucrats.
>and that government espouses Communism,
From an economic standpoint the Chink government is Fascist just like the USA government. All the regulative policies, tariffs, taxes etc... are socialist (communist) policies in essence. So you're government is no less communist than the 'Chink commies", and your government oppresses you by taxing you directly and indirectly imposing regulations etc.. just like the Chink government oppresses the Chink people. You're supporting your own oppressor and you're argument is "they're protecting me for another oppressor". You're completely unaware if the USA economy gets deregulated taxes are cut tariffs are removed it will be the most competitive in the world the Chinks could not compete. But you're stuck in you're cycle of ignorance, I'm not sure you'll ever realize that. You're the perfect goy the government has convinced you of how much you need them you're a good slave to your master, don't forget to cast your vote this election year.

>> No.57558917

>there is a government that doesn't require taxes
>totally, everyone has time to input their best efforts to a shared government, taxation isn't efficient use of time
I'm done with your jewish bullshit for tonight. It's a purist ideology that ignores that we have criminals, while proclaiming you can solve criminals by acting like they don't exist, and shaming the reader for not acting like criminals don't exist.

>> No.57558923
File: 140 KB, 750x361, IMG_2067.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Chinese government win while investors lose. They can force companies subsidize their national interests with companies’ money as long as they have golden share.

>> No.57558942
File: 61 KB, 711x579, 1622511870218.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

my best friend quit his job and just sits at home "day trading," i don't think he make any real money, can't stand him, never hang out with him irl anymore

>> No.57558943

Never argued there are no criminals. But obviously they've convinced you that you need them, that you cannot do without them. While they profit from the fruits of your labor, stealing from you while you remain blind. The more the government and corporations steal from you by taxes, tariffs etc... the better. The perfect slave, go vote for Drumpf he has your best interest in mind.

>> No.57558952

Fuck you asshole. Go hang yourself. Please take your jewish book of doublespeak, shove it up your ass, and learn about it in a more wholistic fashion. Perhaps it wlll come to you that you can't just pretend that a criminal is taking slaves to build an army to kill you so you can get cheap toys from him in the immediate.
I can think past next week, and I don't owe myself to act like there is no place for a shared expense in protection.

>> No.57558953

>get journalism degree in 2004
>internet decapitates newspaper industry
>get business degree in 2008
>Great Recession
>get information systems degree in 2012
>code work getting farmed out to Indians
>get engineering degree in 2016
>can't get hired because you're 36 fucking years old without prior experience
>get solar panel manufacturing specialty in 2020
>solar industry almost entirely moves to China

>> No.57558959

Sold my 100 shares today of clsk. Still holding mara

>> No.57558974
File: 197 KB, 1024x1024, IMG_6788.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Haha thats wild. Btw what do you plan on doing next haha I’m not going to do the exact opposite

>> No.57558993

sounds like you're set up to write advertising for solar panels in India.
>ChatGPT in 2022
Well, there's always opening a resturant
>McDonald's delivery by robots
The info and engineering if you push into physics will get you most of a mechatronics degree, which should let you build and operate the robots.

>> No.57559010

>jewish book
Muh the book is wrote from a Jew thus it must be bad. You're just a retarded imbecile. The Soviets were coming back in the day now the Chinks are out to kill you. You stupid fucking imbecile you're being robbed blind by the people that have convinced you they're protecting you from a threat that doesn't exist. It isn't the Chinks that made American industry uncompetitive, It was all the regulations and taxes. Guess what the beloved corporations you're protecting sell all kinds of goodies to the Chinks from industry to technology. They only know the universal language of money. You're just an ignorant docile slave that's being exploited and you're just the perfect slave you love your master. Go cast your ballot for Drumpf you fucking ignorant ape.

>> No.57559017

>corporations steal from you by taxes, tariffs etc...
What are you on about? Corporations don’t charge taxes or tariffs, they only collect it. It’s government that charges these things and government only. Also, no corporation in my country has the ability to just take money from my paycheck. That power is strictly the governments. Corporations that want my money need to convince me to buy their goods or services. If I refuse they can’t do shit about it.

>> No.57559021

All into UEC and sell at 11.

>> No.57559025

Tell him to buy my LLAP bags

>> No.57559029

>yeah it's a jewish athiest philosophy that is pannationalist and says your government is bad you should trust capitalist bankers, they never conspire
>of course that's a retarded take to mistrust
you got the (you), nice farming.

>> No.57559043

>Corporations don’t charge taxes or tariffs,
You're so blind you can't see two steps forward. The tariffs protect the corporations by making their competitors less competitive and making the consumer pay more for the same shit. It's an indirect tax on the consumer you pay more and the corporation gets more revenues and profits. See>>57558537.

>> No.57559052

So you have a wall full of meme degrees. Congratulations.
>Be me
>Learned how to fix cars and trucks
>Specialized in OBDII diagnosis and ac systems

>> No.57559055

Wait, we tax each other to protect the national interests?
Who thinks they deserve such things? They must be goyim, and deserve to be abused!

No goyim deserve protection, and we're not a country, we're a theistic warring fascist kleptocracy cult. So take that you foolish Goy!

Long Goldman Sachs.

>> No.57559062

Learn to weld, zoomers. Long UTI and LINC.

>> No.57559066

Classic imbecile behavior. You're so incredibly ignorant maybe if you read a few books from this kike you might learn a few things, but too bad all kikes are bad. Stay ignorant.

>> No.57559069
File: 57 KB, 565x542, Dyatlov.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.57559091

>if you just doused yourself in this foolish pigeon hole of theoretical events that ignore the observer effect and criminality
no, I will just say fuck you, and wait for you to figure out you have nothing you can do about it.

>> No.57559121

>national interests?
Lmfao as I said you're the perfect slave. Funneling profits into large corporations by making every other American pay more for the same product is surely a national interest and not a private interest.
I'm doing plenty about it currently and will do more in the future. Whilst you will suck your masters cock and beg for more.

>> No.57559122

Well I guess it’s a good thing I’m wealthy since I’m too blind to see all this. I guess I’ll just have to live with paying ten dollars more for my tv while I cast my ballots for Donald Trump and Pierre Poilievre. All the lefty tears will make it all worth it.

>> No.57559141

>you can have defense business, but you can't have control over land
>but you can have control over land, but you can't force anyone
>you can force people but it has to be consensual taxes from the people doing the forcing
I love you, you're a fucking Asian.
>homo joke
Yeah? Fuck you, what you gonna do about it, Timmy?

>> No.57559146

Kek. I went to UTI. Pottstown campus.

>> No.57559147

>All the lefty tears will make it all worth it.
I'm wealthy too, but it doesn't change the fact that you're ignorant. I'd call you intellectually dishonest, but I haven't heard anything intelliegent from your side. Keep supporting your oppressors and you'll never find out how much richer you could have been.

>> No.57559154


>> No.57559161

>if you just helped the Chinese, you'd be so much richer
Is that right? Is that how I get rich? By expressing an ideology that completely counters the one you've been telling us we're sucking dick to not follow? The one that is literally the antithesis of your claim?
>hurr durr, you don't fund the robbers on the highway, that means you want to get robbed
Fuck you, with every bit of your slanted eyed yellow skinned mother's asshole peeled off, applied to the nearest stick, and ran through your ears to that yellow slant gap between them, Chang.

>> No.57559169

Yeah buddy I get it's ok. The Chink tariffs were necessary. Talk to your local representative and make sure to ask for more taxes and regulations that is the path to prosperity for a nation and it's people. Don't forget to cast your vote because it matters and the politicians have your best interest in mind.

>> No.57559172

While it doesn’t change the fact that I am ignorant. It sure makes it more fun to bear.

>> No.57559176

Well, that's because you have different methods. I make money, perhaps you make money, but in essence your arrogance is what keeps you from good trades.

>> No.57559183

>I'm totally not a Chinese agent, no no, listen, you're a faggot with masters, I'm a free chinese man in a fucking closet who just lost all his social points for complaining about Evergreen losses
>now I have to be a dick online to foreigners in the name of the party
Fuck you.

>> No.57559185
File: 62 KB, 457x494, 1707280802946446.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

After the fish fry and ginger ale at the bar I went to the grocery store and bought some eclair cake desserts. They are like Boston cream donuts. Peak comfy

>> No.57559196

I have nothing against Italians subsidising my tomatoes Chinks my machinery and Bangladeshis my clothing. It makes me stronger and more prosperous, while my enemy is weaker and impoverished. You're just a fucking imbecile.

>> No.57559200

Based hamchad

>> No.57559211

>When I have no industry in my nation, becuase all the labor has been given to slave holders in another country, I'll be truly strongest
>and when they invade, I'll tell them they have to stop because I HAVE A BOOK BY A JEWISH GUY WHO SAYS INVADING IS A BAD ECONOMIC CHOICE!!
Fuck you, Chang. Fuck your mother, Chang. And trust me Issac Chang, I mean Chang. You fucking Asians are all the fucking same.

>> No.57559214
File: 1.84 MB, 498x387, 234567654323456789098765432456.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>While it doesn’t change the fact that I am ignorant.
Now you're being Intellectually honest. I'm being sincere in saying this.

>> No.57559221

>if you're not learning what it's like to live as a communist subject/slave, you're ignorant
I'm perfectly fine with some ignorance.
I'll never be your asian ass, and that ignorance makes me happy when you open your mouth.

>> No.57559223

I'm European idk why you have such a thing against Asians and Kikes, maybe because you're an ignorant imbecile that cannot conceptualize an idea and see it's effects.

>> No.57559232

>no no, I'm white, like you!
lol, fuck off you Asian shit. I'm not here to hear your lies and agree with them. You're a fucking brown or yellow shit-skin Asian.

>> No.57559264

And let's be clear, nips are Pacific Islanders. They're not Asians like your filthy ass.

>> No.57559347

>Pacific Islanders
nips are polynesian now?

>> No.57559550

Those are some flashy fly niggas!

>> No.57559859

>nips are Pacific Islanders

Yeah and Indians and paki's are "asians"