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Hey, I have a question, someone once wrote on a group that if you want to start a business, it has to be something that women can't do. Nowadays, many professions have been taken over by women and the niche in business remains only where women cannot work, I mean mainly physical work.

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only a man would say "hey I have a question" and then not ask a question

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Sorry, what was the question?

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Fucking zoomer you’re not ready for the interwebs

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I think you may be gay or low t anon

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>assuming women can into computers
>not knowing you can be sexist if you have fewer than X employees
Its so over man, get some more experience.

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My dick hasn’t got hard in a week

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I think you are unto something. I think physical work is the big one where you can get rich with little competition because everyone wants o easy jobs today and no one wants to put in any physical work. Those jobs that require physical work pay tons of $$$ in the West.

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Women are shit at low level programming or designing high performance complex systems.

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just watch mike rowe dirty jobs and you'll find the male-dominated businesses

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judging by the state of software in general, everyone sucks at this

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Inversely, what are the most female dominated fields so I can increase my proximity to women in the hopes one might fuck me?

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here you go

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Wow, half of this shit could seize existing tomorrow morning and nobody would even notice.

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>judging by the state of software in general, everyone sucks at this
Nah. 90% of programmers are clueless code monkeys. But the the top 10% are all men.

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Oh trust me, you'd notice. Many don't sound impressive, and aren't necessarily, but someone's got to do them.