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i have become good friends with the girl who rejected me

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to what purpose?

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You're supposed to cut ties with her and ignore anything she says to you retard.

Enjoy hanging out with her and her black boyfriend whose child she will give birth to in a year. Maybe you can babysit for them since you're such a good friend?

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>muh blacks
Amerimuts are mentally ill.

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flaunt your wealth but do not pay a dime for her anything

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What if her black boyfriend has cute feets to worship, even the pope likes some BBC

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we share friend groups

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>You're supposed to
>her black boyfriend
How did you get filtered by the internet so hard Anon? Have you tried going outside and talking to women?

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That’s cool, I have sex with her on the weekends

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The color doesn't really matter just giving a general example for the modern day. Get cancer please faggot

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Good for you, Anon. You're maturing and on a path to be a happier person.

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>The color doesn't really matter
Then why are you talking about niggers?
>just giving a general example for the modern day
White women don't generally fuck niggers, Anon. Don't get so defensive, you're clearly a bit mentally unhinged.

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>554974▶>>57554995 >>57555001
>>muh blacks
>Amerimuts are mentally ill.
shut up faggot this shit really happens. the girl i used to simp for now has a half black child. idk why she doesnt quit social media out of shame.

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Spoken like a true non-white. Stay swarthy

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I'm fine as fuck and 100% Euro stock. Cope seethe dilate etc, my girl thinks niggers smell bad. Goodbye.

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>my girl thinks niggers smell bad

She's fucked enough of them to know what they smell like?

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Black people in Europe smell

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She is keeping you around to boost her ego. Stop talking to her and flirt with other girls. You'll make her mad af.

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ko her with a kick in the head and shit in her mouth

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but she gave me her number before i asked her out and seemed to want to be friends....

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I think you're being very mature about this and correct in your actions I'm aware of.

However, there is still a widespread feeling that some women just chase attention endlessly, for many reasons. They might have had unhealthy relationships with their fathers or it could be something else. If it doesn't bother you, then good for you. Please understand, though, that some men have grown to resent this in women and they will insist that those friendships should be ended. I hope that you can see both sides of this issue and won't be the kind of male friend that will prevent your new friend from finding happiness in a new relationship, if she does begin to seek one.