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What are your friends and family saying about crypto right now?

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No one's talking about crypto.

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normie detected

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The closest normies will ever get to owning crypto is buying a bitcoin etf

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My mom bought the bitcoin etf.
My coworkers hear me out on a lot of it but just announce they don't feel like learning how to buy it and tell me good luck. But my kids already know how to use Brave wallet. They're gen alpha. I think it will become second nature for gen alpha.

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to normies crypto is still in the same bearish sentiment since the 2021 crash or w/e it was. nothing has changed. they arent aware that the price was pushing 50k

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No one cares anymore. Luna, ftx, and the epidemic of boomers getting hosed down by Indian scammers has buried its reputation for years. You're no better than a gambling addict to normies if you mention anything about being involved in crypto.

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They keep teasing me for buying Hedera Hashgraph like I got burned by a pyramid scheme

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it's not on anyones mind and there's no new blood all the bag holders got duped back on shiba and won't be back until the zoomies are fresh flush with cash, and they won't be any time soon.

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They aren't talking about it now, but they sure will be talking about it 2 months from now.

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Zero friends interested. I work in China and my colleagues make about $6k - $7k pm after tax. Not a single one interested. If I bring it up casually, they look disinterested and change the subject. It's like a weird niche hobby like collecting cards or stamps
My colleagues could all retire in a couple of years with their disposable income. Everyone saves about $5k per week. It's crazy cheap here
>t. Not Chinese

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Define normie. It's easier and more fun for anyone under 40 to buy shitcoins on coinbase than a handful of stocks through a broker that go up 1-2% and barely track the price action.

The boomers investing in the etf are more like a permanent tailwind, it will always be the young and supposedly "tech savvy" that enable the parabolic runs.

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china has a lot of 6 figure earners or are you just in some elite circle?

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1% of chinese people is still 14 million people

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I work in a niche area of education. WFH. Licenced teachers at decent schoold take home over $4k pm though

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>It's easier and more fun for anyone under 40 to buy shitcoins on coinbase than a handful of stocks through a broker that go up 1-2% and barely track the price action.
You might be onto something but I still think they’re too afraid to buy right now and the ones who got rekt last cycle are still angry about it. They’ll be back after the halving and media attention starts up again

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>They’ll be back after the halving and media attention starts up again

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>What are your friends and family saying about crypto right now?

1 friend is buy
Rest are sell

Family is sell

Which shows me we're just in a dip and it's time to buy more.

When friends & family came to a buy conclusion on their own i known its time to sell.

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I was in Seoul South Korea last month

when BTC did is run up

3 different groups of ppl in the korean bbq were talking about BTC.

also 2 chicks I knew were checking there positons lol. THey love XRP in korea for some reason. m0s

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>When friends & family came to a buy conclusion on their own i known its time to sell.
When freida and family come* to a buy conclusion on their own i know* it's time to sell.
>Phone posting.

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ghost town

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People are surprised I'm making money on crypto because they can't afford insurance and groceries

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Crypto will be dead for normalfags until Talmudvision jewrnalists starts shilling for crypto again

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I need to sleep.

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One super autistic friend brought it up today and said he thinks crypto is gonna take off this year. I just sold a bunch at btc 40k so I was happy to hear it. I pretended I didn't really understand it.

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Everyone is into sports betting haven’t heard anything about crypto since the ftx shenannigans from them

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Today my mom asked me about the bitcoin halving because she heard about it on the news. She also told me they said that means the price will go up.

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My dad was like "hey I saw the bitcoin thing has risen in price again" a few weeks ago

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they knew about the post-ETF dump but not the run-up from 15k to 50k. I think in the normie's mind crypto is a straight line all the way down to 40k.

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A friend recently lost $1k on gambling a shitcoin and has already quit crypto for good

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My friend is supportive and wants to get some funds into crypto but doesnt have spare funds right now to do so so he cant. I dont have spare funds to get him in on anything either so its kind of one of those things. hopefully he gets a spare bit of cash soon and can invest. bullrun gonna be here soon

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My family doesn’t talk about nor know about crypto. I had a boomer neighbor who moved away who was into it though.

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Bro, at first my senpai was skeptical, but after seeing the dough I'm making, they're chill now

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for real? They're cool 'cause you're banking? How'd you pull that off

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just picked the right coins and did my homework, you know

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one guy i know bought icy pees. he's a normie and new to to the market and doesn't know anything.

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dude got any tips for me :)

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yeah man. wheck out this coin I'm looking at now. Worth a peek: twitter.com/larryllamatoken @larryllamatoken."

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They stopped bothering me after I show them my huge losses and buying useless NFT.

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>casually mention crypto in any context
>the other people know its a scam, or stay real quiet
>they lost money
>they'll never go back
the end

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Not sure what qualifies as normal but i was on a business trip with IT consultants and some said they own bitcoin and DCA it for life with automatic recurring orders without checking the price

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The absolute state of hashies

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I don't care. Most of them are normies. I made 200x on KAS and they all think I'm lying. I'm going to make it with Supra Oracle again.

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Stop caring about normies opinions and make some monye, fags

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the grugs at my church are still diamondhanding XRP and always will

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you do realize that if you have friends and family that you talk to regularly, youre a normie too right?

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few coworkers bought the etf with babby money and they're down, i have to listen to how they lost "hundreds of dollars" kek

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do normies use uniswap/dex?
i think i've only met three people that use dexes.

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Nothing. It'd under normie radar which is good. Next time they'll hear about from """"the news""" it is when it sets breaks the ATH. Only then will they remember it exists and come running in to FOMO like retards.

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not even crypto investors are talking about crypto. Crypto is dead this year after the big ETF event

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How does XRP reach out and find schizo boomers, poltards and christcucks to ensnare and crab on? I know qtards like this idiot do it word of mouth but it has an amazing abilty to lure in fringe midwits.

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My 16 INCH THICK nigger penis is THROBBING I need wheelchair bound OBESE white bitches to make bitcoin gains to take care of my BIG DICKED retard offspring. I make bitches squirt and wytbois projectile anal squirt with my BBC

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This is the most lol shit I’ve ever seen, never stop shitposting bro

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You got it goyim. My name is Chaim Psychostein. I own ALL the shekels. My weirdly shaped, tiny jewdick, is also throbbing

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They’re quiet. Off the radar. I remember the last bull run even the low iq guys at work were all “investing in crypto” and I was like wtf since when do these guys pretend to know anything about crypto. They’d all talk about there 30 dollars of doge coin etc. now nobody is talking about it

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I have reported you to the FBI and Mossad. Loser Chud faggot, your boarders will be permanently open to sub Saharan niggers and their GIANT baby making nigger penises

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>hey man you buy crypto currencies right? i'm thinking about putting $20 into etherum on robin hood what do you think?
like dude i just lost $200,000 because bancor just up and decided not to pay me my money but i'm on the year because some spaniard pumped some token that allows the transfer of magic internet money ticker mim.

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Yikes. Of all the shitcoins out there, you bought Hedera Hashgraph. Midwit detected.

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Friends? Don’t care. They focused on the dogecoin pump a while back and then forgot about crypto. Family laughs at it. Only guy I know who’s into crypto is a doomsday prepper boomer I work with. Has a shit ton of XRP and XLM because he thinks it will be the new CBDCs. Nice guy but kinda smooth brained.

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No one is talking about crypto. Its the fucking same cycle. Same thing happened in 2018-2020.

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gm saars how is u doing today

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You do realize that the ID exists right? Fucking moron.

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my mom always thought crypto was a scam,
just the other day she gave me money to invest for her... the normies are coming, this year is the crossover

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