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how do i short shorting?

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have bears ever zoomed out?

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stop loss at 44.6k

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Bobo is panicking.
Everyone selling at this state is clearly retarded an belong to reddit

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Scalping my nigga

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how do I do this?

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Press Short.

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thanks, why don't people just say "sell" then? What did Bart Simpson mean when he said "Eat my shorts" ?

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When you short, you sell an asset that you borrowed, then you buy it back at a lower price (hopefully) and pocket the difference

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not the same thing. In order to sell something you have to own it first, while shorting can be done even if you don't

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how do i short bitcoin on coinbase if I own zero bitcoin?

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as far as i know coinbase doesn't allow that currently. It used to, on coinbase pro

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You should search for Crypto Futures trading Coinbase on youtube.
Hope you are okey with losing money, as is the fate of most traders .

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"To be short" means to benefit from a decrease in price. "To be long" means to benefit from an increase in price.

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Just don't, leverage is how you lose everything. Buy low sell high is the way anon.