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was he right?

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Imagine being the supreme leader of a whole nation, and having that haircut.

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i bet he doesnt have a bunch of niggers and trannies running around though

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Yeah, that's something at least. But if you looked yourself in the mirror with that haircut, wouldn't you want to change it?

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>t bald manlet

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I'm not, but even bald would look better than this clown haircut.

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but he runs a whole nation and you don't. maybe it's the haircut?

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It looks good

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i think he doesnt even know. he looks better than at least half of /biz/ and we're all 10/10s... right?

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lmao yeah, maybe

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you are totally right bro ben shapiro is a total stud and i'm pretty sure he doesn't know that everyone is a 11/10 on /biz/ including me who as we all know has a massive cock

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I am unironically a 8/10 male as far as looks. Doesn't help me much though. I'm too socially awkward for women to stick around for long.
Be that as it may, imagine running around with his haircut. Do it.

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i bet he gets metric tons of the sweetest best korea pussy. you think his haircut is gay. but hes a god where hes from.

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i have a 11 inch long huge horse cock btw

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I have no doubt. When you basically own these people, it does include the women.

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that sucks. you can probably barely even use it. thoughts & prayers

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what coins does this moon faced man hold?

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BSV the real bitcoin

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Is windoge98 the official OS of NK?

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only for military inner party members. the plebs only get Red Star OS.

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it is?