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it seems like they're taking advantage of the first wave hype to cash out.

> inb4 grayscale customers selling to buy ETF
if that was true then BTC wouldn't have dropped almost 10k. inflows and outflows would have been fairly equal

as vanguard said, pension funds and asset managers are unlikely to invest (at least not for a long while) in such a risky and volatile asset where the large share of ownership is totally unknown

the real reason for blackrock etf is something that started 1 year ago with the SVB usdc depeg. this was the same time that BTC stopped moving on weekends as the onramp/offramp was cut off by US agencies. dyor.

even until today we all sit and wait for bankers in NY to wake up and go to their office on monday before BTC price starts to move.

coinbase, circle, blackrock are closely tied and the agenda is to onshore the majority of btc into US so that they can control it and neutralise it (if needed).
it has nothing to do with pumping your bags. and this is also why ETF funds have started funding/donating/bribing BTC devs.

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Grayscales fund you invest in it and it’s not one to one matched with btc. It also has 1.5% fees.
So people are cashing out to move to ETF. Which requires grayscale to sell to exit positions to pay for the exits

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Okay but if that's what it takes for a 3x.

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> inb4 grayscale customers selling to buy ETF
>if that was true then BTC wouldn't have dropped almost 10k. inflows and outflows would have been fairly equal
learn to read nigga

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>totally unknown
>still waiting for investment funds to get in
>he doesnt know

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grayscale saw a liquidation path and they took it
wallstreet is waiting for them to finalice selling so they pump BTC to 60k clean, they want to buy as cheap as they can to sell as high as they can

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those are all PnD hedge funds

talking about pension fund asset managers. that was the latest cope, boomers are going to buy BTC.

the only long term effect of the ETF will be to further reduce volatlity as burgers put % of their paycheck every month but it doesnt mean that pension funds are going to dive in head first on the first week

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You dumb cunt. The etf simply requires that the etf holder has the allocated assets not that they buy every time someone invests in the etf. Those companies with ETFs invested inflows lower. Purchases on to the ETF are done with their direct reserves in OTC at a price they designate. What a fucking brainlet you are

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The grey scale Bitcoin is Bitcoin from a collection of mining farms. They locked their BTC up with greyscale at 300, now they can sell after being forced to hold.