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>first real pump in a month
>no signs of euphoria
This board is really dead huh

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we don't wanna jinx it, you jinxer

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this rally will fail like the others

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>ETH gas fees are stupidly high
I just want to continue making stupid money on shitcoins but the damn gas fees fucked that all up. And no Solana doesn't count unless you want to donate all of your money to some stinky shitface.

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skill issue
I just made a swap for free with uniswapx

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If we show euphoria, the newfags will come

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Its not really dead its about how market has been behaving lately.
last real pump put some hopes and devastated em in a matter of days.
the only sign of euphoria for me has been sniping auctions both in Amazon and eesee, 50$ profit so far on a week.
Not much but ive not going super hardcore on it.

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it's too late for pumps to matter. it could rocket to 100k and no one would care. ennui has won

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This is a bobo board now. Bitch.

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Zoomies are all on tiktok not this boomer site

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I don't feel anything because my shitcoins aren't moving.

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lmao okay grandpa keep drinking your mountain dew playing world of warcraft and complaining about how hard life is online in your mother's basement i'm going to go make a living day trading crypto and make more money than you can even comprehend

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what coins are trending on tiktok rn? Help an elder out anon

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how can gas fees be avoided?

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lmao gas fees can't be avoided because of the stupid eth network it's trash and you should sell all your crapcoins i am going to laugh at you when you lose all your money dumb*ss and the only thing you can eat is my huge cock

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Let me know when it's 50k you stupid fruithead

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its some coincidence of wants (basically an orderbook) algorithm basically ripped from COWswap I think
you just sign the transaction and the swap happens with 0 gas instantly like magic

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No signs of euphoria means the top isn't in yet.