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Now that crypto has been fully normified, what's the next big thing? Logically, it has to be AI, right? How do I use AI in a semi-fraudulent fashion in order to make it?

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With no coding skills or no capital you will have a hard time making it on AI, my hot take on the matter is, Africa is up for grabs.
They're developing, and will have more and more money in the coming years.
I'd invest in gambling there. No regulation, population that is uneducated and has an inferiority complex, and wants to make it bad.
A big plus is that the failed state officials are easy to bribe.
>it's a fucking battlefield
That is true, but some countries are more stable than others. Some food for thought bizraelis

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>Africa is up for grabs.
No it isn't. Chinks have already colonized it.

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AI is already normiefied. In fact that happened a year ago. What do you think was moving the s&p?

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>what's the next big thing?
its going to be crypto for another few decades, also A.I you are correct.

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In 1 hour a day I was able to use ChatGPT to help me create a website. My site gets 10k unique visitors per day now and we have a long todo list of things to add/remove/measure. I just have several super long convos with ChatGPT walking me through different parts. One day it will just do all of this on its own but for now I can be the conduit and hope to make enough money before AI rules over us with bangbots.

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True, but the potential of AI is limitless and we're currently only seeing normie things being done with it. I'm not interested in AI blogposting or selling AI artwork on Etsy. I'm more interested in what will make the next "evil genius made billions with this brilliant AI scheme" type of headline.

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You're not wrong, but to actually capitalize on that means dealing with Africans as well as butting heads with the Chinese (who are trying to do the same thing but on large scale).

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I still don't see anyone talking about dogs, the day I hear the zoomer with a sponge on his head talking about TOGE will be the day I cut off my cock

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they were the first to make memes about it

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Don't know the next big thing but LINU will probably have a good pump in the near future.

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even my dad knows about the dogs, he laughs a little bit about it

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But AI replaces coders, hurr durr.