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where can i learn farming/horticulture/landscaping/terramorphing techniques? after i sell my link i want to improve the planet somewhat by converting desert land into lush forests

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Why do you think planting over existing ecosystems with non native plants is a good idea?

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Why don't you start with a garden bed lil nigga

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buy at least an acre of land and tool around on it. you can do projects and teach yourself over time

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i think ground water retention is generally better for life to situate itself rather than dried up wasteland

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Read books on keyline systems.

Based response. Desert dwelling troons btfo.

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Are you gonna change the soil too?

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Chill bruh he watched Dune

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The soil will change itself once plants start to grow you desert dwelling Arab paedophile desert romanticist.

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Okay I didn't know of the free soil hack, just plant a tree in a rocky desert and all of a sudden you get growing soil.

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All good, next time you go outside see if there are brown leaves on the ground and meditate on it.

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