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I have received multiple weeklong bans for creating posts that contain the O word. I just want to discuss Bitcoin with other anons; this is a big movement, and discussion between anons about the O word is absolutely warranted.

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Onigger? Is it even a word?

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> orgasm
> orgy
> onlyfans
> onahole
You need to be more specific op.

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ok i keked

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Ordinals. It's fine to mention it in replies, but if my original post had contained the word Ordinals, I would've received a week-long ban.

Previous week-long bans
>posting my ordinals portfolio and asking other anons what they were holding
>posting about the fact that Trump is creating an ordinals collection.

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he's talking about Obama

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It's because this board is inundated with shills trying to sell O-words and N*Ts so they need a global filter to make this place usable.

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How can you be banned for mentioning "ordinals"?

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Here is my total PnL of my ordinals trading wallet. I have been trying to post my plays on /biz/ for the last year but I keep getting censored by the Jannies. It seems as though the only posts which don't get pruned on this board are advertisements for scams. The jannies don't want you to get rich, they want you to buy LINK, ICP, AVAX, and ROSE and stay poor like the dumb little goyim you are.

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How can a dead board be "indundated" is a mistery

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It's not. There isn't a single thread discussing Ordinals, because everyone who posts about them is banned. In the meantime people shilling solana shitcoins and honeypot telegram groups are allowed to keep posting their garbage.

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Just create a thread that contains the phrase "ordinals", and you will be banned for a week. That's why I used the phrase O word in the original post.

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LINK and AVAX is fine tho

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Post PnL on your LINK and AVAX holdings.

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Because jannies are niggers. Are you new?

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bought LINK at 17 cents and AVAX at ICO.
do the Maths nigga