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Did you outperform, or underperform Bitcoin's return in 2023 (156%)?

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LINK at $7 average
Less time period of a hold too.

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>studied hard
>Had a shit office job but make good money
>Have a son with wife at 25
>He is sever autist (you can't detect severe autism during pregnacy)
>He is 9yo
>Can't talk only makes weird noises
>Only play with baby toys
>He have to wear diapers because somedays he refuses to go to the bath
>Some days he becomes agresive and destroys the house
>He only sleeps 3-4h
>No sex with wife (sex drive goes to 0 when you don't sleep a full night for years)
>Only fun thing of my life is playing some vidya in the bus to work
>Regret not being a comfy happy neet.

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I 5x-ed this year. This is my last bullmarket, I eithe r make it or get rekt

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I got scared in 2021 from almost losing it all and I haven't been a shitcoin for 3 years now during the bear market.
No AI coins, no PulseH3X coins, no Arbiturm coins, no PEP coins, no Solana coins.

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>buy alts because Bitcoin wont have high returns
>alts bleed vs BTC

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i bought monero

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RIP anon
I would have to hire hookers to stay sane.

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BCH at $120 average

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Neither I’m all in BTC

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I bought too close to the top to have made any real returns

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I exactlyperformed it

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Bitcoin returns are fake, it's all wash trading and Tether manipulation.