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I have no friends, no job, no girlfriend/wife, no kids, and just a little bit of money. I'm in my 30's. I think i might have fucked up.

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you can buy gamestop still today

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Well, at least I don't have it all that bad

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>no girlfriend/wife
>no kids
you're ahead of more people than you think

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>I'm in my 30s and I'm single
You're luckier than most, you only need money now

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anon im about ready to blow my brains out. i dont think im ahead of anyone

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not getting married is the best thing to do right now don't listen to the polcels looking for muh tradwife, get a hobby and leave 4chan and you'll be and won't want to kill yourself

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*you'll be happy

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Just try to survive another year or two

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Just enjoy life bro.
The good times are over for 99% of the population.
There's no more beauitful cities with cool malls or cafes or shops to go with your senpai and friends.
The entire world is a dark gross third world dystopia.
Most people work overtime just to survive, renters are making up more than 30%+ of the pop in many countries.
Women are no longer slim or fit or beautiful.
This is not a world for anyone with a soul to continue living in. Detach yourself from the physical.

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can you be jewish somewhere else please? thanks!

op its what you make it. you can have everything and still be miserable, many are. you can have nothing and be happy

at the root its probably some combination of unmet expectation, thwarted intention, or lack of communication. from nothing you can build anything. build something. get a cat. w/e tf you want

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okay well, since you're clearly overwhelmed at the moment, take a few deep breaths and know that this feeling will pass. then figure out how to best use the cards you have. if you want more specific advice youll need to post more details about your situation.

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1. learn a skill that you will pay you 80k+
2. put yourself out there
3. take all your money and invest in index funds so you have a chance at a retirement

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Its the opposite of Jewishness... no one is more attached to the material realm than them. You don't even know what you're talking about

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op i wish i was you, im living paycheck to paycheck. i have 8 kids with a fat latina whore. i told her if she ever leaves me im self deleteing. she does nothing around the house and she escapes to her mom house all the time.

im working and paying for almost everything, i hate my life. im tied down, no way out. my kids are only beautiful because of me. muy wife always takes away the older ones that help out the most just to make my life harder.

i hate her mom and her sisters. i dont even have sex with my wife anymore. she hates me and i know it.

we hate eachother so much and only the kids are holding us together.

my only freind is my online buddy that i vent to, we play pubg. i have a shit job making barely above minimum. i have no savings. im in my mid 30's i think i might have fucked up.

please switch lives with me

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I’m 33.

Just max your ROTH IRA every year and do whatever else you feel like. I go to Thailand every 1-2 years and fuck hookers once my lease is up. I just quit my job and go with my savings. I have a 10k cushion to reenter the job market when I’m done at all times

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You think?

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same man. im so depressed its unreal. everday goes by im thinking that i have wasted so much time and how stupid i was for thinking that ill just work hard and find someone later. the shit that really gets me is if i end up having kids i will be to old to enjoy the relationship with them by the time they get into their 20’s

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Why would you self delete just because you were left by your useless fat mexican wife, who you hate anyway? Fucking loser mentality this is why you're ngmi

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25%+ of all millennials are childless, and thirty isn't old by the standards of 2024. You're fucked up because you believe you're fucked up.

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I would seriously fucking murder you all. Soulless hylic fucks.

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Keep seething retard, you won't do shit

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You're barely half alive anyways, it wouldn't even make a difference.

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Must be wild viewing life through the lense of schizophrenia and mental illness like you

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cope nigger

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What the hell have you been doing since you turned 18??

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>I think i might have fucked up.
It's not too late to turn things around in at least some aspects. Don't let anyone convince you otherwise. You still have the power to make things better for yourself.

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>haha I'm so deeply happy and fulfilled being alone in my basement haha I hope I never have a wife and kids that love me haha

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I had all those in my 20s and they disappeared

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Unironically lots of things you can still do and enjoy life, but most people peer pressure each other into suffering, you're not 50 years old dude. You have a good 8 years left before you're truly old. You can live it up still. Figure it out.

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Don't worry dude, kids are becoming retarded and women more uppity than ever before in the worst kinds of ways. I don't want either just to spite humanity and when I reincarnate to feel the sun again I probably hope to incarnate in some remote mountainous region away from Israel's reach.

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Hopefully Israel will be Isn'treal by the time you reincarnate. I'm rooting for you anon

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Almost 30s here, I at least have a job, but no money. Feel like having a wife and kids only well-off people these days. Just try to find a job and hope that you can score a similar desperate 30s hag.

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>tfw turning 30 this year

It's ogre.

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my guy, I'm in my 30's divorced and banging 3 chicks rn with some cash and a 80k job, and no free time. I'm about to lose it all or make it in crypto. Do better get your dick sucked.

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Thanks bro, I'm 25 and still handholdless virgin who only has landwhales and the most unattractive personality whores being only ones interested at all in me. I'm fine with whores and chubby chicks but it is like how only the most dysfunctional and unhealthy ones are the only ones I find.

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>. I'm about to lose it all
how come

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im double the age of 18. i don't know what i have been doing for the last 18 years but i've never had a job

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Aren't you scared to death about your future?

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WTF have you been up to ?

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t. Incel

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You just don't fuckin' get it, do you?

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why didnt u make her get her tubes tied after the third or fourth? are you guys hardcore catholics?

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>You just don't fuckin' get it, do you?
Haha no, I totally get it. I'm just gonna spend the whole weekend in my basement playing vidya and day drinking. No nagging wife telling me what to do! Haha ball and chain! Haha just gonna watch porn till 4am and play vidya. Glad I'm not getting dragged out of the house to go for a hike in the nature with my kids Haha I'd kms Haha haha haha haaaa aaaaagh I'm so happy

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Bro, most of millenials don't have partner, friends nor money.

You are still ahead.

Think about it as having way less liabilities than the rest.

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This but unironically

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People who seriously think the only thing to do with freedom is self destruct are the ones that willingly go in chains and pressure other people to do so also
I have good news and the bad news. The bad news is you are probably incredibly unattractive. The good news is you can work on it.
You might think 25 is old but fuck I'm 29 and I'd kill to be 25 again. You have a decent amount of time to turn yourself around, and if you start now you'll be pretty close to the person you want to be by 27

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holy incel cope


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No thanks

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I'm 24 make 300k a year gonna marry a fat ass asian bitch who dated me when I was broke as shit and had nothing
Wtf are you doing

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Exactly. I don't want to feel the loving embrace of children who love me unconditionally. I don't want to cuddle with a cute wife every night.
I want to remain untouched by sky human for another 6 years! I want to be alone, in the darkness. Forever. Haha This is great. I am not trying to cope. I love nobody loving me, touching me, valuing Mr or enjoying my simple presence. Ahh.. the good life! Ammi right!?
We are so happy!

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You're fucking delusional
>loving embrace of children
Yeah like 5 encounters out of 5,000 all the other times they're screaming and crying and breaking shit or otherwise giving you a hard time. Oh and then they turn into teenagers and resent you for no longer being bussin
>cuddle with a cute wife every night
Of course until after the 1,000th time it loses its luster and she gets fat and if you ever have a hard time getting it up... thats grounds for divorce you know
>something something no one touch me blah blah blah
If youre really that touch starved you can go to a popular bar around closing time and find a slut to fuck. Or pay for pussy. But oh no, keep dreaming about your perfect wife and kids scenario ignoring the fact that theres so much shit that can and will go wrong

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Well at least you don't have debt

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>replying with deep cynicism to argue I'm happy
>Of course until after the 1,000th time it loses its luster and she gets fat and if you ever have a hard time getting it up... thats grounds for divorce you know
Theoretically ofc, because you're a virgin. 100% agree. Your seething sneeding does not read like turbo cope at all. You sound positively euphoric and deeply content being alone. We should all follow your path to the extinction of the human race

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>everything is shit. People are shit
What an inspiration! Beautiful. I'm not crying, you're crying. Live, laugh, love

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Don't blame yourself. It's not your fault. Just don't stop trying to make things better.

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Reddit edgelord

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This but unironically. My goal is to get rich and fuck off to the mountains to live as a hermit. We are not the same

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> learn a skill that you will pay you 80k+

Suggestions? I'm at the end of my rope.

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> I'm 24 make 300k a year

What the fuck do you do? Crypto gamble?

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This. I married a 5/10 religious virgin like polbiz said. Turns out she can't have kids and just mopes around my house being sad.

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i think you can get out of this thrtough marriage annulment. since she cant bear child and hid this from you, you most likely have grounds for annulment under the church

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Same situation but I am 31 32 this year, I do have the 80k job but virgin, thinking of getting prostitue or moving to a urban area and see if any chage...

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it's a difficult situation but you have options
you could consider hiring a prostitute or moving to an urban area to find someone new that would likely be a worthwhile endeavor

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Did the jews rob you, sabotage your attempts at like five different careers, and kidnap you to throw you in their slave hole dungeon where they keep cutting pieces of your nose off, and where they sexually torture you all day, every day, while posting about what a loser you are for not wanting to socialize with their slave clones and the other rapists in their dungeon slave hole?

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you an me bro. Im 40 soon.

There should be instructions to for looser to unfuck themselves. I would happily join a cult to do whatever they want with me just make me normal.

Having nothing seeing how others have everything it hell on earth.