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Why can't he find a job?

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go back

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>negative net worth
>has gf that wants to have his babies
this faggot made it already

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tell him to go all in on a coin called PregnantButtCum. i heard it will do a 1000x this bullrun. you didn't hear it from me though.

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this guy has a toe in five different things hoping to strike gold but he’s not good at any of them. he should probably apply for a job that he considers to be beneath him, and if necessary leave his stupid masters off of the cv.

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I have an MPA and got a cushy government job, sounds like a personal problem

it took me ~3 years after graduation and 1,200 job applications and 2 shitty temp positions to get there. it's not a path for the weak willed unless you got connections

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The OP should have become a plumber. A plumber is a trade that deals with plumbing. Plumbers can be paid well compared to being unemployed. Typically plumbers can be expected to make more money on an annual basis than some single mothers, but this analysis can be confounded by the possibility of some plumbers being single mothers and the converse possibility of that which is some single mothers can possibly be plumbers. This is considered rare in the author's opinion and to date the author has not heard of a single mother plumber. The author cautions the reader about becoming a single plumber.

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plumbers are niggers LOL proud white men get paid to sit at home and shitpost while ethnics deliver their amazon packages and doordash SUCKS TO SUCK I GUESS!!!!!!

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>goes into debt for a master in public admin
>doesnt want to work in a public admin

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>masters degree
>fired because of no good reason
The real problem is handing out degrees like candy to literally any retard

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lol why can't he find a job he wants to avoid getting his hands dirty with actual work like some loser unlike me who has a huge cock he also seems to think a masters degree is somehow going to get him a well paying job when all it does is signal to employers that he can't actually do anything

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>bike mechanic
Why doesn’t he rapier bikes…….
Can’t believe fucking dumb assholes like this get to have real gf while I’m stuck coping with my millions of dollars but only have ai woman interaction

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>some glowie faggot made a bot but he couldnt stop thinking about huge cocks
you cant make this shit up

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I feel kinda’ bad for the guy. He sounds like a fellow creative who struck out of the more profitable job market. I’m sitting on an MA in English. It was a long journey of missteps:
>want to teach high school
>have a rare moment of clarity in my youth and realize that was a very bad idea
>take bad advice from college to get an MA to teach junior college instead
>graduate- no jobs. (all the PhDs taking jr college jobs because there are no openings at universities)
>decide to pursue paralegal studies
>most of the job is playing bill collector and getting yelled at
>take low-paying generic office job
>get slightly better job as an editor
>pays less each year as no raises and inflation
>branch out into graphic design, because have art skills, and job offers me a raise if i can be in-house designer. get various and assorted certifications in Adobe Suite
>now foreign labor is driving pay on that down the toilet so side gigs are largely out of the question
>(at least I still have my shitty, slightly better paying office job)
The ONE THING I did not do was go into debt. I had a full ride for all of my college. I’ve never been great with numbers and don’t have the gut for medicine. There’s simply just not a lot of good paying work in anything I can be good at. If I had gone into debt for my education I would die poor and alone.

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>told all your life that you need to get a degree
>it does not actually do anything to improve your prospects
>no refunds
>money stolen

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>learn more from this experience than your PhD in dick sucking

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He can still become a plumber. But he won’t because he’s a bougie cuck

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No one wants to clean up shit for the rest of their life. Blue-collar work is for plebs

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Meh. Pretty much all entry level jobs want some type of degree, at the very least an associates. This sentiment is /biz/ cope.

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>I don't want to be a number for the government
Sounds like he doesn't want one. Also go back.

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quads witnessed, I feel for him but if this dude has a wife that wants kids he needs to get off his ass, no man should have to be told this especially at 35

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the problem: don't want to work for government meanwhile private sector is in recession.

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also imagine being 35 and this still being an issue that you can't get a job i am 32 and make six figures i bet this dude is an incel and never leaves his basement and jerks off to loli hentai all day

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Hope this ain’t a larp. If not, you have much to learn and precious little time.

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I had hard time for finding a job around 2016 but after I landed a job, several HRs contacted me in 2018 because companies started hiring again. This is really difficult time again.

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dogbat fixes this

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stopped reading at public administration

Imagine being a white man and getting building your career for a DEI job. lol, lamo even.

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The system is a faggoty scam. Simple as

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Nah, fuck the trades. Only real trade is hvac. Everything else is garbage

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Enjoy your artificial knee.

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>bike "mechanic" for a decade
>masters in public admin
Can't tell if fun posting or actual portlander

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the system is a f----y scam simple as

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All trades suck. I'm just saying hvac at least pays well quickly. The others pay feces until you become a journeyman and even then it's mid considering the work

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The system is an IQ test, you failed

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No, the IQ test is going all in crypto to escape the scam. I already won, faggot

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The fact that bike "mechanics" exist is a testament to how fucking useless and retarded everyone is now.

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>i got a masters in public administration
>i hate buearaucracy
Well there's your problem,fag. All the other shit about being an author or musician is irrelevant. Get another bike mechanic job so you can fix Chad the dentists 10 thousand dollar road bike for 20 bucks and hour and learn to enjoy being brow beaten by your wife for the rest of your life because you are retarded

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Crypto isn't outside the system, and pumps for the same reason other assets pump, congrats for making it, but you still failed the IQ test

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this ai slop is really shit. Please post something better

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>Crypto isn't outside the system
you're splitting hairs like a down syndrome retard. It helps escape wage slaving, you dumbass monkey

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Nigger, you went there to party and you know it

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as a dutchfag good luck replacing your bike chain or outer/inner wheel tubes. you have to take off the entire wheel and depending on the bike fuck with the gearbox. or i can take it down the block and have it done in a couple hours for €50 or something. anything more complex and a tire puncture is off the the mechanics

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>Why can't he find a job?
Because he got a degree specializing in working for the government and decided to not take any government jobs. PEBKAC issue if there ever was one.

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You don't understand the mechanism of your success and will therefore fall back into wagery, slave

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he should work for antifa

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>you have to take off the entire wheel

Oh no undo a nut and pull out the shaft. Wow such hard task. No wonder your country is getting filled with niggers and falling apart if the country of bicycle nerds are incapable of basic maintenance that I used to do when I was fucking 9 years old. Actually one of the most pathetic posts I have ever read.

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You're a dumb nigger that splits hairs to save face

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"I didn't want to be a number for the gov't bro!"

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I never put my education on my CV and I earn 200k now

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Or I'm just specialized and like to save time. My surgeon doesn't mow his lawn either

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I have a similar MA. I teach is Asia and have about $5000 left over each month to put into crypto. The problem is you are only looking at the domestic job market, cast your eyes to the world young man

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>this ai slop is really shit. Please post something better

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Anyone who says meh is immediately wrong.

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Honestly ~6 months isn't that long to be looking. I spent about 8 months unemployed and just applying daily and I ended up in a good position, about 200k total compensation with bonus now, was 90k starting. I mean at 9 months I'd say settle for something but 6 months really isn't THAT long to be searching, honestly.

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I should have clarified that was in 2020 for me. Not sure if the market is different now.

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>they fired me because of no good reason

I don't really need to read any more of that lmao.

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that's old news and not really relevant today the market has changed significantly since 2020 things are different now the economy is in better shape so there's more jobs available and the pay is better i think it's pretty obvious that you have a small cock and that you shouldn't have wasted so much time looking for jobs i find it hard to believe that you were even able to make 90k a year with that tiny dick of yours

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>parents didn’t hire him and pay him starting 850k/yr

Stay poor, racist fucks!

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>fails at work and self employment
>still "writes" a book about it to "help young people" like he is an expert
This man is such a joke.
>my girlfriend wants to get pregnant
What kind of expert manipulator you have to be to be a loser but your gf wants to have your child anyways. Atleast he has got that going for him.

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I can't tell if I should respond seriously to this post or not. Oh fuck that's exactly what you meant

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That's 99% of self-help and productivity content though.

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He certainly sounds like a con artist type. He starts many different businesses and complains that none of them work out. Probably his music is shit, his writing is shit and he does fuck all at work so they fire him and then nobody wants to hire him.
He is one of those "digital course" consumer that ends up producing digital courses because none of them work except to entice other idiots to buy them. The classic pyramid scheme.

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Bro probably runs a TikTok where he gives advice about how he got rich

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>Only real trade is hvac
Laughs as multi six figure locksmith