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i consider my coworkers "friends". am i a loser?

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All of them or just a select few that you like/are like you?
if the former, yes
if the latter, no that's fine

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How long have you been a Frogposter?

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I'm here for money not there to socialize with peasant plebian normal fags or dumb autismos.

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I work at an IT company where all my coworkers are white zoomers/millennials who are into crypto gambling so yeah a lot of them my friends.
If I worked with literally anyone else this wouldn't happen.

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There's a weird guy at a work who considers me his "friend", what a loser.

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stop being autistic, im sure they like you.

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You should consider everyone your friend, the idea the your only real friends are the people you had sleepovers with when you were a child is for losers. This idea is often pushed in mainstream media, that’s how you know it’s designed to fuck you over and ultimately make you less likely to breed

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start being autistic, i sure they hate you

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ill be your friend

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not as much as me, i consider the people on this board my friends

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I have one coworker that I'm friendly with, but still not a friend. Everyone else, it's just professionalism. Best to have a circle of friends outside of work, whether you meet them from /soc/, local Discord, Facebook, or at the bar or whatever. But don't be a work friend, unless you're in retail.

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a bit

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I am :)

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Only if you're skinny. There's nothing worse in the world than skinny WHITE men

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Yes! I have frens! I told APS I did. They didn't believe me.

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