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I can finally afford my dream car, a Challenger SRT8, but I am feeling guilty about and don't think I can go through with the purchase.

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Do it, your black ass deserves from reparations from whitey.

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Don't do it. Negro car money pit.

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Thats your self preservation instinct saving you

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We get it you're a basketball American

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Why not buy a real Challenger? From 1970. Why be a faggot?

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No matter what beoble or biz tells you, buy it, it's a tangible good that you can use but also invest with

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>Dream car
Grow the fuck up.
My dream car is one that doesn't cost a fortune to maintain and can reach 400k miles.

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Then don’t. Give the money away to some refugees so they can buy a Challenger SRT8.

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>Dream car is a dodge

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A car should only cost in parts to maintain. If you can't do the work yourself you aren't a true man and your opinion will never matter. Might as well come out as trans and rope.

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do it pussy

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Do you deadlift 5 plates, run 5 in 30, shoot an inch group at 25 from holster in 2s, speak another language, have a 230+IQ, a 200k job, know a programming language, can swim 50m underwater, and are at least an EMT-P?

If not, you aren't a real man. Keep coping with your manual, knowing how to heel n toe, scandi flick, and the order of the throughout bearing, pressure plate, clutch, and flywheel.

Of course you also have your Professional Engineer cert and know how to price derivatives.

So tired of people picking one of these and acting like they matter more than the rest.

Oh and 30-36 is buy range and 280k is the top this cycle.

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Loan 1 for a week then you see its not worth spending the money