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i just wanna make it to buy my mother a nice house

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My parents already have a big house in the suburbs with a huge swimming pool and 3 sports cars, I want to make it to buy myself a house kek

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Your mom failed to get a man that would provide her a home

Mine did too

Mine picked a tall chad blue collar guy (my dad) who wasted all his money on stupid shit

Funny thing is the guy who ended up being my god father is the guy who wanted to marry my mom, but she friend zoned the manlet and one of my moms friends married the manlet instead, the manlet who wanted my mom ended up becoming a super successful lawyer and owns like 20 houses

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i want to be a thief since nobody wants to hire me and nobody wants to help me get a job.

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Wait, that's why i daytrade and cross-chain swap in Rango all day too

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My parents are multi-millionaires. They will always live better than me until they die, when I can move into/sell their house.

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Same here, anon. I’m jealous of people that post family pics during the holidays in big, beautiful houses. I want that for my family.

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Mine is a gaslighting expert narcissist cunt, she can live on the street lolololol

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>tfw I literally loaned my mother 50 k$ so she could pay off het mortgage

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(loan was at prime rate, so no real profit for me)

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What’s the point you’ll already be old at that point too… khskk

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lmao. My parents are also a multi-millionaires. we owned a huge and beautiful house with a garden and pool. Imma living my life here but i also have a job as a day trader. I used to have a call trading community in beoble to generate more money, but now im lazy to do that.

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My dad was a chad, but now he's fat, unhealthy, unhygienic and old. He's an alcoholic and smokes 2 packs a day. He can't even hold down a job at Walmart and got fired recently.

My mom is cool af and lives with me now. Cooks, cleans and helps with the rent.

Still, I'll be left with basically nothing. They don't even have life or health insurance. If I inherit my dad's house, I'll still owe like $50k on it and it needs probably $60k - $80k in repairs.

You can't choose how you started the game. But, you can shape the way it ends.

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My parents are almost 70, and I'm almost 30. I'll probably still be able to live half my life after I inherit their wealth.