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Is $fi the biggest scam of this run?

Team recently 10xed supply and dumping relentlessly

Key team members leaving

Token not needed

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I'm really curious about this as well. I was just thinking about dropping two eth on this yesterday idk what's going on it seems like a good entry point I just want one winner this bullrun

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I remember you from last night anon I went to sleep and my thread was archived. I’m still waiting to see how this pans out as well personally before I jump in

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>Team recently 10xed supply and dumping relentlessly
Kek how is a 1:10 split increasing the supply? Get better FUD nigger

These guys are filling a niche that EVERY. SINGLE. FUCKING. crypto company has been struggling to find a solution for since 2015. A regulated asset custodian that doesn’t leverage your assets.

What I will admit is that the community fucking sucks and it’s full of pajeets.

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Guy with 1 million subscribers just shilled fideum on his channel:
https://youtu.be/c1wSQQXl2Ig (min 11:40)

Buy now or perish faggot (I’m 30% down since I aped into it lmao)

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Imagine actually believing this.

The only use case for the token is for the team to dump on you

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This is actually bearish. How much do you think the youtuber was paid?

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It only started last month and is still low so I have my eyes on this. Gonna throw a few hundred in and see what happens. At the current moment this is definitely a high risk/high reward play so basically a gamble.

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dude I kept trying to keep that thread alive. You are based anon I like you. I want discussion as well. I don't have much to gamble with and times are fucking tough right now. The TG gives me kinda weird vibes the traders TG seems a bit better

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Wrong. The 10x supply/rebrand/dumping started last month. Bbank was around and crashed to basically nothing in the last bear.

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Kek he’s also shilling tao, chainlink, monero, polygon, etc. Maher is not getting paid by these guys dude. And even if it was true, how is a company paying influencers to shill a product bearish? What’s more, how is a project like fideum that’s literally oriented toward normie users being shilled by a 1m follower youtuber bearish? Grow a brain buddy.

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Ugh that's what I'm afraid of, I don't want to gamble right now. I checked the website it seems ok but idk it seems like it had potential. Although it does trigger my autism when coins change names.

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How many $fi to make it?

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checked, nice

so you think it's a bunch of baggies waiting for the rebrand and now dumping?

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there's also a part of me that believes that the less engagement a thread receives, the more that anons are trying to keep it under wraps until it hits a sufficiently high price point and then they start trying to instill fomo

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1M sers

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Ok heres the rundown:
>CEO is ex aave, ashkenazi Jewish (can’t lose) and worked for federal agencies busting crypto criminals in the past
>Aave went from ethlend to aave rebrand (same as blockbank to fideum)
>ceo is doing the same with fideum aave did with ethlend
>token didn’t increase the supply 10x, they just split every blockbank to 10 fideum and previous holders’ tokens were swapped
>exchange called gate.io was shorting bbank and fideum got dwf labs (this is their portfolio by the way https://www.dwf-labs.com/portfolio)) on board to market make the token and discourage shorters from fucking with the token
>fideum doesn’t leverage tokens so it probably won’t implode (there’s always a chance though)
>chainlink OG whales hold a shitload of fideum and are fudding for fun (https://x.com/pankekkeku/status/1747384727252639772))
>telegram is full of homosexual jeets and useless advocates working for free. That’s the only negative part about the project, literal jeet communities formed around fideum.
>licensed as neobank in one of the strictest jurisdictions of the world (Lithuania)
>preparing for series A funding

>470k retail customers
>125 institutional customers

>1.7 million retail customers
>100 institutional customers (maybe 300 by 2022?)

I think given that Fideum has about a 3rd of the customers Celcius had, a 3rd of Celcius' market cap at ATH ($3.3 billion) would be realistic.

That'd put Fideum at $1.1 billion market cap this cycle, that's $0.27 per token and that's if they don't keep growing.

Target is $1 by EOD.

That’s it.

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Whales are fudding their own investments retard

This guy is a top 30 holder and keeps talking shit about fideum, why do you think that is?

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Why the fuck would you fud fideum only to ask me such a thing??? Mythical lonely tiger is that you fucking nigger?

Stop fudding for fun, you’re going to make us have another zeus capital scenario cunt

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I saw that this morning. Based af anon I appreciate it

I was thinking this last night. Why the fuck was there no engagement on that thread whatsoever. Just weird as fuck. Anons want to accumulate for the low.

Thanks for the rundown anon pretty sure you were the original guy from the 100k thread as well. How much should I dump into this. My portfolio is shit tier right now and I need to balance it out. Have 30k sidelined like a tard

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>t. Fideum “team” member who wants to dump on you

99.99% down (literally) shitcoin with $2 million volume where the only use case for the token is to dump on retail to enrich the team. Stop scamming, you shitbag. 10x’d supply to fake a new price and new token and dump more. Scam scam scam.

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Sloppy job fag, easy to spot your id change. If you want to have some fun just create a new fideum telegram channel and spread FUD there, it’ll reach normalfags faster and the jeet advocates might even pay you some money for it if it starts gaining traction kek

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come on, this is just being lazy now.

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you still around broski? I am having trouble posting for some reason

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Everyone knows 1m is no where near enough to make it. Make it stack has always been 2m

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this is the type of coin i just dump a couple grand in and leave it for a few months without looking aka comfy

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The team is pretty incompetent/scammy. Love watching retards getting hypnotized by a mastercard logo. Market cap is low and it'll probably have a x5 from here but it'll be on hype and nothing more. It doesn't have meme potential and it has very little use case -- the worse of both worlds. Recently they fired their business dev director and missed a deliverable deadline, so they made up some shit about a domain switch and a template refresh being some big news. It's been even funnier watching bagholders pretend this was intentional the whole time lmao. Pic related.

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scam shillers, is this your best work? Pathetic. At least I can rest easy knowing anyone who eats your bullshit probably deserves to lose their money.

How's your team paypig coin doing today on price?

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The whole announcing announcements does seem super corny and scammy. And on top of it the announcements were shit. Doesnt give me much confidence or a sense of perfessionalism. Also the escapethewage twitter shill they hired...why hire him to shill to midwits on X if they are going to reach the billions?

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Since the scam shillers have abandoned their own shitcoin thread I will give the update!:

>Down 28% since relaunching the 99.99% down token. Basically infinitely down shitcoin created for dumping on holders.
>Still no use case for the token other than to dump on retail and fund the "team"
>Best defense for the scam shillers is to compare the token to Celsius, a scam that lost people lots of money and cratered to nothingness

Peak shitcoin, peak scammer thread. I fucking hate people like OP so I'm happy to be here providing valuable information.

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Sorry not like OP (SORRY OP!), but like this retard

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The telegram channel admins are antagonizing everyone that asks questions about the project, that’s a great way to make enemies and turn the community against you. There’s a rumor going around about a member of the South African royalty selling a billion tokens because one of the admins made fun of him and that’s why the price is taking a shit. What a shitshow.

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This is the type of fud i came here for. Just sold 100k. Thanks anon

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It’s joever