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Chainlink is dead already.... it went up a few dollars and just fucking died. fucking sergey is dumping on us. i'm out. im selling. im done.

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relax fren
the cabal is just pumping btc a bit to slow down link's momentum
but this tactic is losing power fast
$20 should be soon, definitely within 2 weeks

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ultimately, people buy their tokens because they believe the price will increase. obviously the carefully crafted brand is a major attractor to prospective customers, but if the price doesn't at least fluctuate sometimes, people will lose interest. that's why you can't sell every pump, you have to let it ride for a while. it might be tempting to take all these profits, but it will harm your long term ability to extract money from people's paychecks. think of these opportunity cost as marketing expenses, because that's what they are