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>$150 stablecoin

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the price reflects the current state of the dark markets
XMR is and will be the best cryptocurrency until the commercial availability of quantum computers

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The future of every cryptocurrency that gets actually used as money.

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It's not for investment

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yes monero is very surprising, it should be sub 100 right now

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This is the only cryptocoin that is actually crypto and is used as a currency.

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lmao no
unlike your digital beanie baby bags monero is not a speculative investment

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Monero is not an investment. Monero is a currency. The more stable, the better.

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its actually quite awesome. Just trade the stink coins that are actually scams., they go 5x. while monero doesn't move. then put your gains in monero, then when the the shitcoin market tanks hard, monero is relatively stable. === gains solidified. then when the shitcoin market bottoms out, you move back into absoltue trash. wiat for hte pump, rinse repeat you become richer and richer

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>It's not an investment it's a currency*!
>*Warning: Currency cannot be used to pay rent, groceries, mortgage, or medical bills and is currently only accepted by shady Romanian VPS providers

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actual helpful advice, I wouldn't put all your gains in Monero though but you can certainly put a decent amount of it in it

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nah nah I only have about 8pct monero right now. but it can go as high as 25pct. depends on many factors. but monero is a must in your folio.

there's actually only THREE actual "sides" in this market. There's public chain, there's private chain and there's fiat.

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well, the fair price is 156, unlike the btc which fair price is 28k.

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>gets actually used as money
No, that's USDT, USDC, DAI

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so same as bitcoin, lmao

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so same as gold bricks, lmao
Only difference being Monero holders make it clear that Monero is not a gold brick.

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which site is that anon? That's not the usual moneroj charts

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hold monero and if you need to spend it on physical stuff buy a prepaid

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>>$150 stablecoin
Yeah, basically. Problem?

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>Spend cash on monero so you can use it to buy something worse than cash

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most of the things if not all mentioned here >>57384334 are paid by bank transfer/credit card payment anyway today

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Yeah, so using crypto to buy stuff with is as dumb as using gold bricks. Use it to maintain your wealth, then trade out for cash when you need to spend.

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unironically need to get some more xmr for this very reason

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>criminal technology
should be worth $0.00

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stop spamming this gay shit.

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seethe criminal