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Grayscale is fucking killing me. Is this a bottom? Will the bullrun start after this? Should I buy some low-mid shitcoins instead of BTC? Which ones?

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anon, we're going to 15k before we go to 100k

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Crypto is dead

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Bitcoin of course

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Wait for monad launch and scoop some udo and qanx while at it

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Maxis are the real problem, dumbfags

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All post quantum cryptography projects are good plays right now anon and I'm DCAing into them

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you're a bottom because you're letting the market to rail your little sissy a-hole
maybe you'll fuck some bitches if you stop buying yee-yee ass coins like BTC and start buying shitcoins like MAGA TRUMP to make it, maybe even Donald Trump will give you some NFTs for that, ANOOOOON

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In no particular order QRL, Qanx and cellframe

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40 000 USD
for a meme with no uses
>this must be the bottom

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NIST recommended some algorithms few months ago. It is just a matter of time before it becomes the new meta

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You not gonna make it jeet

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Only one crypto project has adopted the primary recommendation post quantum algorithm from NIST and that's bullish anon..

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ICP jeets dumped on me

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I know of crystals Dilithium and falcon being used by Qanplatform and Algorand respectively

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Can’t hurt to get a small bag here — liquidity just got locked for a year https://birdeye.so/token/9H5bSR9kaUiXJ9HqzmU5gwPuDXvQMPmnmyeZxEStVDSq?chain=solana&tab=recentTrades

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My biggest airdrop in history was from it and I never regretted dumping my bag. Kek

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Hyperpolyglot chains which are developer friendly projects are the safest investment options anon.

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Algorand got RWA sector on chokehold while Qan got developer on chokehold with its multi programming language feature

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Solana shitcoins are printing

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I know qanx recently burnt one third of its total supply . What about udo?

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But why are my always getting rugged jewfag?

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Developers would love using it more than Asian pussies

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Grey scale will still dump more. Taking profits is their choice

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It is not eco-friendly nor quantum resistant

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I'm up 4x from one of them

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Not being restricted to using solidity will be a dream come true to web3 developers

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Whales don't care about poorfags

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Qan has it all btw

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just hodl bro

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Because you are shitter. Invest in a project that has utility. AI, RWA, Modular blockchain, Quantum resistant and thank me later

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Says a sore loser motherfucking brainlet

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Been hearing that its testnet is around the corner. I think it worths looking up

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Hold to zero while whales keep using you as exit liquidity. Kek

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Its decentralised blockchain explorer piqued my interest

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Because you unironically either get in too late to the shitcoin pump or you hold AFTER the pump thinking it’s one of those rare coins that’ll moon to 100x.
Anyone that’s early will make profit on those shitcoin.

If you see something that has already gone 10x and is being shilled DO NOT FUCKING BUY IT. I don’t care what they say about it being the next X or Y, it’s usually not true. If you get in early, take your profits around 10X and call it there. Will you risk missing out this way? Yeah ofc. There’s always the *chance* a coin you sell out of randomly does 100x but if you think all of them will do that you’ll lose more than you gain.

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Why 15k? Why not, say $1? or 38k? where are you getting this number? Is it your 'feelings'?

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the dumpening will continue until morale improves.

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The Proof of Randomness consensus algorithm was what got through to me.

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More risk more profit! Altcoins

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Bobo, did you see all the dump by Grayscale and how we are still around 40k? BTC will not go to 15k anymore. That's it

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I see how Qanx popping out everywhere, but Udo is a dead project. 120x from ATH

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Other Etf whales eat the grayscale dump. don't worry btc is fine

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TIA is probably the best modular blockchain. A new airdrop is incoming. Is there any other QR chain besides QAN?

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Low L1 market caps are the best way to make some massive gains. Tara, Qanx, and even Azero have plenty of room for growth.

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That is some slurping

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BCH looks like it's about to poomp after BTC finds a bottom

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I hope so LTC will follow

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Those two are solving future problems.

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Why is it dumping today so hard then?

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It's always like that. I made many profits in the past year by just following the hype. First OCEAN and GRT from AI, then IXS and RIO from RWA, and QANX had a huge hype around the private blockchain... Follow the money and you will make it

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I wouldn't say that 5% is a huge dump, especially not these days. But I think that's the problem with modular blockchain, people are buying and staking to get an airdrop and once the snapshot is done they cash out and buy again later. maybe I am wrong, idk

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kek, do you think we are in the bear market?

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I am eager to see how mobile phone validation will work. I am saving a small bag just for that

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How about QRL?

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azero is not low cap and their team staking too many tokens. It's too shady for me

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It's a ghost chain. Algorand and Qan at least have some use cases.

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>Crypto is dead
Long live Crypto

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It has the whole package, noobs will understand sooner or later

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All in LINU

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Sell and go home. Kek

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Keep fadding and cry later.

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Highly based. The upcoming mainnet will attract lots of devs to the project too.

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Noobs like you will keep chasing after shinny objects and end up getting rekt. Bag real L1 gems anon.

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Are we?

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who knows, if we are just keep buying until bull market, more time to accumulate i guess.

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Same drill for every other project, bro. Ride the hype train, grab some bags, stake it like a degen, and dive into those testnets. It's the degen way, after all.

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Same here, Anon. Randomness makes it difficult for attackers to predict which nodes will be selected for certain tasks, reducing the effectiveness of such attacks.

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I've got more than ten TIA wallets strategically deployed for the airdrop game, just vibing with the show.

>>Is there any other QR chain besides QAN?
QAN is leading the QR chain, just like TIA, I don't care about any other ones.

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I don't see LTC making any multiples anymore. Go for new trending narratives anon.

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BONK might be the gem everyone is missing out on.

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DCA and stake comfy anon. Drop your alphas, I'm heavy on STBU, CTI and MEER right now.

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>120x from ATH
Bro, that's some serious depth. No chance of a comeback there. Unlike QANX, a smooth 20-50x in the bag.

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Are you mad that you can't dump your bags on him anymore fuckhead

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are you mad that you can't dump your bags on him anymore fg slothbucks chads are always holding never selling this is why we always end up on top our diamond hands can't be matched

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Seriously, quantum stuff is no joke. Thinking of shifting some funds to quantum-resistant tokens.

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Get Ordiswap before the dip from recent FUD wears off

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That will be a chad move bruh. Coding with multi programming language is a huge flex, anon.

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Diamond hands FTW, always. Wife's still salty 'cause I held onto my AVAX, QANX, and ETH like a boss. Strong hands, no regrets, anon.

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BONK has moved, I'm looking at some Ordinals and some hyperpolyglot chains for the next move.

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I'm closely monitoring KAS in anticipation of the upcoming bull run

>> Quantum resistant
I think this is the most underrated narrative in this space right now.

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the markets are always full of surprises

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That's bullish. It's always good to follow pioneering projects and ride the wave.

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It's obvious

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True that, anon. Market's a wild ride, filled with more twists than a spaghetti code. Droy, bag based mostly L1 gems and always expect the unexpected.

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do you think a bull run will start after this

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It's possible, but no one can predict the future low and mid-tier coins carry potential research this it'll be good for you
https://twitter.com/larryllamatoken @larryllamatoken

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this could be helpful I'll check it out

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You don't need low caps, just buy ETH and stake it.

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Major players are starting to make their moves on this, with the latest being the Qatari Royale family. Wonder which other heavy hitters are gearing up to join the party.

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i've never heard of eth but the problem with low caps is that they don't have the backing of strong fundamentals this is why i've chosen to invest in slothbucks token a well researched and vetted token backed by the community and the devs we don't need a bull run for slothbucks to moon because slothbucks has utility that people need

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>low and mid-tier coins carry potential research this it'll be good for you
I'm going all in on tokens in this category. If you're not stacking QANX and a handful of gems supporting the DePINS and RWAs narrative, you're clearly not in the game for those 'to the moon' gains.