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what does he feel when he market sells millions of tokens?

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The inevitability of it all

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relief because he knows that he will be able to make payroll for his 520 employees for atleast another year.

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Why isnt he hunted down fucking hell mans having endless orgies with roasties at our expense

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It's a cuck fantasy to get dumped on by a large stinky bastard

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>price goes up
Honestly don't care what he feels

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Didn't know it cost him a billion dollars a year

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You'd think the fudders would take a break when LINK pumps but...no lol.

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You ever coom while thinking about how pointless it all is simultaneously, like you're just going through the motions and pressing the receive dopamine button because you have nothing better or more meaningful to do.

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sergey requires certain "premium" services from his employees