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where are you guys? im outside the parking lot right now.

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fuck you Brandon we said we would come but we didn't because you're boring

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I already ordered a beer at the bar retard, 20 minutes until we get a table.

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In my room sick with the Big Coof 19. I don’t think the vaccines did anything. Pray for me boys. This fuckin sucks

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>parking lot
You went the complete opposite way

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bruh i thought you were dead

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Hang on I’ll be there in 5 minutes
(I haven’t even left home yet)

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Sitting in my work truck milking the clock like a dairy farmer

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I'm here, experiencing the 4th industrial revolution trustless society

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I'm in bed about to go back to sleep because I stayed up until 8 am staring at charts. I'd normally just get up with 4 hours of sleep but I need some energy for the gym.

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Taking a smoke break at work

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Fuck bruh. Thought you got liquidated lmao. you better go to your room and play blocklords til you earn some monies.

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So I sat down and someone stuck their penis through that hole. I think they must have thought it was a urinal? Not sure what to do.

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Get out your knife and get ready to suck, its time to circumcise.

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We're already inside, just come on in bro