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is it too late to get some FUN anon?

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>is it too late to buy more money

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Have FUN with gains

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No, was about to post that this is about to shoot up in the next day check the charts consolidation is done 25 cents by the end of the month

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what's with that massive sell wall?

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It's an illusion. The wall only exists because you believe it does and consequently don't want to risk buying into it

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20 million

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Attention pajeets
Dont listen to op he is part of pump n dump group

they are targeting FUN

see for yourself, it ain’t fun

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>thinks FUN will dump because of a discord group

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>look mom I posted it again

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I dumped my XLM to go all in on FUN. probably stupid, but this is play money to me. Fuck it. I'm looking for that moonshot.

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>mfw when someone doesn't want to be /comfy/

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its gonna 10x to a dollar in 4 months, good decision bro. I'm holding my 20k bags i bought at the atl. comfiest hold of my life

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I'm about to buy in at .08 cents. I don't know jack shit about this but I like the threads. ALL IN BABY

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Buy for the memes, stay for the gains.
/biz/ 2018

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XRB got me insane gains and I joined it for the memes. Memes we trust nigger

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mate its a great time to buy, but i beg you do your research. you will guaranteed be unable to hold when required unless you have faith in the coin. do yourself a favour and research the fuck out of this before you buy. the price isn't going to change for 24 hours at least so give yourself the best chance of making money and read the white paper at least. then buy

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anon I am sorry. I am just a brainlet. If I remember this post in the morning, I will do. Yet it is your post alone that gives me faith.

Roll the dice.

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Magfest? I wish i could go this year.

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No, just bi-annual gambling. Planning on putting all my winnings straight into a coin. Maybe even FUN in good faith.

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I bought fun the other day, I didn't get much, I'm not a high roller so I picked up almost 3k. It seems like it will be FUN to post in the meme threads.

I think the fact that the name of the token is FUN and that it is associated with gambling means that it could really take off.

I'm not sure if anyone here is familar with the vidya CS:GO, but about 1.5 years ago all the items MOONED in value because there were many gambling sites accepting them as payment. I think I read $5 billion was spent on gambling through that game. This is why I think the meme of:


Is totally incorrect. People just don't have methods to gamble money online. As soon as a way appears, they will do it. I'd say the industry could be 5x as big.

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Anyone remember how well clams did? This shit's gonna do great and we can all justify gambling some profits. Let's have some fun

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FUN is still a great investment at the moment if for some reason you weren't already onboard when it was cheaper. Real value here.

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Join us, we are fun and also fair

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is there a fun discord group from /biz/?

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>not posting the one true waifu

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gl bro, hope u make some gains

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