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Is LINK gonna be the best investment one can make in 2024?

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Yes. It will make early btc/eth buyers look like little babies in comparison.

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I look like this.

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I suspect there are way more people positioned to profit massively from a LINK run than BTC/ETH combined at the equivalent investment window of opportunity
which mathematically makes an equivalent run very unlikely

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>I suspect there are way more people positioned to profit massively from a LINK run
nah. most people (even "savvy crypto investors") are too stupid to know why link is so significant

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The time for LINK profit to make was 2017. The chainlink is finished, down 90% against ETH, newer coins and oracle solutions are more preferable like API3

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this crypto coin [Link} is going to get fucked soooo hard tonite

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so will btcdragon be don't sleep on it chad

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>The time for LINK profit to make was 2017
language spoken at home status?

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femboys are a lie. sure they look hot on rule 34 websites, but in real life they smell like a man, are hairy like a man, and have a Y chromosome, like a man.

ok, and? even if so, looks fade with time.

sadly, this is the truth.

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portfolio status?

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Why are they insisting on ruining the image of Linj the hero? Who's behind this? What's the targeted audience?

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link was named that way because he was supposed to be a link between the game and the player
therefore, these memes are trying to tell you that you are a tranny

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Kek baggies

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post kik/discord I'll make you my permanent slut

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Xe looks like a woman

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pls pls pls pls be my boiwife

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no, link was named that way to suppress the link price

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That awakens something in me if you know what I mean. I’m talking about my penis.

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and here you provide photographic proof to said claim, don't forget timestamp

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Link only takes Ganon though